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  1. Last "Great" shot was about 10 years ago. Par 3, 135 yards. I hit a knock-down trap-draw (I sh*t you not) above and right of the hole and drew it right in for an ace! I felt like JM was right there with me.
  2. The words "....Balance Bracelet?" is the Universal Signal for piling on.
  3. Socrates


    I would extend them but wait on bending them. The extra 1" is equal to 2º.
  4. [quote name='avrag' timestamp='1301697048' post='3110692'] [quote name='Socrates' timestamp='1301691229' post='3110458'] The first thing I noticed this year is that he changed his stance from last year. He seemed much more over the ball last season and this year he is more upright. He putted much better last year and I wonder why he decided to change considering how poor he seems to be putting this year. [/quote] Just a wild guess, but at 40, the back really starts to hurt when you practice putting for any longer period with a posture like he had last year. I do not know if that was t
  5. You are misinterpreting what I said. Back then TT only had a black band. If it was Stiff or Reg, it was still a black band with the R or S on it.
  6. Don't be surprised if you have to go pretty deep to get the old epoxy out. I've seen it 4" and more up the shaft. Don't know what they are doing with all that epoxy, but it happens. If you are lucky, it is only 1/4" or 1/2" and it will come out easily. If you accidentally push it up the shaft, you either have to pull the grip off and push it out the butt end or you might be able to push a long rod thru the hole in the grip and push it out the tip end.
  7. That is the way the shaft bands were back then. TT Dynamic shafts only had a small black band on them. Wilson later on had a red band painted below the last step for stiff and black for reg flexes. Edit: and yes, green for X. Nice clubs BTW. Back when Wilson made great stuff. These are the real deal unlike some later re-issues by Wilson which weren't as good.
  8. The first thing I noticed this year is that he changed his stance from last year. He seemed much more over the ball last season and this year he is more upright. He putted much better last year and I wonder why he decided to change considering how poor he seems to be putting this year.
  9. Well several are bashing Callaway and the "huge" amount of faces cracking, you might want to check out the quote from Phil about his driver: [size="2"][i]"It went great," Mickelson said of the new driver. "This one will withstand anything. There won't be a problem. But on some of these drivers that we've tried, you know, we have to machine them, and so sometimes titanium isn't quite as strong. Now it won't be an issue. It's been terrific."[/i][/size][size="2"][i] [/i][/size] [size="2"][i][url="http://www.pgatour.com/tourreport/?http://tourreport.pgatour.com/2011/04/01/phil-puts-new-driver-
  10. You can't get a much simpler repair. Order the hosel from Billy Bob's and don't look back. Heck, I would even try drilling it out (the shaft) as long as the hosel insert was good. Just start with small bits and work your way up slowly until all the shaft is gone. Worst case scenario, you replace the insert.
  11. [quote name='rkangrah' timestamp='1301611292' post='3107142'] I got a 208 g Driver head installed on 70 g shaft cut to 43.5". I got a C8 swing weight. According to this chart, I should get a D1 swing weight: [url="http://www.golf-components.com/swing-weight-chart-woods.html"]http://www.golf-comp...hart-woods.html[/url] Anyone can explain why in world did I get a C8 swing weight? [/quote] Did you see the list of assumptions at the bottom of the page? Shaft balance is likely the culprit here. [size=2]"Swing weight measurements are approximations and will vary depending on slight v
  12. Ditch your brother! I would get it done before hand. Last thing you need is to standing out on Washington Ave. looking for a ticket while you should be watching the Masters. On the other hand, maybe you'll run into John Daly selling some shirts across the street.
  13. It all depends on what you think a repair tech's time is worth. You are not only paying for his time, but his expertise. I don't think $10-$15 per club is out of line.
  14. [quote name='big truck' timestamp='1301602084' post='3106640'] But we do not know why it may be fake! [/quote] Why, did you buy something off eBay and are now wondering? I was just yanking his chain. More than likely, it is the real deal, but with so many fakes on eBay, one can never tell.
  15. Wait until you get the eBay one and then decide on which one to give back to GG. One might just set up differently or the eBay one could be fake (if fake, obviously don't give that one to GG).
  16. Carefully application of heat and slowly pry it off when the adhesive loosens. I prefer to apply the heat to the face and let it transmit thru so I don't damage the graphics of the emblem.
  17. [quote name='JSouth' timestamp='1301546208' post='3104811'] Maybe I missed it.. And a club builder told me till he was blue in the face. It doesnt' matter is its an 07 burner or a ping g15 or a Callaway Razr hawk tour. They are all .83 COR.. So there isn't a hotter face, and they won't be any further than the other(as long as the identical shaft is in place) He said the .COR is the only thing that matters in distance from a club head. Is this 100% true? [/quote] COR only deals with the amount of energy that the head can transmit back to the ball. Once OEM's established how close
  18. It wasn't that you needed 109 mph to get a COR reading. It was just a speed that they arrived at (in some point in time) that they figured was the avg. speed of a good players head speed. You could have derived the COR of a head with almost any speed of ball if you had good enough recoding devices. The USGA seemed to be stuck in time and never seemed to keep up with technology to do testing. COR was just one example. [size=2] The way COR was tested all the way up until the CT Pendulum test was adopted in 2003 was likely the worst case of poor analysis ever done by a "leading" organizatio
  19. The Rules don't differentiate between grips when it comes to putting wraps, cloth or whatever on. Feel free to putt on tape if you want. Just don't build it up so that the grip no longer conforms (i.e. building it up so that it has ridges or flat spots or something that conforms to your hand). Check out Rule 14-3.
  20. I have the Jawbone and use it for everything (+Red Iridium Polarized and G30). Bought them for the ease of lens exchange and a tighter fit to keep out the wind. Excellent in both those regards. I don't see the bottom of the frame at all. One unexpected drawback: the close fit on the cheeks leads to sweating in that area. Not too bad, but I find myself taking them off and wiping off the frame and my cheeks every now and then. In retrospect, I would buy the Radar Path.
  21. If you already have the grips, you could do it for the price of some tape (about 15 cents). If you want to use equipment, you need a vice, shaft clamp and some skill.
  22. [quote name='jaskanski' timestamp='1301507434' post='3102839'] I think it's more or less maxed out as it is with 460cc. Sure you could build a 700cc driver, but how would you keep the weight down? There aren't many metals with the same rigid and light properties as Titanium - or composites for that matter. What about drag? A 700cc driver would be about as aerodynamic as a garden shed. Last but not least, structural stability. A large area face would naturally be more prone to caving in than a smaller compact design. More trampoline effect = more face deflection - more face deflection = more s
  23. +1 The R is for Round in Golf Pride. The 2.0 irons are definitely ribbed grips. Anthing that has an adjustable shaft (TM, Titleist, Nike...) has a round grip on it even if the rest of the line has ribbed.
  24. Realitically, not much farther (10-15 yards if that). Larger sizes don't hold together very well and there likely is an upper limit where the increased COR becomes a detriment to ball speed. The main limitation is "man". Build a bigger, stronger man with better technique and he will hit it farther. Sadlowski is probably hitting it as far a humanly possible. Even with 'illegal' stuff, I really can't see it going much farther.
  25. First time I was there, I was pressed for time and didn't check out the front of the clubhouse. With limited time, you won't be able to see much golf. Walk the whole course first and then pick your spots to watch. Places I liked: 6th tee, 16th tee, 10, 12th tee, 18/9 green. Hit the concession area first and have a list of things you would like to buy. In about 1/2 hour you should be able to rack up about $1000 in purchases. They will store the purchases for you so you don't need to carry them. Make sure you pack for the weather. It at all rainy, the course becomes a quagmire (for the
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