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  1. https://www.travismathew.com/TM/TOPS/Shop-All/ZACHARY/p/1MQ470_0BLK_
  2. I recall the Red feeling a bit more loosey goosey through impact. I'd lose the feeling of where the clubhead was at. The XC was a touch more stable, but still pretty smooth overall.
  3. I recall the Red feeling a bit more loosey goosey through impact. I'd lose the feeling of where the clubhead was at. The XC was a touch more stable, but still pretty smooth overall.
  4. A couple months ago, I had a proper driver fitting as I wanted a shaft upgrade for my Ping G410 LST with a Tour AD GP I was playing at the time. After 2 hours, my fitter and I narrowed our shaft options down to 2 clear winners that were giving me my optimal numbers. In fact, they were pretty much identical. The 2 shafts were the Tour AD XC 7x and Ventus Red 7x. I also was under the impression that the Ventus Red was a high launch/mid-spin shaft and was skeptical when my fitter had me try it. Quickly I realized my assumptions were totally wrong. I ended up going with the AD XC beca
  5. I use a bicycle phone holder like this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M98O7HH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Thanks! Ended up with a Bushnell Pro XE. Wanted to try Leupold after I lost my Pro X2, but prefer the Bushnell just a little bit more.
  7. 1. Leupold GX-5i3 rangefinder in very excellent condition. Used only for about 2 weeks until I received another product I like better. $325 shipped and PP to CONUS. PENDING 2. Seamus covers: 1) Bayside (Saved by the Bell) driver cover: $60 shipped and PP to CONUS SOLD 2) Bayside magnet blade putter cover: $75 shipped and PP to CONUS SOLD 3) Snowtrooper magnet mallet putter cover: $200 shipped and PP to CONUS 3. Impact Snap training aid for right handed golfers. $55 shipped and PP to CONUS.
  8. Ordered P770 on 8/21, called in this week and was told scheduled to ship Nov 2
  9. Yeah, what is even the point of having a pre-order and release in the fall if 1) you can't fulfill orders by release day and/or 2) even if you could fulfill orders by release day, cold weather customers can only use the clubs for a month before their seasons end? But that's a moot point now that we know TM couldn't deliver most orders on release day. Most people who pre-ordered and have still not received their orders will likely receive their sets in November (or later), sit on them for a few months, and won't be able to bust their blue balls until weather permits in spring 2021.
  10. For sale is a 2018 Club Cameron Sunday Bag. The bag is in very good condition and was only used for range sessions a handful of times. It's mostly sat in storage the past year. $125 shipped and PP'd.
  11. As a counterpoint and to show how truly YMMV shoe fits can be, I sized up a half size and found the ZITs still too narrow. Sized up + got a wide width, and the shoes were still amazingly narrow for my feet. Wish they would've worked as I love the looks, but in the end went with a wide FJ Pro SL instead that fit much better for me.
  12. New in box Nike Zoom Infinity Tour size 10.5 in white / black / flash crimson / volt. $215 shipped and Paypaled.
  13. I agree their GPS holder is dumb. I ended up just buying a bicycle handlebar phone holder on Amazon for $10.
  14. Not for me; these run small on my feet. I've always been a 10.5 in Nike anything (golf shoes, Jordans, AM90, Flyknit Racer/Trainer). Could wear a medium 10.5 depending on the model, but would take wide whenever available. For the ZIT, 11 wide fits perfectly.
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