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  1. Medicine Ball and Swing Fan are what my boys use.
  2. Contact the golf academy at 1757 golf course. They offer an high school golfer camp and a camp for juniors that play in competitions this summer. They will play 1757 and the course is not a bomb it type course and they will learn to think around the golf course.
  3. A player can shoot 90 and make the team; but, not get a starting spot at some high schools. A kid can shoot 125+ and start all four years at some schools like Herndon, Westfield, etc. Madison and McLean comes and goes with the years. Langley and Chantilly are the power house teams.
  4. Having my oldest finish high school and starting all four years, scoring 90 or better would ensure your kids plays in the matches. But in all honesty, it does depend on the high school. There are high schools like Langley in McLean or Chantilly that carries an A and B Team, it will be tougher to start in a match. But high schools like Herndon and Westfield, they don't have that many good players or are sometimes not able to field 5-6 players in a match.
  5. I thought my oldest son hit it long during his high school days. Normal drives during the junior and senior years were around 280 yards with 300+ when he goes after it. My second oldest son missed his freshman year on the golf team in 2020 due to COVID. But he easily matches my oldest now, and he is still growing. Can't wait to see what he can do this coming school year.
  6. That SIM2 Titanium 15* is phenomenal. I tested it and put it in the bag right away.
  7. Stand bag: Waterproof Stand Bag BLK/BLK/LIGHT BLK Duffel: Men's Duffel Bag BLK Tote: Tote Bag BLK/DRK GRAY/GRAY Awesome giveaway.
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