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  1. I really like the shape of the LST fairway based on those pics. I think I’m seeing the line Friday morning. Can’t wait.
  2. 16 M2 and G410+ cause the same dilemma for me. M2 is slightly longer but the Ping finds more fairways.
  3. Not sure. I think I had the 56 in hand and only briefly looked at it. I was too busy drooling over the 921 Forged heads.
  4. They’d already discussed it when I got to the meeting. Unfortunately, I was running late, so I missed the tech story on it. It does have the High Toe/PM look at address. If you’re a fan of that, you’ll prob like it. I’m not...so I find it slightly hideous.
  5. I saw the new line this morning. Almost ordered 921 Forged on the spot. Held off since I’m debating shafts. I thought all the irons looked great. Not a big fan of the new wedge though.
  6. Not a GG. But I’m a manager of a golf store. And it definitely feels like I live there. Lol
  7. My white/baseball blue ZITs have been in process at Nike since around the 3rd of this month. Still sitting in the warehouse. It’s amazing that NDC can ship in 2 days but ordering through my golf account at work is taking forever. I’ve had two shirt orders go into process and ship...shoes still creeping.
  8. Owner at my store did the same thing right in front of one of the most conservative Christian guys you’ll ever meet. Needless to say, a guy was swinging something when the screen came up, but it wasn’t a new golf club.
  9. Those look great. My pair has been processing for 10 days from Nike. Also got the White Photon Dust pair coming.
  10. Got the pics. Thx guys. New clubs look amazing. Will be interesting to hear the differences between the 770 and the 790.
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