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  1. Excellent shape Honma TW-X C-Taper 130 Softstepped x1 38.5” 5 iron. 9-aw all play same length. 1 flat but I can bend to whatever spec. Tour velvet grips brand new. Callaway logo only down. $599 shipped and ppd conus. Vokey SM7 52(53)/58 1 flat stock shaft grips new 1 flat. $150 for pair. Playing .5” long with extension (I can remove) Take irons and wedges for $700
  2. Thats a tough one.......These are fantastic looking irons. I have a thing for raw irons.
  3. THis is a really good combo. I have the same set up and its long yet lands soft. GLWS!!
  4. Srixon 565 4/5, 765 6-8, 965 9/P Tour Issue S400 38.75 5 iron GP Tour Velvet 360 1 round old. $SOLD Tour Edge C721 Driver 9.5 Hzrdus yellow 6.5 hand crafted. Also have a Hzrdus RDX 6.0 that could go with it. I have to put a tip on it before shipment. $SOLD
  5. Excellent condition older range finder. lens is clear. Couldn’t hold the finder and the phone steady at same time. $SOlD Shipped and Ppd conus GBB epic 3 wood. matrix HD7 stiff $SOLD
  6. Srixon Zx7 5-p ZX 23* utility PX LZ 6.5 blackout. 38.5” 5 iron Some chatter. Faces good. $sold Betti Tour Proto Gamer 35” w/hc This ones a gamer not collector. SOLD
  7. TM P770 4-AW PX6.0 shafts. standard LLL (I can bend to your specs with a Mitchell) these are like new. AW Still in plastic. Traded National Custom Works Wedges 53/58 S400 onyx tour issue shafts. I can bend to spec. $sold. Betti BB1f Tour DASS 36” with extension flat cat weighted grip. HC included. $SOLD
  8. I’m currently playing zx4 with CTaper 130. On paper it makes no sense but they simply work for me. I’ve played multiple sets over the last 2 years. 585, mp20 hmb, 0311p, 0211, Miura 2008, 501 and the zx4 work. They may not be as sexy as a miura and feel is relative but they perform. Don’t discount them. They probably aren’t for everyone but they have been good for me.
  9. New condition ZX4 4-AW all heads in plastic except 7/9/AW KBS $Taper 120 MCC Midsize grip standard LLL only 9/aw were hit about 15 balls off mats. Love these irons. My gamers are same clubs with c taper 130. Passing a good deal on. SOLD Vokey SM8 Raw 50/54/58 1 flat .5 over (I can bend to whatever spec) 50 has c taper 130 and 54/58 tour issue s 400. $54/58 SOLD. 50 $SOLD TM Sim Ti 5 wood Hzrdus Hulk Small Batch 83 6.5tx hc included. $SOLD
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