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  1. Golfworks is large enough to get what they want formulated for them. Some of their stuff is from 3M and their High Impact VB1001 is a dead ringer for the 3M DP460. That is what I use. If you want to use the Permatex stuff you will find it will hold, but it will be very inelastic which is very different than epoxies designed for golf use. Also the breakdown temp will be very high. To break a bond, you can easily torch a shaft.
  2. Definitely physiological in nature. Not sure exactly when the issues started, but likely from pressures to make putts that I believed had to be made (false idea about that, for sure). Missing was unacceptable. I think putting left handed allowed me to change my expectations to where I was just happy to make a decent putt and not really expect that I was going to make it. My brain was a lot calmer. After a while, I no longer was so wrapped up in the result and was able to return to putting right handed and maintain that attitude.
  3. Was that the pronator teres? My physio hinted that I might have torn a muscle instead of having golfers elbow and the pronator teres seems to be the candidate. I noticed that you have an odd symptom of the tear. Seems to have resulted in the extension of the middle finger. Hope it's not permanent.
  4. Cure? No, I don't think anyone really cures the yips. Get them under control - Yes. Had the yips at least 4 times in my days. First time around I got it under control by controlling my though process on what was makeable and what was reasonable. Pelz's book on putting really helped. Practiced putting without a hole for months and just working on the process. Next few times I resorted to putting left handed for periods of time to reset the brain. Longest span of time LH was 2 years. Never once have I yipped putting LH for some reason. I finally found a RH putter head, length and grip combo that I really feel good with. Been yip free for about 3 years now. When I feel a yip stroke now, it is all about rushing the stroke. Do I putt poorly sometimes? Of course. But I work on the process of making the stroke and not the result and that usually clears things up. A big change a number of years ago was changing the stroke pace to one that does not accelerate through the ball. Smooth back. Smooth through. Speed is based on length of swing. If things ever go bad again, my LH Scotty is waiting patiently in my basement. Been there for 5 years now. Getting dusty.
  5. Not quite sure if you are regular people or not.
  6. This. ^^^ What TM and several others use is absolute crap. They allow their assembly plant to use it because it costs next to nothing compared to good tape. If TM were to use that same junk in their Tour Van, there would be hell to pay.
  7. A92W542 G400 4-9PWUW IRONS 9.00 30301 1776272 Shaft AWT 2.0 REGULAR Length STD CLRCD/LIE BLACK Grip GP TOUR VELVET-WHITE Grip+ DEMO Swing Weight D0 Enter Date 2018-03-15
  8. Sheer numbers of people driven to succeed. I'll guarantee you that Asians don't get any Gold Medals for participation. Success is the only valued result. Anything less is a failure on many levels. The downside of that is the mental toll it takes on those athletes. If you get a chance, just look at the finalists for Augusta National's 2022  Drive, Chip and Putt.
  9. Out of all the OEM's, Ping should have the best QC given that so many things during assembly are digitally controlled (length, SW, loft/lie). Still comes down to the quality of the workers. This year has been a nightmare in that regard when you have front office staff working on the production floor. The crush to produce clubs this year has meant that quality control has gone out the window for all of them. I wouldn't trust any of them right now to get it correct.
  10. I think you are over generalizing things. I'm sure the OEM devices are checked for accuracy all the time. Tour van stuff - all the heads that are in the trucks have all been spec'ed out before they hit the drawers. The machines in the Tour Vans are all top notch stuff and in perfect shape. Not like the worn out stuff most people own. And I'm sure they are verified for accuracy a lot. Just because you don't see it happen, doesn't mean it doesn't get done. Some of the stuff I've seen in the TM van is far beyond what the average guy can order for bending and measuring. I would have no problem believing the stuff they churn out is spot on, spec wise. And if you look closely at some of the Tour Van videos, the crazy expensive spec measuring devices are there on a bench just in case they want to use it.
  11. Get well soon. You have to get ready for those Miura’s you likely already ordered.
  12. This is part of dealing with ferrules that are just a little oversized. Even diligent wiping doesn't seem to work unless you go back after the epoxy has started to set and you wipe again. The one way to fix this is to not use as much epoxy to begin with. Most of us use far too much in an effort to get full coverage. Howard Jones has talked about using only a very small specific amount before (I'm sure a search will bring it up). Once it is there, here is how I deal with it: Prior to turning down the ferrule, I get a very sharp X-Acto blade and carefully break the residue away as best as I can. The rest I will get rid of using 0000 steel wool and elbow grease. Sometimes it's a few seconds. Sometimes there is a lot more effort needed. Then I turn down the ferrule and repeat the above if necessary. Where it gets dicey is if the hosel is painted or not chrome. Prevention is still the best thing. Wipe and wipe again. Check in 30-60 minutes and wipe again if needed. If you turn down the ferrule after the epoxy has set, but not fully cured, the turning belt often creates enough friction to remove any residue epoxy. But not always.
  13. This thread is 3-4 months ahead of schedule. This is February, I can't spend another second indoors, fodder.
  14. I'm living proof that you can for brief periods of time, overcome 5 bad things by adding a 6th and cancelling them all out to make it work for a few holes. Even whole rounds. All the while, the bad grooved things were still there. Just applied a band-aide for a short period of time. For me it was figuring out how to sync up a lunge and a flip to hit a decent looking shot. I saw the video of such a swing I made and it was a miracle of athletic talent that I even made contact. Correcting the root issues is paramount.
  15. Just to put an exclamation point on all above, I had sudden mid-round periods of poor play this season. My first clue should have been the amount of effort it took to make a swing some days. Should feel effortless. Finally went to my instructor and he ripped off the band-aides in 10 minutes. Poor setup and take-away mechanics were the root of the issues - again!! So easy to slip into a bad habit and deceive yourself into thinking you can fix it yourself. Should have gone to see him in the spring as I planned. I'll see him this week again to check my progress. It's a process.
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