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  1. Did you try them? If so, hope they worked out well. Hit'em straight.
  2. Used to really like Adidas polo shirts. Last 2 I bought were just cheaply made, didn't wash and wear well. Gave up on them completely now.
  3. I like the Asics with tab never end up down in the shoe. Always stay covering my heel. Dry Joy with tabs are ok but Asics are much cooler on the feet. I live in SE Texas where heat and humidity is king so nothing with wool content will every be on my feet.
  4. Asics. Very thin and very comfortable. I'm with you, have to have tabs, have to be thin. Can't stand cushioned golf socks and definitely nothing with wool content. https://www.amazon.com/ASICS-Cushion-Pack-White-Large/dp/B00NQYX1MG/ref=asc_df_B00NQYX1MG/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=241940611815&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=8859816560173170167&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027751&hvtargid=pla-496741443807&psc=1
  5. There are 2 that I am familiar with in the Greater Houston area. Both of those courses have 3 9s. One is the previously mentioned April Sound in Conroe and the other is Gleannloch Pines. The Gleann 9 starts off with a par 3. My memory may be/is failing but I think there was a private club on the North side of Houston that at one time started with a par 3 but the routing changed several years ago and I think that hole became #3. Can't remember the name of it right now.
  6. I have played muni courses in several large cities and experienced 5.5 hour rounds. Walked off one course after 6 hours and was 2 groups back on 8 tee box. This was Memorial Park in Houston bunch of years ago. I have experienced several 6 hour rounds in the Myrtle Beach World Am before. 4 groups on one hole...again Memorial Park Houston bunch of years ago. 300 Yard driver....I know one young player (late 20s) capable of those yardages. I do play almost every week with a guy in his 70s who hits driver in the 280+ range, hybrid in the 240 range and 6 iron about 180. He is close to scratch and is phenomenally long and is not bashful about telling you he is. He is a rarity. So, those things you listed do exist. They are just rare. Needless to say on internet forums, there is a ton of exaggeration goes on. As for me, I can't hit it out of my shadow any more so I have nothing left to exaggerate about.
  7. Here is SE Texas it has rained at least once every day for weeks now. Most, not all, courses here are pretty flat so CPO has been the norm for weeks and lots of standing water. We have been fortunate the past 2 days, the driving range has been open and off the mats. Prior to that, the range was not open for more than a couple of weeks. CPO does get very old very quick.
  8. I have really enjoyed the 10 pairs of DryJoy Tours I own. Yes, they are a bit heavier but that is what I prefer. They have never let me down on keeping my feet warm and dry. Unfortunaely, FJ decided to quit making them. There are still some out there for purchase. I really can't speak for what FJ replaced them with as I don't really like the look and have not purchased any yet.
  9. I have bought a number of new golf shirts on eBay at some very good prices. There is a particular style of shirt I prefer (not brand) and I do have to do some eBay searching but have gotten some great deals.
  10. On the distance topic...I am not a long hitter and at my age never will be. However, I play with guys my age who can still bomb it. I promise you, I think guys who hit it farther thus taking less club into the green have an advantage over guys who are 30-40 yards shorter hitting much more club into the green. Also, some courses require you to bring the ball in higher to get closer to the pins. A guy hitting a 9 iron into a green has much better chance than a guy hitting say a 5 or 6 iron simply because of the ball flight. Sure wish I could find some of the distance I have lost.
  11. I'm 74 years old with a 32inch waist. I own a white belt and wear it if I wear white shorts (don't own white pants) or light blue. I could wear it every day at my club and no one would say a thing but I choose not to.
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