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  1. I'll trade a sleeve or two of Costco's for you to try and I get a sleeve or two of Vice. I've been wanting to try.
  2. E8 Beta is sold. Thank you Gauge Design IL TATTOO is an outstanding Flatstick-----it needs a new home! Thanks, Let's deal!
  3. I wasn't able to post an item for sale in the Classifieds. I would like to post a club for sale. Please advise.
  4. there she is again. Love this putter! Good luck with your sale!
  5. Why I'd like to win them: Those are the baddest blades I've seen...ever, and I know they're solid. I also think the USA stamp is incredible. If I got to choose I'd get Apex Pros, +3/4 inch, hard stepped, with personalized steps wedges.. Lol. Let's go USA, surprise me!
  6. I lived and worked in golf in Nashville. If you're going to be in Hendersonville, look into Foxland Harbor as said above, or Farivue Plantation. In Franklin I actually worked at Temple Hills and only have the nicest things to say about the course as well as the staff. Again, clubs should be chosen with proximity of work and home in mind, so unless you give me a heads up of where you will be I can narrow the recommendations. I will actually be looking into joining when I move back which will hopefully be this summer. feel free to reach out directly...
  7. Global only shows standard length and lie also. Was hoping to find something longer and 2* upright.
  8. Thanks guys! And what is BST? Can't think of it.
  9. First time posting. Hoping to find a set of irons (preferably Nike vrs forged) that are +1" and 2* upright. Anyone have any clutch sites or ways to make this happen for as little as possible? Need to revamp my woods too and possibly add a hybrid. I've been out of the game for a bit. I want to get back in it but not have to go broke doing so. Thanks in advance!
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