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  1. Excellent shape Mitchell Steelclub Bending machine. 2 bars and stand. Manual and misc supplies. Would prefer not to ship as it’s freakin heavy but if buyer wants to pay then I’m open to exploring $sold Ping I500/I210 Combo KBS Tour 125 4-p Great shape. Clubs blue dot but bent to ping standard black $490 Shipped and PPd conus
  2. > @"Ben Berube" said: > Awesome Wrx’r here fellas. Always top notch professional. > Hope all is well broski! Thanks pal just living the dream here In the cold and snowy too soon Midwest.
  3. > @puresurfr said: > WOW 03X are super rare, I don't think ive ever seen a set for sale !!! Interesting. I knew there weren't many floating around out there but cool none the less. I feel like they are priced right for quick sale.
  4. PXG 03x 4-9 0311T Pw CTaper 125 .75 over $590 Shipped and PPd conus M5 9* Kiyoshi Purple 65 Stiff $SOLD
  5. > @Valtiel said: > ST190 still in (haven't had it long though). I don't foresee it going anywhere. If you are playing that Diamana X17 in xx flex you sir are a monster. That shaft is so low torque and stout. You have to be hitting that thing straight.
  6. > @ClutchNorris said: > Must resist miuras...... I’ve seen the Miuras in person. They are way nice and priced very well.
  7. PXG 0311x/0311/0311T Combo 5-P 0311x 5 Altus HB x 0311 6 Modus 105x 0311T 7-p Modus 105x All have Lamkin UTX Cord Wrap Midsize Clubs in like new condition $SOLD Shipped and PPd Conus Trade for???? 2013 X-Forged 5-p C-Taper 120 $210 shipped and ppd conus
  8. I’m in the process of testing a 190g and my fwy is an m4. Regular driver is m5 so maybe.
  9. > @getitdaily said: > I'm in the process of switching to $taper from ctaper. I decided to try the change because I felt the ctaper wasn't workable enough. Also felt like the boardy feel was helping to accentuate a transition that was too much outward with the hands. I play that move and with a smooth transition everything is rock solid. Matt describes a feeling with the $taper like he's getting a bit under. He's a drawer, I'm a fader. I like how I can feel the clubhead in transition more with the $taper. I tend to lose feel of it with the ctapers. > > Fwiw, I'm a .5 cap...but
  10. > @Baroo said: > > @NDGolfer13 said: > > > @Baroo said: > > > wedges and BB5 are sold > > Thank you. I was close to buying more wedges I don’t need. Lol > > > > Don't worry, just wait a few more days, i'll have some more wedges to look at... Great I haven’t hemorrhaged enough cash this year.
  11. > @Baroo said: > wedges and BB5 are sold Thank you. I was close to buying more wedges I don’t need. Lol
  12. That diamana is a super stable low torque shaft. Feels really good for a low spin low launch shaft
  13. > @Rosco1216 said: > Toe flow on the Byron? The hang of the Byron is in one of the first pics. All 4 putters it’s the first one on the left.
  14. Well seeing as I’ve gone through 24 sets of irons and the pro at my club always (every day) checks my bag for new toys I choose b. I’m probably never going to get to a competitive scratch level and that’s ok. I just really enjoy the game and tinkering. Bought a loft lie machine this year and that’s been the great enabler. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer unless you make your living with a golf club.
  15. > @Rory4Pres said: > do you know the head weight on the machine long neck? I dont as I havent pulled the head and I would rather not. I could take a weight of the head without the shaft and let you know what that is. It feels to be about 350 if I were to guess. Its not overly heavy.
  16. OFFERS You never know what can happen. Ping I500/I210 4-P KBS Tour 125 playing +1 Blue Dot. 4-6 I500 7-P I210 Powerspec loft stickers on the shafts. $575 Shipped and PPD CONUS Callaway Tour Issue Rogue Sub Zero 16.5 ADDI 7s $sold Callaway Triple Diamond Head $sold Xenon Copper Flowneck 35.5” extended hc included Rosemark Grip $GONE to TN Xenon 303 Flowneck 35.5” Extended hc included Rosemark Grip $GONE to TN Byron Morgan DH89 Pipe 35.5 Extended hc included $SOLD Machine Longneck 35.5 Extended hc included $SOLD Tensei Pro White 70tx Callaway Epic Flash Tip p
  17. > @ckay said: > Put all of your money in a set you really want and don’t look back for a while. Impulse purchases to scratch an itch is more expensive and you still don’t have what you really want. This. ^^^^^ Although I’ve had more fun tinkering with golf equipment this year than In a long time. 23 sets of irons some high end putters and a Mitchell has made for some interesting rounds. If it brings you enjoyment and not impacting your finances in a negative way than go for it. Do what makes your life enjoyable.
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