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  1. Excellent shape Mitchell Steelclub Bending machine. 2 bars and stand. Manual and misc supplies. Would prefer not to ship as it’s freakin heavy but if buyer wants to pay then I’m open to exploring $sold Ping I500/I210 Combo KBS Tour 125 4-p Great shape. Clubs blue dot but bent to ping standard black $490 Shipped and PPd conus
  2. > @"Ben Berube" said: > Awesome Wrx’r here fellas. Always top notch professional. > Hope all is well broski! Thanks pal just living the dream here In the cold and snowy too soon Midwest.
  3. > @puresurfr said: > WOW 03X are super rare, I don't think ive ever seen a set for sale !!! Interesting. I knew there weren't many floating around out there but cool none the less. I feel like they are priced right for quick sale.
  4. PXG 03x 4-9 0311T Pw CTaper 125 .75 over $590 Shipped and PPd conus M5 9* Kiyoshi Purple 65 Stiff $SOLD
  5. > @Valtiel said: > ST190 still in (haven't had it long though). I don't foresee it going anywhere. If you are playing that Diamana X17 in xx flex you sir are a monster. That shaft is so low torque and stout. You have to be hitting that thing straight.
  6. > @ClutchNorris said: > Must resist miuras...... I’ve seen the Miuras in person. They are way nice and priced very well.
  7. PXG 0311x/0311/0311T Combo 5-P 0311x 5 Altus HB x 0311 6 Modus 105x 0311T 7-p Modus 105x All have Lamkin UTX Cord Wrap Midsize Clubs in like new condition $SOLD Shipped and PPd Conus Trade for???? 2013 X-Forged 5-p C-Taper 120 $210 shipped and ppd conus
  8. I’m in the process of testing a 190g and my fwy is an m4. Regular driver is m5 so maybe.
  9. > @getitdaily said: > I'm in the process of switching to $taper from ctaper. I decided to try the change because I felt the ctaper wasn't workable enough. Also felt like the boardy feel was helping to accentuate a transition that was too much outward with the hands. I play that move and with a smooth transition everything is rock solid. Matt describes a feeling with the $taper like he's getting a bit under. He's a drawer, I'm a fader. I like how I can feel the clubhead in transition more with the $taper. I tend to lose feel of it with the ctapers. > > Fwiw, I'm a .5 cap...but
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