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  1. I have a set of Epon 503’s or Yururi Flat Backs if interested?
  2. Bought a set of PXG 0211’s , NetRetun Home series package, TrueStrike mat, Foresight GC2 ( I’m gonna be quarantined all summer do to health reasons so figured I needed a SIM setup to get me through the summer )and sent my Scotty into the customer shop for some work.
  3. Still searching for a set to unseat my gamers, could these be the ones??
  4. My putting stroke is dead, what better putter to use than a Ghost!!...
  5. Price reduced to $125. great deal on an awesome pair of shoes...
  6. I have a brand new pair of Footjoy Classics Tour golf shoes size 9 D. (These are NOT Blems) The color is White smooth/white croc print/black smooth/white mini-pebble. The MSRP is $280. Shoes have never been worn, only one shoe tried on for fit. I hate to sell but Unfortunately they do not fit... :vava: Check my feedback +85 and buy with confidence. $139 $125 shipped in U.S.
  7. Well I have been trying to reduce my inventory and its comforting to see I am not the only Ho with way to many sets lying around... Current sets on hand: TM RAC Proto's TM Tour 2004 LT's Adams Black A4 Tours Tourstage MR23 Cb's Yururi Flat-Backs Tommy Armour 845 EVO's
  8. Best iron I have played to date (prior was the Tommy Armour 845) [attachment=531448:tmrp1.JPG]
  9. [quote name='tonylynam' post='2153664' date='Dec 31 2009, 10:34 PM']Check the USGA's website. The have a list of conforming clubs that have been submitted for inspection.[/quote] I already did, unfortunately they are not listed.
  10. Now I am confused... a prior post about Adams tour clubs stated "ALL of the 2007-present Tour only equipment IS CONFORMING!!! " Is there anyone in the know that can put this to rest??
  11. Groove type?Anyone know what groove type, V or U groove, the tour issue Black A4 Tours have? I called Adams golf but they did not have answer for tour issue equipment. Thanks.
  12. Thanks to everyone who replied... Well Lady Luck must have been on my side because I ended up being lucky enough to get onto Shadow Creek. In a word ..AWESOME!
  13. [quote]What'd they charge you for a rd? I heard it's in the $100+ range, true? I *might* play it, if i can get on it for cheaper(and Im a freakin local).[/quote] Not sure, think it was around $150-$180 or so. Last year Bally's comp'd the round for me so it was all good. I have played Bali Hai in the past too..really like the course. Seeing as i probably wont get a rental car most likely will play Bali Hai as its right on the strip, unless Bally's has a shuttle to Rio Secco or other courses.
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