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  1. Contacts are a game changer. I wish I had them when I was in school. I would've been so much better at sports like baseball.
  2. What did you expect at the Norman since they were preparing to overseed that week? None of the PGA West courses (open to public) are going to be any good right now since the Stadium and Nicklaus are just coming out of overseeding as well. Really wet and CPO. Regardless, it still would be nice to play anything right now instead of below freezing temps and snow that we've got here for the next 5 months.
  3. I've got them on, at least part of the time, when it gets below 10ºC (45ºF) as I don't wear a glove and use cord grips. Nice warm hands make a difference. I no longer have any desire to play golf when it is too cold.
  4. Socrates

    Bad look

  5. As soon as you change the shaft (and usually the shaft weight), the required SW to give you a similar feel, will change.
  6. 15B2381 I25 4-9PWUW IRONS Shaft CFS REGULAR Length STD CLRCD/LIE BLACK Grip 360 ID8-WHITE
  7. I was holding out for the 410 Max which got COVID-19 into 2021. I’ve seen the 425 Max and it’s worth the wait.
  8. G425 Max. You've waited 3 years. Another few months won't kill you.
  9. 01P1278 IBLADE 4-9PW IRONS 1.00 30587 1300152 Shaft RIFLE PROJECT X 6.0 Length STD
  10. Now that we’ve got more info re lead tape, some of the numbers make sense. I think you are chasing a number to get to and losing sight of what is important. Performance. Increase the sw until you get the performance you want and forget about what the sw scale says.
  11. ...driver, 3W and driving iron. they are all roughly in the E2-E4 category based on my swing weight scale. ...my driving iron is also what I would call Titleist standard 3-iron length IF your driving iron is 3 iron length and you have tip weights (max is usually 10 grams) it likely should only SW around D5-7. IF you are getting E2-E5 I would be seriously checking the calibration of your SW scale. Something is off here. Also a driver with a 60 gram shaft coming in at E2-E5 also seems off unless it is seriously longer than stock.
  12. Socrates

    Bad look

    You can't convince me - ever - that this is a good look.
  13. I had originally posted that, but edited it out since I didn't want to muddy the waters. Since the OP has identified as LH, he really has no other choice but to do as above. Only problem is that the shafts are likely .350 and anything he is going to replace them with is .335 so there is an added problem.
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