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  1. Sooooo I just ordered a TSi2 fairway 16.5 degree with a black AD DI 7S…why? No reason. Haven’t played a Titleist wood since 975D days. Guess I’m just a ho and weak for the shaft upcharge free. curently gaming (longest club that’s been in my bag by far) a taylormade aeroburner 5W with a ADDI 7S and love it…don’t even know why I’m trying another fairway lol
  2. I only need the head (and a tool) but would entertain shaft options. Stiff flex 80 gram preferrably. Using a tour green and like it very much. Also, would have to be shipped to Hawaii (96790). Let me know what you got. Thank you
  3. Title says it all. Only need the head. Also needs to be shipped to Hawaii 96790
  4. Thanks! I figured that part out too after some trial and error. On iOS there is at least an option to click on a drop down arrow (my phone was on screen lock). But the landscape view is the best one
  5. Nice! Thanks! I was on mobile and couldn’t figure it out. Switch to desktop site and can see it now
  6. How do you view feedback from sales? I swear I’ve been looking and all I see are the reactions
  7. Pretty much this. It actually kind of turned me off from the BST...oh and getting rid of feedback was the final nail in the coffin
  8. Haven’t visited his thread in a while but Ross had a nike tour premier in camo size 14 for $35
  9. ? I literally just purchased this putter from callaway preowned. It looks great!
  10. Just picked up two of these. Thought they were a decent deal. Trying to get back to a 52-56 setup. https://www.golfdiscount.com/callaway-md3-satin-chrome-wedge
  11. 54-58 but looking to get back to a 52-56 setup
  12. > @Pleasedwith3putts said: > It will reduce bounce a little. The route i went down is to weaken the PW to 46 and then have a 50 bent 1 weak to 51 and then a 56 and 60. Works great. Nice! Thanks for the input. I for sure want a 52* to chip with. I’ve gone away from a 52 and just never felt comfortable and using a 58* just hasn’t gotten along with me. The 58 was supposed to be the easier get out of the bunker club but I felt my best sand play came from just opening up a 56. I also felt my best chipping was with a 52* even if it may be a bit unorthodox.
  13. Gaming the P790. The PW is 45 degrees and AW is 50 degrees. I want to go back to bagging a 52 and 56. If I bend the PW and AW accordingly 44 and 48 degrees will that cause any noticeable ramifications to the clubs? Such as bounce and lie angle issues?
  14. Some of y’all need to chill lol
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