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  1. Because for me, the build is more enjoyable than having them for some reason. Anyways, interested?
  2. Eh. Too much effort and giving up on these. Anyone one them, send a pm. Would make a great deal. Wish I could list these, but broke one too many 30 day/24 hour rules on the BST
  3. I just bought a 5 set combo, used. 41 45, 49, 53, 57. Will report as soon as I game them. Hopefully the 41 and 45 will be a suitable 9 and pw replacement
  4. any recommendations for paintfill that won't wear off on the sole?
  5. So I received my Scor wedges yesterday. I got a great deal on them. I got a 41*, 45*, 49*, 53*, and 57*. First thing I wanted to do was change the grips. I have a bunch of new I-Lines. Looked pretty cool. I saved 4 out of the 5 grips to use for later. For giggles, I put them on my swing weight scale. To my surprise they were all over the place. 41* - C5 45* - D2 49* - C8 53* - D0 57* - D3 Me being a little OCD, I had to make them all between D0-D3, with the 57* being around D4-D5. After some research, I found out the shafts were parallel. I had a surplus of lead tip weights for parallel sh
  6. Remove the grip, and remove the lose epoxy
  7. I know, right? I should've done that! [quote name='Sean25rp' timestamp='1407790924' post='9911865'] Black ox look immense! [/quote]
  8. Ha. Alright, who wants these? Gonna start a new project! Maybe something more "forgiving"
  9. Are you interested in these? Looking to unloading them [quote name='zackmcclure23' timestamp='1407595662' post='9894609'] All the clubs on here just look amazing. [/quote]
  10. PM sent. The shaft is reg flex, 62, untipped [quote name='alfie' timestamp='1407333237' post='9869731'] Do u still have the regular Diamana S+ with u with the Ping adapter still installed and it being the 62? Also what's the final length when installed with the G25 head? If u are insterested in selling it, pm me... (the S+ was not tip trimmed, right?)... [quote name='kuyaariel' timestamp='1407289248' post='9866749'] Hello. I had a Matrix Radix HD6, white, regular flex in my G25 driver at one point. I loved the combo. Being a foolish club ho, I wanted to try something else. I install
  11. Very nice! I'm thinking about bring this back to raw. Unless someone wants them! It's hot black oxide, I never gamed them, they went to another wrxer. Hot black ox holds up pretty well, sole and face get normal wear but they can easily be touched up with a cold bluing solution
  12. Thanks! [quote name='DJR10' timestamp='1407373393' post='9875475'] Wow. Those look good. Every version. [/quote]
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