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  1. Wishful thinking on my part, but it would be interesting if they leveraged the HMT tech from GC2 and allowing you to choose from two modes: 1. Ball mode: use the two cameras to measure ball data only, basically how GC2 works 2. Club mode: allow you to put fiducials on the club and have the Launchpro measure club head data only (+ maybe ball speed? no launch/spin etc). I'm picturing this being useful on the range, you watch the ball downrange but use the LM to help groove path, AOA, strike, dyn loft, clubspeed and so on. Of course the upgrade to GCQ giving you both
  2. (the ball test people)'s instagram has a slightly brightened up version of the image from Bushnell and I can convince myself there's another camera aperture down below. GC2 update/better skytrak seems plausible. Was going to jump on the R10, but this is enough to delay until reviews and pricing is announced.
  3. The image shows one camera aperture, but the bottom of the unit is not shown, so I wonder if there's another "eye" lower like on GCQuad. I wonder if this is a "GCDuo" that replaces the old GC2 is mentioned on their site, which are all things that GC2 measure. It it's a refreshed GC2 at a more affordable price, count me in!
  4. Now this is exciting! Probably warrants its own thread haha
  5. What club is this? Driver? Is this one hit or an average? How consistent can you reproduce these numbers with each shot? Might want to try the Academy sub forum also, you might get more insight. I think topics in this category are more about the Trackman machine itself.
  6. Assuming it's one of nonfunctional plastic dummy display models?
  7. Saw a great looking Ping Anser Milled 0 model on the BST the other day which sold by the time I saw the thread. Curious if any other out there for sale. Lemme know price shipped to Canada. Thanks!
  8. A $99 ball marker... https://swag.golf/collections/frontpage/products/burger-marker cool cover designs notwithstanding, these guys are really printing money here
  9. Agreed. I took away one of his main points as: "the shot shape is always accurate, especially when used outdoors" (paraphrasing slightly...) There's a free way of doing that...by watching the ball...
  10. Seems to confirm that spin is not directly measured, interesting that mevo/mevo+ measure spin but not the club head and the garmin is the opposite presumably using very similar hardware (although on the Garmin site, as he shows spin is listed as a "radar metric") Still curious to see how accurate the club data matches up to TM or GCQ...
  11. It's at gpscity and gpscentral, but only paid shipping options (unless you are in Calgary). It's showing July 21 availability, but maybe that's just a guess on their part? with Garmin showing 5-8 weeks... https://www.gpscity.ca/garmin-approach-r10
  12. Was thinking about picking up the lauded i210s this fall, especially if any shops sell their demos (wishful thinking on my part). Otherwise I was going to order a new set. Would probably wait until spring if there is something new on the horizon (i220, i225?)
  13. A bit tangential to your question, but I haven't been able to find a clear answer (and I think this is confused by Arccos' 2nd gen/3rd gen business model), are the sensors completely useless unless there is an active subscription? I read somewhere else where only the Caddie features are disabled (club selection etc), but it'd still track your shots?? If you do let your trial lapse, let us know! Just received my Ping sensors also and deciding whether it's worth sticking them into my clubs (probably can't even get 5 rounds in before the season and trial ends lol)
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