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  1. Any idea when these may come out? Right, yes they can be ordered with or without the Stroke Lab shaft...I heard that.
  2. How much does the standard grip weigh?
  3. SIM Drivers in 8 and 9 lofts are not available from TM....new one must be coming very soon!
  4. A lot of putters are no longer available on the Odyssey website so I assume some new stuff is coming very soon!
  5. Has anyone taken off the grip on an Odyssey Stroke Lab putter? Is there a weight in the shaft butt? Can it be taken out? I was going to extend one an inch. If I take it out can the weight be put back in once I extend it?
  6. 3 dozen new, "Be The Ball" on the side in blue. Sold!
  7. One on their website is a +2 model much like the +4 with a larger diameter under the bottom hand. This grip isn’t that one.
  8. The new Taylormade grip is a rubber Z cord in dark gray.
  9. In this case it says "Golf Pride" right on the grip and also on the cap. Can't deny that.
  10. Yes, and Taylormade has a dark grey version on their new 7 series irons. This was a black/white/white cap Golf Pride logoed grip.
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