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  1. Can anyone recommend a club maker in the north dallas area for me? I just need to adjust lie angle on my irons and some other stuff..thanks
  2. wow, looks like Dien and i are living in parallel universes!
  3. i'm thinking adams super s hybrid irons or maybe the ping g20's? i'm not a beginner, just looking to get a little more out of my mishits..i've come to the realization that, for me, the ability to work the ball is secondary to forgiveness..i'm a 13 handicapper.. thanks, rory
  4. Been thinking about the g20's from ping..I'm not really interested in working the ball or getting club feedback... just want some really easy to hit irons.. thanks..
  5. i think one thing that might help, is to practice with a headcover tucked up into your right armpit. Let it come out on the downswing..feels weird for awhile, but it definitely seems to improve connectivity between torso and arm. I'm still trying to find something to help me with a little flatter left wrist at the top..Tried the credit card in the glove trick, but i still have too much cup, i think..give it a try..
  6. I hate hitting off of mats, but like most folks, sometimes its mats or nothing. I was hitting balls the other day off a mat. It was one of those that just lays on top of the concrete base. It occurred to me to pull the mat forward about 18 inches, so that under the ball is mat then grass, instead of mat then concrete.. HUGE difference as far as shock to the joints..At this course the stance was still very level and stable.Won't work everywhere, but try it if you can..
  7. yes, i know i do this..tho by keeping the headcover under my right armpit, i do restrict the lift quite a bit. So between rolling the wrist too early on the takeaway and having too much cup in the left wrist at the top, i bet that is why i get across the line..I'll try to post video later..
  8. you know, it's kind of interesting, I heard Fred Funk in another interview saying "maintaining spine angle", was his secret to hitting the driver as straight as he does..I am trying to think of a pro who doesn't do that and none come to mind right now..maybe it's more of a fundamental and less a style..
  9. hey, i bet that is it!! now if i can just do it...
  10. my backswing is really pretty compact. I don't come anywhere close to parrellel, yet i cross the line. I don't think i have much overswinging or arm run-off. I suspect maybe i have too much cup in my left wrist. Maybe i need to do something to get a flatter left wrist..
  11. In an interview this weekend, Tom said he found something in the mid 90's that made golf alot easier for him, but he would not share..No suprise, we have to wait on the dvd!! Any guesses???
  12. Mostly, i have been using a headcover under the right armpit to address this issue, but i was wondering if there is anything else i should be doing..I have been told i'm still crossing the line on my backswing, even tho my right elbow remains close to my body on the bs.. thanks...
  13. the Harrison saga, only about 60 bucks, gets rave reviews from the big 9015 thread over on domestic equipment forum..
  14. swing speed does not equal handicap!I gotten this more than once lately..I get on a launch monitor to check out a new driver.Swing speed measures in the low 90's, and immediately the salesman assumes i'm a mid to high handicapper.. I've worked really hard on my game, and have gotten down to about an 8, and this slightly condescending attitude from the salesman is definitely annoying, tho not worth losing any sleep over! I guess it's just a reflection of how todays game is played..
  15. I used to play a lot of basketball when i was a kid..I became a really good shooter by practicing "getting hot".. That is i would practice till i had a period when i felt like i was making everything. By doing that in practice it made it easier to do it in competition...When i started playing golf, my approach was much more analytical and less athletic..A putting breakthrough for me came when i started doing putting practice like i used to practice shooting a basketball..That is, putt fairly briskly, not too much thought for mechanics, as least for this portion of practice..And don't quit till
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