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  1. I finally got my original order. Had to have it shipped from my continental addy to Hawaii. But everything was perfect. They even changed it to a 5W like I asked. Black AD DI 7S. I’m pretty sure I asked for the black one too. Even put my iomic sticky on there
  2. Golf Galaxy does sell retail Cameron’s and there are releases every year. GG is the Walmart of golf equipment. i think it’s lame to sell limited editions for above retail…if you are a retailer. That’s it. It’s perfectly fine and legal but I don’t like it. What’s the big deal? I didn’t buy either one because of this. And philosophically I disagree with what Roger Dunn did and don’t buy from them either. It’s not a big deal to them but I just don’t buy from them. I also prob won’t buy many SCs in the future i swear this forum is so strange. One post will talk about flippers and how they are single handedly ruining the world and mods even edit posts because they can’t have anyone defending people making $10 on a pair of shoes from Ross…then someone posts “hey retail stores (that have never went over MAP in the last 20 years) are charging much higher than MAP and I don’t like it.” Then everyone comes out and defends the retailers and even SC’s business practices or says quit whining. Has this forum always been so contrarian? Or felt the need to explain the economies of scale from accounts with more purchasing power? Or throw in the old supply and demand? People aren’t stupid (I think) they just don’t like what’s going on.
  3. Yeah I’m not talking about 3rd party vendors. Walmart themselves is not selling them over retail. That argument isn’t valid. Walmart doesn’t care what 3rd parties vendors sell or for how much. you’re not comparing equitable markets. I’d buy a rolex sub at MSRP right now. But I’d have to get on a “waitlist”. It’s not like I can go down to the local golf Galaxy watch store and get a rolex. If there somehow were a Walmart for watches that sold Rolexes then yes I think it would be a reasonable expectation to pay retail. SCs are OTR and (barely) limited. I don’t think it’s unreasonable expectation to expect to pay retail price at a retail store. That’s what this thread is about. I think it is unreasonable to expect to pay MSRP from 3rd party. Even if the SNKRS app is mostly purchased by bots, there is at least an opportunity for general public to pay retail. SC should just make an app like that. The same way Nike sells Jordan’s and other stuff direct. Then they will charge true retail…or just charge $999 for the next limited release.
  4. Is Roger Dunn not a big store? They would’ve got me a triple black for the low price of $1299!
  5. yeah I understand that but Walmart isn’t charging more for Xboxes or PlayStations. They’re charging retail. It would be similarly disappointing if Walmart/bestbuy/etc was charging $1500 ($499 retail) for any Xbox/PS5. SC should just go direct to consumer or have an app similar to the SNKRS app
  6. Not compared to paying retail. You know, like what you expect to pay from a retail store
  7. I had the same thing with the triple blacks. Their buyer was like I’m gonna hook you up and did all this calling. Was able to hook me up for $1299 plus tax. I kept telling the guy it was $749 and he was like oh that’s just the price. I contacted titleist and Roger Dunn and titleist said they are only contracted to sell it above the MSRP…however much is their choice. so it prob doesn’t make a difference but I won’t shop Roger Dunn because of that. kind of turns me off to retail golf in general
  8. Yeah I get that. I just thought it was kind of lame for the shop to charge $1299 and then tax. That’s almost double the price. It didn’t bother me because I didn’t even want to spend $750 on it but considered it since I’ve been doing a good job of not being a ho so anything above that was an easy decision to me. I wouldn’t even pay $60 for a box of pro V1s at kapalua…imagine if they were charging $100 for them yeesh…that’s how I felt when the guy told me the putter would be $1299. might as well get it second hand and not pay tax
  9. I mean really what was the problem? Was it cluttering up ad space? Were people grumbling over the spirit of the BST? I’m being serious. It was actually one of the reasons I stopped buying/selling and visiting the BST. Oh and the feedback issues. it’s just dumb when people try to police things that they can’t for whatever reason and try to justify it.
  10. dang didn’t know that about global golf. That’s kind of dumb I guess that’s fine as they are allowed to do that but who is getting the extra money? The independent store? So they have 4 of them and they make $2000 total extra. Ok cool, but the four people (like me) that probably would’ve bought them at retail price (you know from an authorized titleist dealer) would probably make up for that $2k over the year. That’s kind of lame but I guess it saved me $750. I probably will avoid Roger Dunn in the future. Granted I don’t buy much stuff in store anyway. Titleist should just sell them direct if stuff like this continues. I mean, if Walmart etc started selling PS5s and xboxes for $1500 I think Microsoft and Sony would do something about it. Even though Amazon seems to be scalping those too.
  11. lol, you're not going to believe this. This is good. So I'm on Maui and they have to get the putter from Oahu. But the guy says it's $1299. I show him the titleist website that says MSRP $750 etc. So he calls back and says that Honolulu (Oahu--the place that has the putter) that their buyer is only going to sell the putter for $1299. I ask him, if I want it, will I get a receipt that shows I paid $1299 for it...he says yes. His explanation (told to him by the buyer) is that the MSRP is the lowest they can sell the putter for ($750) but it does not dictate how much they can sell it for retail. Thus, Honolulu has decided to make their retail price $1299. I don't buy the majority of the story, but I believe that is what was told to him. He said he can still hold it for me and get it for me for $1299. I said no thanks and I was kind of disappointed Roger Dunn would do something like this. I email Titleist (no response yet) and Roger Dunn and tell them the story. Roger Dunn emails back and says they are no longer affiliated with stores on Hawaii so they could not comment on the pricing situation. So I guess long story short they are Roger Dunn in name only, and they are independently owned stores and can price items however they want. I still think it's lame that they would do that with a Titleist club, but oh well.
  12. So the local Roger Dunn guy said he can get it for me from the other store. However he told me the retail was $1299. I know it’s $750 so it may be an honest mistake but he said he’s going to try and track down the 35” and the 34” if someone else buys it. I’m hoping he just made an honest mistake, but gonna he disappointed if he tells me it’s $1299.
  13. good thing they protect you from scalpers in the BST section tho
  14. I ordered august 1st and had a non stock gril put on. Whatever their iomic was from titleist: I was also the guy that emailed to change it to a 5W. Package came today. Only issue is I prob won’t be able to open it for a while so no idea If it’s a 4W or a 5W…this is so exciting
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