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  1. In deference to his short game, his nickname is ....... Chippy.
  2. What I really liked about Kim, was that he had an in your face belt buckle and an 'up yours' tournament and lifestyle attitude. But, boy could he back up both of these.
  3. > @jgrzask said: > Tourstage xblades stripped by Doug Oughton of Oughtons Golf Repair > I play the same irons and am thinking of having the chrome stripped off. Did Oughtons supply you with pre and post head weight data? If they did, please could you share this for the six iron. Thank you.
  4. If you do not play them, are you then hoping you might make a profit on a future resale? Or are you going to treat them as a work of art and simply admire them? Personally, I do think either of these option would compare to the pleasure to be derived from playing these over and over again. You have spent the money, now reap the rewards. (One final comment. Goodness, I am jealous!)
  5. Yesterday, at an Asian Tour event, I had the opportunity to talk to one of India's top professionals (he has also had a European tour card). I had previously read that a major barrier to the development of golf in India was the availability of land for courses (I think this was stated by the Nicklaus design company). I asked him if this was the case. He said availability of land is not the issue: it is the price of land. It is simply too expensive to make the building and operating of golf courses a profitable venture. He added that another, but smaller, barrier to growth was the import dut
  6. An article on the front page of Golf WRX contains this sentence - "Known for its meticulous engineering and manufacturing processes, the company is taking it to the next level with the introduction of the 2019 PXG 0311 ST irons.". The reference to PXG's "manufacturing processes" has piqued my interest. These irons are forged before they are milled. So does PXG possess both of these capabilities in the US or are they forged in Asia and then shipped to PXG in the US for milling? Or is this another example of Barath just parroting the brand owner's press release and failing to add any journal
  7. The effort, and time, which went into these photographs is very much appreciated.
  8. I have purchased many clubs from Rakuten, all 'C' grade. And they are all like that. Also the packaging is first class. Two different types of bubble wrap on the head with the club in a high quality polythene bag. High standards is the Japanese way.
  9. Pete Cowen certainly tells it the way it is - whether you are a journalist or one of his clients. [https://theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/17/pete-cowen-gary-woodland-us-open-golf](https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/17/pete-cowen-gary-woodland-us-open-golf "https://theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/17/pete-cowen-gary-woodland-us-open-golf")
  10. Some of you may know John Wood occasionally participates in a weekly online discussion for Golf Magazine (I know others have completely given up on this publication). I thought his comments on Pebble were worth sharing. " Every time I’m at Pebble, at some point during the week I look around and say to myself, My god this is beautiful. This may be a milquetoast response, but that’s a story to me. Other than Augusta, it’s my favorite course to look around and think about the history of the place. Jack hitting the stick on 17 with a one-iron in ‘72. Tom holing the chip on 17 to edge Jack in ‘82
  11. Pinestreet Golf and dciccoritti, I thank you especially for your posts.
  12. I am a Brit and I think if you asked many UK golfers to name someone famous in wedge design, the answers would not go beyond Bob Vokey and Roger Cleveland. Through WRX I know of Mike Taylor but I am not sure he is a real designer (i.e. someone who starts with a blank CAD screen). I think of him more as a shaper (i.e. someone who works, in his case 'magic', with a forged blank). Which brings me to my question re Terry Koehler. In the US, is this chap really famous in the world of wedge design? He is not shy about detailing his experience which, while extensive, does not seem to be quite
  13. * Tourstage X-Drive 709 driver with UST Attas 5GoGo 7S shaft * Tourstage X Blades 3-PW with NS Pro 950GH S flex shafts * Fourteen MT28 51 & 53 degree wedges with NS Pro 950GH HT wedge shafts (bent to 50 & 53) * Fourteen RM-12 58 wedge with NS Pro 950 HT wedge shaft (China forged & not strictly JDM) * Tourstage PV-5 wide sole forged putter (3 & 5 fairway woods are old Titleist models)
  14. As background, Marina Hyde is one of the sharpest social and political commentators in the UK. She has a wonderful ability to skewer pomposity. What I never knew about her was that she is a huge Tiger Woods fan. I found this article by her to be a very enjoyable read. [theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/17/tiger-woods-masters-win-revenge-golf-old-guard](www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/17/tiger-woods-masters-win-revenge-golf-old-guard "theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/17/tiger-woods-masters-win-revenge-golf-old-guard")
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