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  1. It's not even close to an issue and definitely not worth an exchange. I wouldn't even bother with the epoxy unless I had some already made. Put on the tape and the grip you want and get playing.
  2. Better chance at picking the right PowerBall numbers. Twice.
  3. Expecting something else... Disappointed.
  4. They are likely real. Ugly, but real. Just so you know, there are 6 instances of Ping using that same number.
  5. I watch a lot of old tv shows. Every show, the man and wife sleep in separate beds. It's wonder how anyone had kids back then. Must have been a lot of sex in cars. That's it!! We can blame the car culture for the population boom after The War.
  6. Doubt he fell asleep. Late and rushing, you usually are keyed up. Something came out ahead of him like wildlife? Maybe. No telling how fast that minivan was going. They speed too. And that minivan could have turned off earlier and he could speed up. Can't discount the possibility that something came across his path, but he would have reacted with the brakes most likely. Most likely scenario is distracted driving. You see so many of those incidents on video where the person is so caught up that it's like they weren't behind the wheel and don't have a clue until the impact h
  7. After looking at the photos, videos and the maps of the scene it is amazing it wasn't worse. He just missed that double-pole hydro pole. If he had hit that instead of brush, we likely would be eulogizing him right now. Just want to see him be able to walk "normal" again. Looking at what we know - late going to where he needed to be, - likely going faster than the posted limit (50-70 mph), - and just coming off a small stretch of straightish road. It is most likely a case of distracted driving. Looking at his phone or texting someone on his eta and didn't re
  8. Absolutely no chance at extending that. Reshaft only.
  9. Guys, I will no longer do searches on old Ping clubs. This includes all Eye and Eye2 in all forms. Ping data online is generally flawed with these clubs as Ping re-used numbers from that era (I had one number that was re-used 15 times). Also based on the number of recent searches for these, it is quite apparent many are just wanting to see what info Ping has on the clubs they have had for 30+ years. If you truly need that information, you are best to contact Ping directly for the best possible result. Thank you. Socrates
  10. Now that would be a first. A commentator over dramatizing the play. Baseball and Golf are extremely boring most of the time. Announcers have to be overly enthusiastic or everyone falls asleep. I really don't pay much attention to what the announcers say unless they say something truly stupid. It's like listening to my wife talk... I only hear 10% of what she says unless my name is mentioned at the beginning of the sentence.
  11. Maybe I shouldn't have gone down the unethical road, so that likely was the wrong way to go. But, baring the remote chance that the OP is playing at Augster's course, he will run afoul of the undue delay penalty. We likely will never know as the OP has never returned to explain how he would determine how he will decide which club to use or how he would obtain it.
  12. 710886BAEYE2+3-9PWSWIRON ShaftJZ-SHAFT LengthSTD CLRCD/LIEBLUE GripDL-WHITE Swing WeightD0 Enter Date1996-02-06
  13. He is trying to devise a method to circumvent the Rules which I feel violates Rule 1.2. It's one thing to find yourself in a situation and using the Rules to your advantage and another to create a situation to find a loophole to use. You many not agree, but my opinion is that he is being unethical in his intent. 1.2 Standards of Player Conduct a. Conduct Expected of All Players All players are expected to play in the spirit of the game by: Acting with integrity – for example, by following the Rules, applying all penalties, and being honest in all aspects of pla
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