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  1. Don't know if you understand the meaning of the "axis of the shaft," but you can install a grip any way you like.
  2. A00K10224BLUEPRINT6-9PWIRONS ShaftOBAN CT 115 S Length-1/4" CLRCD/LIEBLUE Loft1/4 CLUB STRONG GripGP Z-GRIP CRD Grip++1 WRAP Swing WeightC9+ Enter Date2020-03-12
  3. 753922F3G10 FRWY4METAL WOODS10.0010766903124 ShaftTFC 129F STIFF LengthSTD Grip703-WHITE Swing WeightD1 StatusSTAMPED Enter Date2008-09-05
  4. Structural defect. It is very common even with slow swing speeds. When I was in the business, I saw it a often.
  5. Did not originate in N. America and cannot check number.
  6. Serial Number Order Number PING US 5282MISI3-9W1S1IRONS4.00665431837215 ShaftU44 SILVER Shaft Step CLRCD/LIEBLACK Loft* GripDL-WHITE (58) Swing WeightC8 Enter Date1996-02-16 91498MISI-N3-9W1IRONS7.00564411904364 ShaftDGS LengthSTD CLRCD/LIEBLACK GripTEXTURED SPIRAL Swing WeightD0+ Enter Date1996-07-03
  7. I've got the Ping Glide wedges in black and after one season and a lot of balls, they haven't worn off at all.
  8. Get yourself an angle grinder with various grits of flap wheels. Add in a few metal files and then some foam sanding blocks of various grits. Use a sharpie to mark where you want to take material off and it is fairly easy. And buy some lead tape.
  9. You likely will find a shaft to fit, but you will not get the same bend. The Ping bends (assume you have a double bend shaft) is custom done right in their factory. If you have one with a straight shaft, you will have no problem.
  10. As long as he doesn't claim to have Tiger Blood.
  11. Not a valid number in N. America
  12. Intertape 591 It is the only tape you need. https://www.hirekogolf.com/intertape-591-premium-double-sided-golf-grip-tape-2-inch-x-36-yards.html
  13. A00K05772BLUEPRINT4-9PWIRONS12.00403092497482 ShaftTT PROJECT X LZ 6.0 Length+1" CLRCD/LIEBLACK GripGP MCC ALIGN STD BLACK/WHITE Grip+LOOSE Swing WeightD8 Enter Date2019-07-10
  14. People often have no idea about tip insertion depths and how different one adaptor is from another. Also, until you take it apart, you have no idea how the person that assembled it before, you did it. If they epoxied everything (adaptor and ferrule), the paint often comes off when you break the bond. There could be lots of hidden problems underneath the old adaptor and there is not much one can do about that if the new insertion depth is less than the original one. That being said, I wouldn't have proceeded with the job without consultation and telling the customer the pitfalls
  15. That looks like an old Aldila One shaft.
  16. Guys, I will no longer do searches on real old Ping clubs. This includes all Eye and Eye2 in all forms. Ping data online is generally flawed with these clubs as Ping re-used numbers from that era (I had one number that was re-used 15 times). If you truly need that information, you are best to contact Ping directly for the best possible result. Thank you. Socrates
  17. Consumers Distributing...What a concept back in the 70’s. Look up what you want in a catalogue, fill out a form and they brought it out from the back. 70’s version of eBay. My dad bought an 11 pce Wilson set and a set of Spalding’s for my mom. Clubs, bags and carts. Likely played them for 20 years.
  18. Likely around 1976 and it was a Wilson Sam Snead Blue Ridge 7 pc set. Leather Reminder grips. Cost was $75 with a bag.
  19. In California (and most of the States) it's called driving too slow.
  20. Yikes!!! Looks like something I would put in the back lane and hope a scrap dealer guy picked it up.
  21. Read the article and all I can think of is that he's an idiot. Golf history is littered with golfers who tried to play with an injury and failed. Valuable years wasted.
  22. Okay: 8 years ago, Rickie, Rory, Justin, Phil and Bubba were great. Tiger's a mess. Now Rickie, Rory, Justin, Phil and Bubba aren't. Tiger's still a mess. You're caught up.
  23. Let's summarize it up for you: Driving car to golf course Got distracted or fell asleep Car didn't negotiate a turn and crashed into trees (which will likely result in a careless driving charge at some point) Tiger suffered severe injuries to his leg Tiger hospitalized and underwent several surgeries and will take many months to recover. Don't think there is anything else to know. The rest is just morbid speculation.
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