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  1. 19A5525 G25 6-9PWUW IRONS Shaft TFC 149I REGULAR Length STD CLRCD/LIE RED Grip 360 ID8-AQUA Swing Weight C8 Enter Date 2013-06-04
  2. 21142526ANPING 2021 KUSHIN 4PUTTERS60.00215373092848 ShaftBLK CHROME STEPLESS STEEL (P) Length34" CLRCD/LIESTNDRD BLK GripPP58 BLK/WHT MID Enter Date2021-03-31
  3. A2F19189G4105-9PWUWIRONS32.00379863123250 ShaftAWT 2.0 REGULAR LengthSTD CLRCD/LIEBLACK GripGP 360 TOUR VELVET-WHITE Swing WeightD0 Enter Date2021-04-01
  4. Hand lotion, suntan lotion and bug spray are death to the grip compounds. Same goes with water softeners which is commonly used in many areas. Made the mistake once of washing my grips in water that had a lot of water softener in it. Ruined a whole set of full cords.
  5. Wash your grips folks. Every week or 2-3 rounds depending on your usage. My MCC Align's last a full year and I only replace them because I like to start a new year with new grips. I spray mine with Windex and wipe off the crud my hands leave behind.
  6. Serial Number Model Club Product Line Number Account Number Order Number A107M552 G425 4-9PWSW IRONS 1.00 40896 3399581 FirstPrevious1NextLast Copy Search Results Item Summary Shaft AWT 2.0 REGULAR Shaft Step Cushin Length STD CLRCD/LIE BLACK Loft Grip ARCCOS GP LITE 360 TOUR VELVET-WHT Grip+ Swing Weight D0 Status Enter Date 2021-04-28
  7. 470396DT G425 DRVR 1 METAL WOODS 1.00 39465 3315819 Shaft PING TOUR 173-65 X-STIFF Length -1/2" (45 1/4") Loft 9 DEG MAX Grip ARCCOS GP LITE 360 TOUR VELVET-WHT Swing Weight D3 Enter Date 2021-04-05
  8. Sorry, I won't check old Eye2's or old Ping clubs. The online data base is flawed and the information for old clubs is unreliable.
  9. Ping can do it because they are owned by themselves. They don't have to answer to shareholders. I think the only ones that didn't go IPO.
  10. It still comes down to economics. It's not profitable to make everything in LH. It has nothing to do with being lazy.
  11. Clearly someone who failed basic economics. Likely due to laziness.
  12. Ping's own product availability states that most irons are 50-60 days lead time. Worse if you ask for a shaft they don't have.
  13. You need to get out more. Tip trimming of taper shafts, while not common happens quite a lot. It's not much (usually under 1/2") but it can make a difference for a skilled player. Not sure what you mean by "every iron will have 30° of loft? Tip trimming has no effect or bearing on the loft.
  14. Equality isn't the real world. Economics is what makes the world work. cgasucks has it more or less right. It should be as easy as flipping the CAD design, but often getting the moulds correct takes some work. Back in the early 2000's it was about $1500 US per head for a cast mould and you had to commit to at run of at least 1500-2000 sets for the foundry to even consider making it a production set. Dies for a forged head were likely even more expensive. For many sets, you would never sell enough of them to remotely make it worthwhile doing.
  15. Trimming and tapering graphite shafts isn't a real problem (even Steelfiber's). Just takes a little time and sanding carefully. Now trimming 1"-2" off a Steelfiber taper shaft would be concerning to me. How would this guy go about deciding that is how much to trim off the 8-PW shafts? I could see taking 1/2" off the short irons, but not increasing the amount of tip trim like the shafts were parallel tip shafts. Sounds like he might not have known what he was doing. Also you can ditch the Puring.
  16. All TM irons have, for quite a while, used a "ledge" to control the insertion depth. If there are no weights to go into the head, you may want to use a plastic spacer to block that area from epoxy leaking down there. Or use less epoxy.
  17. Teeth of the Dog. Holes 5, 7 and 16. Take it on any one of those. Then Pebble #7. So add that to my 3 previous HIO's and I would have
  18. In the old days, epoxies and adhesives weren't good enough to keep an insert in a head. You needed screws. With today's epoxies, they aren't needed. But if you want to "hit it on the screws," you will need them.
  19. Either fake or did not originate in N. America.
  20. All this talk about screws and weight ports and multiple weighted screws and it all can be easily done almost instantly and anywhere with a little lead tape. No tools required and can be almost infinitely adjusted. Lead tape is where it's at. "Never leave home without it." Better than an American Express card.
  21. AL041054LH G7105-9PWUWIRONS1.00418332884006 ShaftAWT 2.0 STIFF LengthSTD CLRCD/LIEBLACK GripARCCOS GP 360 TOUR VELVET-WHITE Swing WeightC9 Enter Date2020-08-12
  22. A syringe is a terrible way to go about it. Wrong tool for the job. I've been using a grip gun (canister and needle) for 40+ years. Never had a problem. By far the easiest method other than cutting off the grip. I find the grip slider a messy job and even though I have one, it is not the way I would ever choose to use. Still can't beat a sharp X-Acto knife for speed and ease of use. "Oh, you want to save that 6 yr old grip? Ahhh, NO."
  23. It is only available if you have a Ping account. The Ping account will also be able to look at any product they have placed an order for and see the expected production date. As with anything, you can expect changes to any timeline right now.
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