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  1. All things being equal, breaking shafts just above the hosel is the result of heel or hosel impacts. Just saying....
  2. 258931DM LH G400 MAX DRVR 1 METAL WOODS 1.00 14917 2567324 Shaft ALTA CB 55 X-STIFF Length STD (45 3/4") Loft 9 DEG Grip GP 360 TOUR VELVET-WHITE Grip+ LOOSE Swing Weight D3 Enter Date 2019-08-29 Line Number Account Number Order Number 017947FN LH G410 FRWY 3 COMPONENT MW HEADS
  3. A0F22990 G410 6-9PWUW IRONS 1.00 25186 2286374 A0F22990 G410 #5 IRONS 1.00 39658 2403029 Shaft ALTA CB RED SOFT R Length STD CLRCD/LIE BLACK Loft POWER SPEC Grip GP 360 TOUR VELVET-WHITE Swing Weight C8 Enter Date 2019-02-11
  4. Using a graduated cup is the best method. The next best method is to lay out equal sized beads of each.
  5. You can look them up, just going to warn you to not trust the info that is given for many of those old clubs.
  6. The smaller the quantities used, the chance of making an error is much greater so you have to be very precise. There is a reason that they tell you to use equal parts and not go by equal weight.
  7. "I also weighed epoxy on a scale and used the 24 hr brampton epoxy." I was going to say something else, but I re-read the OP and this ^^ stuck out at me. Unless you know the exact densities of the epoxy A & B components, you should NEVER weigh them. If the instructions tell to to use a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio do that. Assuming that equal portions of A & B weigh the same can be disastrous. Especially in small quantities.
  8. It's fine for steel. You can use the same wheel for graphite, but watch out for chips in the blade. For graphite, you don't want a crappy blade that is full of chips or chunks missing.
  9. You told us in the 1st post that you don't require reading glasses. A little confused with that argument. Reading glasses aren't the end of the world. I use them all the time with my contacts because I prefer to wear contacts as opposed to my progressives when I'm outdoors. One word of advice about glasses: spend quality money to get quality lenses. Buy cheap glasses and you will get a cheap product. Also, opticians make mistakes too. My current pair, they got the optical centers wrong and it drove me nuts. New lenses solved the issue (at their expense).
  10. I've believed this for years. I used to switch between a pair of Tour 360's and Puma Titan Tour Ignite's. Every time I used the 360's it would take me several holes to feel comfortable over the ball. Just a little difference in the thickness of the heel where I was taller in the 360's. Awkward feeling. I also hate playing in something with a weak sole in the forefoot area. Like the stiffness of a good shoe. Never going to sink to the level of a Sqairz shoe though. Even for the extra 5 yards.
  11. Golf aside, he's just a guy like you and me. He doesn't have a security detail or body guards. Puts on his pants by himself and drives his own vehicles.
  12. Guys, I will no longer do searches on real old Ping clubs. This includes all Eye and Eye2 in all forms. Ping data online is generally flawed with these clubs as Ping re-used numbers from that era (I had one number that was re-used 15 times). Also based on the number of recent searches for these, it is quite apparent many are just wanting to see what info Ping has on the clubs they have had for 30+ years. If you truly need that information, you are best to contact Ping directly for the best possible result. Thank you. Socrates
  13. 308370EYE22-9PWSWIRONS ShaftNZ+ LengthSTD CLRCD/LIERED GripVICTORY (58) Swing WeightD1
  14. I think if someone was to putt money on the line, I would want Cristie Kerr putting.
  15. 094690DPG410 DRVR1METAL WOODS ShaftALTA J CB RED D REGULAR LengthSTD (45 3/4") Loft10.5 DEG PLUS GripGP LITE 360 TOUR VELVET-AQUA Swing WeightD2 Enter Date2019-03-18
  16. I guess 20+ posts of good advice weren't convincing enough.
  17. Of the clubs that you posted requesting information, the only one that might tweak anyone's interest was the PGA one. The rest are not really worthy of getting involved in a thread and commenting on. Also, depending on when you post a thread and it's interest value, it can disappear off the 1st page in minutes and no one sees it. There are lots of worthy threads that get buried and never answered unless someone scrolls down several pages and accidentally finds it. Start a thread of a couple of LPGA stars having a lingerie & pillow fight and and you will get plenty of respon
  18. Looks like someone had a crappy bag or used some sort of tubes in the bag. Not normal and I would not buy.
  19. I usually do a compound bend if needed, but not always. It just depends on how much I have to bend the loft. If it's only a degree or so, I'll do both the lie and loft at the same time. The key is measure and re-measure to make sure what you have done is correct. Start to finish a set of irons will take about 30-45 minutes.
  20. Blowing them on is the best way to get them exactly how you like them. I don't like mine square. Prefer slightly open. The reminder under the right hand (lower) is key. That part is almost on straight. The top hand will usually turn a little and ends up more open than the bottom hand. Guys look at them like they are the weirdest thing ever, until they put their hands on them. Then they usually think that it feels really good.
  21. A good clubmaker will bend them without leaving a mark. Most out there aren't good clubmakers. If they can't promise to not mark them up, move on.
  22. Just wait until the shaft starts "clicking" inside the grip. Replace the shaft as soon as you can.
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