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  1. It's all about buying the shoe for your weight. If you're around 200lbs and wear any of the soft shoes out these days and walk, they aren't going to last. Wear a good leather shoe with a solid sole and they will get you a couple of years or about 100 rounds. Whatever comes first.
  2. The Gore-Tex doesn't wear out. The seams go. You got 2 + years out of a pair of shoes. Time to buy another pair and wear the old ones when it's dry.
  3. AC10476I210PWUWIRONS2.00371822063271 AC10476I2105-9IRONS1.00371822063271 ShaftAERO STEELFIBER FC I115 S LengthSTD CLRCD/LIEBLACK LoftPOWER SPEC GripNTS-WHITE Swing WeightD2 Enter Date2018-08-15 AC48477I2104-9PWUWIRONS1.00393312688621 ShaftTT XP 95 R300 Shaft StepSTEP 1 STIFF Length-3/4" CLRCD/LIEORANGE GripGP TOUR VELVET-AQUA Swing WeightC4+ Enter Date2019-12-20
  4. By checking the insole sizes, my old 9.5's have the same size insole as the Proadapt Caged 10.5. But not quite the same as the RSG or the Fusion8. I guess I'll roll the dice on ordering a 10.5.
  5. Show 10 entries Serial Number Model Club Product Line Number Account Number Order Number A9Y3151 I500 4-9PWUW IRONS 6.00 36622 3232345 FirstPrevious1NextLast Copy Search Results Item Summary Shaft TT PROJECT X LZ 5.5 Shaft Step Cushin Length STD CLRCD/LIE RED Loft Grip GP CP2 PRO BLK/RED STD Grip+ Swing Weight D1 Status Enter Date 2021-04-06
  6. Immerse it in hot water. The hot water will cause the air in the head to expand. If there is a hole, it will bubble. Alternatively, take a small pin and see if it goes into the head.
  7. Back in time, I know it was common for OEM foundries to weld small voids in Ti heads and then "polish" them. This is what it might be.
  8. I've worn Puma shoes for years. First the Titan Tour Ignite, then the Ignite Proadapt over the last 5-6 years. In the Titan Tour Ignite I was a size 10. When I switched to the Ignite Prodadapt I had to go to a 9.5. Both were a perfect fit. Ordered the Proadapt Delta and ordered a 9.5 hoping they would be same. Wrong. They are a 1/4" smaller than the last ones. Now the dilemma, Do I need a 10 or 10.5 or even an 11? Can't try them on since these were a special order as most places in Canada don't stock these. Anyone wearing these and did you have to go up in size from whatev
  9. No, it does not. You need a G410 / G425 adaptor.
  10. Serial Number Model Club Product Line Number Account Number Order Number 405095DT G425 DRVR 1 METAL WOODS 46.00 37764 2973643 FirstPrevious1NextLast Copy Search Results Item Summary Shaft ALD ROGUE WHITE 130 MSI 70 S Shaft Step Length -1/2" (45 1/4") Loft 10.5 DEG MAX Grip ARCCOS GP LITE 360 TOUR VELVET-WHT Grip+ Swing Weight D3 Status Enter Date 2021-01-26
  11. You have to adhere to Galaxy's policies. Doesn't mean they are correct. I've been bending and repairing clubs for 30+ years and have seen every piece of stupidity one can imagine and many that defy logic as well. There are some clubs that I won't bend (some of the old Adams, some newer TM) but taking a stock set of Callaway heads and bending them 2º flat, it doesn't get any easier than than. Having a blanket policy about bending just doesn't work. Every item needs to be examined on it's own merit and a determination made about what can be done.
  12. If they (your local "clubfitter' )can't bend a club 2º flatter they have no business being in the business. It's that simple. The other question is how you could make a mistake of 1.5" in length?
  13. It likely won't improve until the fall. There is a small period where demand drops in a normal cycle. The problem is that they are so far behind in production, that as soon as they deliver a shipment, it is immediately consumed and they still don't have enough. By the time the next shipment arrives, they are just as far behind or worse. The cycle will continue since places like TT can only produce so much and even if they made plans to ramp up production, it might be years for that to come to fruition.
  14. All that means is that club is not in the N. American data base.
  15. Serial Number Model Club Product Line Number Account Number Order Number 457237DT G425 DRVR 1 METAL WOODS 1.00 31614 3147430 FirstPrevious1NextLast Copy Search Results Item Summary Shaft MTSB TENSEI AV ORANGE 65 S Shaft Step Length -1/2" (45 1/4") Loft 9 DEG MAX Grip ARCCOS GP LITE 360 TOUR VELVET-GOLD Grip+ Swing Weight D3 Status Enter Date 2021-01-30
  16. Serial Number Model Club Product Line Number Account Number Order Number 10N9920 G 5-9PWSW IRONS 22.00 32360 1335597 FirstPrevious1NextLast Copy Search Results Item Summary Shaft AWT 2.0 REGULAR Shaft Step Cushin Length STD CLRCD/LIE BLACK Loft Grip 5L-WHITE Grip+ Swing Weight C9 Status Enter Date 2016-09-26
  17. OEM's have a big fault with this kind of error. They all (Most) seem to want to put the sightline in the optical center of the head and it almost never corresponds to the actual sweet spot. It's an easy mistake to correct and they never seem to do.
  18. You are going to have to contact Ping. There are two sets for both those numbers and one is LH. Either a fake or Ping has screwed up their database. Again.
  19. When you have a situation where the epoxy has stuck to one surface and not the other, you usually have a contamination issue. Sources of this can be improper prepping of the shaft or some sort of oil or similar getting on the shaft. Where I have seen people go wrong is that they use acetone or similar but use a cloth that is either dirty or has a chemical in it (certain paper towels can have lotions or softeners in them). I prefer to sand or scrape shafts and then only wipe off the residue with a clean, dry rag. Some epoxies do not handle contaminates well. Some golf epoxies
  20. It's definitely a supply chain issue. Big problem is grips. Many are just not available and it affects all the OEM's. Shafts are also a problem with many graphite shafts in short supply. 710 irons were pre-covid and they were not really affected by the disruption. If you were to order a 710 with a weird grip, it might get delayed.
  21. Back when I was in the business, we would often get boxes of heads with a lot of Chinese writing on them. Often wondered what they were saying? "I'm your long lost cousin and want to send you 10 Million dollars, but I need you to send me your banking information so I can transfer you your money." Never got one translated.
  22. I would do this^^. Failing that, then as Stuart said.
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