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  1. I understand the Ruling Bodies wanting some randomness in how the ball comes to rest via a drop. Where I have a problem is that virtually every drop a high level player makes, now involves multiple drops and then a very careful placement - with a Rules Official being called in to stand there and hold their hand while they do it. All the efforts to speed up the game are wasted while this goes on. Just pick up the ball and place in the first place and get on with it. It would speed the game up tremendously.
  2. Ping only sends an invoice to the account upon the product leaving Ping once it is completed. The account never pays up front for something they don't have.
  3. Ping only sends an invoice to the account upon the product leaving Ping once it is completed. The account never pays up front for something they don't have.
  4. 23R6153G20UWLWIRONS1.00196959365800 23R6153G20#4IRONS1.00196959776574 23R6153G205-9PWSWIRONS1.00196959018539 ShaftCFS STIFF Length+3/4" CLRCD/LIEGREEN GripID8-WHITE Swing WeightD4 Enter Date2013-09-16
  5. Actually, you did. It's in HUGE BOLD letters in your thread heading. Soooooooooooo Ping STILL has Beryllium Copper and Beryllium Nickel putters...brand new. They don't MAKE them, but they still have NEW but old inventory....
  6. Serial Number Line NumberAccount NumberOrder Number A074M248G4257-9PWUWIRONS1.00422083227263 FirstPrevious1NextLast Copy Search Results Item Summary ShaftOBAN CT 115 S Shaft StepSTEP 1 SOFT Cushin LengthSTD CLRCD/LIEORANGE LoftPOWER SPEC GripARCCOS GP LITE 360 TOUR VELVET-WHT Grip+ Swing WeightD2 Status Enter Date2021-03-03
  7. Current lead time on a "stock" G425 driver is at least 50 days. Way worse if you ordered a shaft they don't have.
  8. Serial Number Line NumberAccount NumberOrder Number A5Y7688I5004-9PWUWIRONS1.00378302564903 FirstPrevious1NextLast Copy Search Results Item Summary ShaftNPN NS PRO MODUS 3 TOUR 105 S Shaft Step CushinCUSHIN Length-1/2" CLRCD/LIEBLUE Loft GripGP TOUR VELVET-AQUA Grip+ Swing WeightC8 Status Enter Date2019-08-23
  9. Cannot check clubs that did not originate in N. America No Data on that number
  10. The problem is, is that at points during the season, I am good enough to get upset about it. Those points are getting farther apart now.
  11. Agreed. I used to be an a** a long time ago. I still get mad over a bad shot, but now it rarely goes beyond some bad words and maybe a dropped club (not a throw) and then it's done with. The Steve Pate in me is long gone, but I'm not quite ready to be Matt Kutcher either ("Golly Matty" ).
  12. Had that same situation a number of years back with a a friend that tried to make me feel better by telling me "it's only a game." It was short and quick with some expletives. Golf is fun, but it is also a serious game. I don't need anyone patronizing me.
  13. Then clearly you don't understand the problems that are going on in the world and the repercussions it has in every industry. Worldwide shortages in almost every industry.
  14. 086432HW G425 HYBD 19 HYBRIDS 16.00 7631 3004841 Shaft MTSB TENSEI CK PRO 80 ORANGE S Length STD Loft Grip ARCCOS GP LITE 360 TOUR VELVET-WHT Swing Weight D2 Enter Date 2020-11-19
  15. Guys... There 2 threads going, please only post in one or the other. Thanks
  16. 229166DM G400 MAX DRVR 1 METAL WOODS 51.00 26791 2261490 Shaft ALTA CB 55 STIFF Length STD (45 3/4") Loft 10.5 DEG Grip GP 360 TOUR VELVET-WHITE Swing Weight D3 Enter Date 2019-01-15
  17. 132094R I3+ BLADE 3-9PW IRONS 1.00 19410 4871838 Shaft X-STIFF CS-LITE Length +1" CLRCD/LIE SILVER Grip I3-GOLD Swing Weight D7 Status STAMPED Enter Date 2004-03-26
  18. Soft soled shoes are terrible for many. Not enough support and caused plantar fasciitis for me.
  19. It is too bad that Ping went in this direction. Not sure if it was to deal with the hollow cavity designs and get the SW right or they just wanted to screw with the aftermarket repair people. One thing for certain, it isn't helping them speed up production at a time when they need speed.
  20. You are mistaken about every Ping is .355 and has an interference fit. Since G700's & i500's came out, Ping has changed how they designed their hosels. People won't really understand until they've taken the new stuff apart and discovered that re-assembly is stupid if you don't have the right parts. God help them if they accidentally drilled out the weight at the bottom or it came out and they lost it. Changing to .370 shaft will help in the fit, but doesn't fully solve the sloppy fit issue. Stick with the .355 shafts and get the right ferrules. Worst hosel insertion/assembl
  21. 182737DMG400 MAX DRVR1METAL WOODS ShaftPING TOUR 173-65 STIFF Length-1/2" (45 1/4") Loft9 DEG GripGP 360 TOUR VELVET-WHITE Swing WeightD3
  22. Sudden increased distance when nothing else changes - Swing speed wise - means that you are shutting down the face. Turning a 9 iron into a 7 iron. Working on your lag (does anyone do that anymore?) is the reason.
  23. Serial NumberModelISI-KClub1,3-9W ShaftJZ-SHAFT CushinNO CUSHIN LengthSTD CLRCD/LIEGREEN GripTEXTURED SPIRAL Swing WeightC8+ Enter Date1996-12-09
  24. A0F54594 G410 6-9PWUW IRONS 1.00 41774 2389758 Shaft ALTA CB RED SOFT R Length STD CLRCD/LIE BLACK Grip GP TOUR VELVET-GOLD Swing Weight C8 Enter Date 2019-05-01
  25. Ping is not the only one having fulfillment problems. Most OEM's are struggling. At a local private course, Cobra cancelled their entire order because they won't be able to fill it before mid-summer. There also is a huge shortage of rubber grips - worldwide. Locally, if you find something remotely close to what you want in a shop, you better buy it, because if you special order it, you might see it by winter. I have confirmation that Ping lost at least one container in February. To make matters worse, the cargo ship was re-routed to Japan to be inspected and all remaining cont
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