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  1. I get all mine from Backcountry. Company is awesome and has a great app. I have 4 of the atom’s in all different colors. I love it for golf and anything else. It’s such a great piece to have.
  2. This has been used about 15-20 rounds. Pictures tell the story. Thing is pretty much flawless besides the bottom where you can see some scratches on the metal from putting. Headcover is brand new. I never used it. $1250 obo No trades
  3. I have a few of these and couldn’t agree more. They are awesome for golf or just in general.
  4. Just one set to move. P-7MB’s that have about 20-25 rounds on them. Pics show they are in great shape with very little wear at all. These were bought from Club Champion and have Pured PX 6.0’s in. I took the shaft labels off. Length and lie are standard as well as grip size. $875 obo
  5. Have two Diamana driver shafts for sale. 1. RF 50 X. Interesting combo here that has a Ping adapter. Plays slightly over 45.5 and has never been hit. I fell in love with a AutoFlex while waiting on this. $200 2. DF 60 S. Played this in a SIM2 for 10-15 rounds. Plays 45.5. $175 DM with questions.
  6. Nelly really plays i80’s in her irons? Wonder what made her switch from the 95’s. Seemed like she had played those for ages.
  7. Please no trades at this time. SIK Pro C This thing is pretty sweet. Has been used 15-20 rounds and is great looking. Has a Stability Tour shaft in at 34 inches. I am unsure of the loft and lie but obviously that’s easily changed. New Ping grip. $old
  8. Few items up for grabs: 1. Ping G425 LST 10.5 Brand New Head. This has never been hit. Ordered this to replace the below 410 and found something I was comfortable with while waiting for it to arrive. Comes with headcover. $old obo 2. Ping G410 LST 10.5. This has been used for 50-60 rounds and is head only. Still in good shape. $old obo 3. Ping G410 3 Hybrid with Tensei Blue 80 hy. This was used all of last year and shows some wear. Super solid club and I replaced it with a 425. Standard length on this. $165 obo 4. Diamana DF60s Driver shaft with Taylormade tip. This has been hit 10 times and plays 45.5 inches in SIM driver. $175 obo 5. Diamana RF50x Driver shaft with Ping tip. This is brand new and never been hit. Actually a pretty awesome combo you don’t see too often. Plays 45.5 in 425 LST. $250 obo 6. GD ADTP 6SR driver shaft with Taylormade tip. This is the medium flex between regular and stiff. AMAZING shaft if you have mid to upper 90’s driver swing speed. This has been my choice for the past few years until I stopped being lazy and started working out. Plays 45.5 in SIM. $old obo please PM me with questions. PayPal only.
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