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  1. Pretty much this. It actually kind of turned me off from the BST...oh and getting rid of feedback was the final nail in the coffin
  2. Haven’t visited his thread in a while but Ross had a nike tour premier in camo size 14 for $35
  3. ? I literally just purchased this putter from callaway preowned. It looks great!
  4. Just picked up two of these. Thought they were a decent deal. Trying to get back to a 52-56 setup. https://www.golfdiscount.com/callaway-md3-satin-chrome-wedge
  5. 54-58 but looking to get back to a 52-56 setup
  6. > @Pleasedwith3putts said: > It will reduce bounce a little. The route i went down is to weaken the PW to 46 and then have a 50 bent 1 weak to 51 and then a 56 and 60. Works great. Nice! Thanks for the input. I for sure want a 52* to chip with. I’ve gone away from a 52 and just never felt comfortable and using a 58* just hasn’t gotten along with me. The 58 was supposed to be the easier get out of the bunker club but I felt my best sand play came from just opening up a 56. I also felt my best chipping was with a 52* even if it may be a bit unorthodox.
  7. Gaming the P790. The PW is 45 degrees and AW is 50 degrees. I want to go back to bagging a 52 and 56. If I bend the PW and AW accordingly 44 and 48 degrees will that cause any noticeable ramifications to the clubs? Such as bounce and lie angle issues?
  8. Some of y’all need to chill lol
  9. Ive never had any of he yet issues but I have an idea as to why some may be experiencing them. If you hit it dead center the ball is going to go farther than you think and come out super hot. Now if you find the center all the time it’s going to go that same hot distance. If you mishit the club it’s going to go surprisingly farther than you thought that mishit would go. I experienced his in a tourney. Mishit a PW and made the birdie putt :) If you hit it all over the face, including the center, you may have some real distance inconsistencies. They could be anywhere from 20-25 yards.
  10. I think $29 for a polo that has a longer tail and specific fit that lasts a while is a pretty good deal. Could I go buy a $15 polo from the gap? Probably, but it’ll pill and lose it’s size and shape pretty quick. The polos I have seem to get better with age
  11. Aaaaaand I just spent way too much
  12. For USPS it fluctuates depending on weight. First class is the same anywhere. I sent a watch bracelet for $2.66 to Hawaii and it got there in 3 days. I could send that same bracelet to NY for the same price. Priority I can send a packaged to Oregon for $7 and it’ll be $15 to NY. FEDEX and UPS seem to have closer rates, but they just take a lot longer
  13. Women’s shoes are fine but if you any hint of a fat foot don’t do it! They are more narrow than the men’s version. So even tho I’m an 11 most of the women’s nikes are just way too tight
  14. Just got back from my local Nike store for the 30% f&f...probably the weakest sale I’ve ever been to. My store didn’t have anything. Just standard Nike victory polos and standard everything. I swear the only thing I ever get good there are returns someone else bought and didn’t want.
  15. I use it because it came with the set I bought. I used to love chipping with a 52 and 56. Then I switched to 50-54-58. Since the AW is 50 I haven’t chipped with a 50 in a long time. Just couldn’t get used to it. So now I just flop everything with a 54. It’s weird because I’ve never backed up PW or GW but with the P790 I’m pulling them back very much. I think it’s because of the launch angle? Typically I’d just get check or one hop stop. Now I’m actually playing the spin portion back. I have a milled grind 54 and a hi toe 58 and they pair nicely. There does seem to be a weird gap between
  16. I am not going to let this one get me! I let the other one expire too!
  17. I got lucky and there was a used Newport 2 priced low already most definitely a mistake and then I was able to use a coupon. Got it for like $112 or something and the guy that traded it in clearly never used the headcover.
  18. Can you tell if it's a generic or one time use code? I didn't get one yet this time. If you got one make sure to check it out. They usually have a few great deals. I don’t know if this is true, but I was told last time I was at the Nike store (and it worked) if you ask about the friends and family they have (or at least should) honor it. I told them my app didn’t get it and was nice about it and they just said ok, get whatever you want and we’ll take 30% off
  19. Are those not the exact same putter? One just looks a little more used?
  20. The sweet spot is hot. The rest of the face is less hot. I’ve played a few rounds and if I stripe it it’s not going to go 20 yards long, it’ll be maybe 10 yards long but you gotta figure out your yardage’s. The best thing for me is that when I do mishit it’s almost pin high. So my options are: right on, +10 yards, or 5 yards short (probably on the left side of the green) but still getting distance. I’m pretty much over the club number. Too many people care about what the bottom of the club says. I play with a guy that will play a 5 iron from 204 out every time and come up 30 yards short bec
  21. 2016 and 2017 M2 just really solid clubs. I switched to an M3 for higher launch and forgiveness but would recommend the M2s if you don’t have a problem getting the right launch. They can be had for cheap too
  22. Dang, that's pretty lame. It's like if someone says they'll take it and waffles...and then gets mad at the seller for not holding their item wants to leave negative feedback? For what? No transaction took place. If I could leave negative feedback for all the WTB posts I respond to with exact specs and price negotiations that "did not" take place I'd run out of negative feedback to leave lol.
  23. First to pay is always that answer... However, there was one deal that was super hot and I swear that I responded within less than a minute of it posting one time and the seller said it was already sold...I'm still pretty skeptical about that one. I think at the risk of sounding like he made a mistake with pricing, he ended up just saying it was sold. Oh well.
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