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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for looking. I’m open to any offers on the items in here. Especially looking for a set of Ping G410 irons. If my prices are out of whack, make me an offer or let me know. I’m motivated to sell. All prices are shipped in the US and happy work out shipping internationally as needed. First is my Protee simulator setup. I’m finishing my basement and unfortunately losing my sim in the process. One big caveat with this is that the sensor mat is not currently working. I won’t type out all the details here but happy to share if you are interested. I’ve worked w
  2. I have an extra Peter Millar shirt from the BMW Championship this past weekend. It's white with the BMW Championship logo on the chest and the Cherry Hills logo on the shoulder. Awesome shirt in size medium, brand new in the bag. $50 obo shipped/paypal'd.
  3. Two items that are gathering dust and need a new home where someone appreciates them. First, Ping Nome 33" putter. This is the face-balanced version although it does not have the sticker on the shaft. It is in very very good condition, some light brush marks on the bottom but that is about it. Comes with the matching headcover. I'm not sure what these are going for so lets say $100 shipped/paypal'd but feel free to make offers if I'm too high. Second, Adams 9032ti 14.5 degree fairway/hybrid 3-wood with a Kuro Kage silver 70g stiff shaft. I love this club but lost some confi
  4. Thanks for looking! Please feel free to make offers on any of this stuff, I'm motivated to sell it all. All prices are shipped/paypal'd and I'm more than willing to combine items at lower prices. I'm currently searching for a new 3-wood so if you have anything that might be interested, send it along and maybe we can work out a trade. Thanks again! 1. Ping G15 Driver, 9 degree with stock TFC149 stiff flex shaft. Good condition with one small chip on the crown, I'd say maybe 8/10. $90 or $75 head-only 2. Cleveland Hibore XL Tour 8.5 degree with VS Proto stiff flex shaft. Good cr
  5. [color=#444444][size=2] [b]TRUE phx White/Navy size 10[/b] Awesome giveaway![/size][/color]
  6. Shoes, wedges, driver, NiblickEverything is OBO as I'd really like to sell it and clear out my inventory to buy more... All prices are shipped. First up a really nice set of Ecco golf shoes size 43. These have been used about 10 times and I'd keep them but they don't really fit my feet. Lets say $old Next, pair of Sonartec t35 proto wedges. These are hard to find and a really nice forged wedge. 54 and 60 degree lofts. I barely used the 60, but the 54 has about a season of use on it. Willing to sell with or without shafts. Currently the 54 is unshafted but I can put a TTDG shaft in it if you'
  7. I don't find them to be narrow but I have pretty standard width feet.
  8. Awesome irons and sweet shoesUp for sale is one of the great sets of irons around. I love everything about these irons but have decided to go a different direction. They are 3-PW with TT Dynamic Gold S300s. I am the second owner, the first owner played about 10 rounds with them. I played about 15 rounds and probably 10 range sessions. They're in great shape with a little bit of bag chatter you might expect for a slightly used set of an iron this soft. Standard length and loft, 2 degrees flat. 3-iron still has the plastic on the head and was not bent along with the set so it is standard
  9. [quote name='RookieBlue7' timestamp='1300761604' post='3076305'] Start practicing more and playing less, IMO. TO me, you're not going to get better playing a round of golf 3-4 times a week as quick as you will working on your swing, pounding balls on the range for that same amount of time. And like others have said, work on 125 yards and in. Like they always say, it's not how you drive but how you arrive. A solid short game with the ability to hit any shot needed around the green will save you far more strokes than a good long game. If you can putt and chip, your scores will drop. If yo
  10. I toyed with this on and off for about 2 years and finally switched to it full time last year. One suggestion I will make is that having a putter that is perfectly fit to you helps hugely (probably helps if you look at the ball too but even more with this). Before I got mine fit I would tend to chunk a couple putts when not looking at the ball. Its done a lot for my putting, especially lag putting and make percentage between 10 and 15 feet. There was a book written on this method called "Instinct Putting." Its a good intro and gives you some good drills if you want to give this method a s
  11. Ecco shoes, Nickent 4dx evolver shaftsThanks for looking! As the title says, I'm heading to Bandon for the first time next month and would like to dig up a few more duckets for the trip. I'm happy to take any offers and if they're reasonable, I'm taking them. First, up, a really nice pair or Ecco golf shoes. They are size 43 and I wore them probably 10 times. For some reason they didn't work for me, maybe you'll have better luck. As you can see, one of the spikes fell out and I replaced it. $70 $60 or best offer, shipped and paypal'd. Second, I have 6 Nickent 4DX Evolver shaft
  12. 4DX Evolver (8 shafts), Cleveland NiblickAlright, this is a long time coming. I've finally gotten to the point where I can't justify buying anything new unless I unload the old stuff. Willing to negotiate on prices but please be reasonable. All prices are shipped. My trade interests are: - TM 09 Rescue TP 19* with SVS8 - Adams 9032ti 14.5* or 13* 1. My beloved Tour Issued Taylormade R7 425 TP driver. I swore I would never sell this but here I am. 10.5*, TM Graphics Rombax 55 gram regular flex shaft (used to fit me). T serial with a B stamp. Was my gamer for about a year but its in
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