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  1. Alas, I lost the cover to my futura 7m. I am looking for a replacement. I had a bethpage black one but anyone that will fit would be great. Thanks for the help, Brian
  2. Thank you! I’ll be ordering up. Will a standard ferrule do the trick or need one to fill that top portion of the head?
  3. I recently acquired a Cleveland 310TL head which I am looking to shaft up. Does anyone know if the shaft size is .350 or something else? Also, if it is .350 and I try a .335 shaft, what type of adapter/shim would work best? thank you all for the help!
  4. I will check them out! I saw a few others posts that say they are pretty good too. I appreciate it.
  5. Thank you for the input! He has US kids now and I was looking at other options. He is moving up a size and was looking around. I appreciate the reply.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with this brand? Looking to upgrade my sons current set and came across them. I appreciate the help.
  7. I would love a better search function. Ive been a member for a while and could never get solid results.
  8. No idea On swing speed but he shoots in the low 50s from the whites. He drives it about 180 with the set he has now. He loves the game and has been taking lessons and playing in leagues since he was 7. Wish i started that young.
  9. Morning all! Looking for a little guidance from some of you that have been down this road before. My son is 11, closing in on 12, and is 59 inches tall. He is currently using a US kids set but is almost growing out of it. My question is, do i continue with the US kids setup just in the next size up, or is he able to start using adult clubs that are fit to his size? Should we go with a fitting at this age or is buying off the rack still ok? i thank you all for the help!
  10. Happy to hear my love isnt misplaced!
  11. Anyone else stuck on the 910D2 driver? I have tried several others over the years but keep coming back to her. Its my old reliable! Anyone else, or am I am anomoly?
  12. Hey Greg! Thanks for taking the time. You have seen a lot of guys grow and mature in the game during your time out on tour. What is one bit of advice that you would give to a young pro trying to make it on tour?
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