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  1. I always waited until fall for my fittings. Just went thru one a few days ago and glad I did. I was juggling which driver to keep in my bag this year and it helped make that decision for me after hitting my R1 V2 compared to some newer things. By no means is my swing grooved at this point, but I did try some different things in set up, grip, and swing that I think will help me out throughout this year.
  2. Just went thru a session with a few different drivers and couldn't get my R1 out of the bag. I couldn't get the BC+ to perform for me like others on here.
  3. They do translate. My R11 was always my straightest driver at any given time, but never the longest. The R1 pushes my distances 10+ yds and seems to be pretty close to workability and straightness. I don't think I've have the R1 long enough to put my full trust into it like I did my R11. Now that I know if performs better than my R11, I'm sure that'll change. And on the flipside......anyone interested in a mint Dymo 380 w/Diamana Whiteboard 73x, or R11 w/Oban Devotion 7 5?
  4. Until I saw those numbers last night, I wasn't sold on the R1. I've hit everything out there trying to find something that works. Based on everything so far, that club is already in the bag. Now to start swinging a club a few times a week and getting my SS back over 110+ on a consistent basis.
  5. Getting the itch for golf and it's still February. Been thinking about getting a new driver as we're always looking for the extra 15yds on top of our current gamer. I normally go thru a driver fitting towards the end of every season to see if I made any improvements in my game. I picked up a R1 V2 last year with a stiff Kai'li in it. And while I hit some goods drives with it, I never knew my "numbers" and it drove me nuts. I had been poking around the forums quite a bit now that the golf bug has bit me again and noticed come posts about the BioCell Plus and how awesome it was. So I went to G
  6. Looking at the possiblity of picking up a TM SF 2.0 LCG w/Graf Blue S tipped 1/2". I'm gaming a TM V2 w/Kai'li in it now and while I hit it fine, I feel like I still need something to help promotor a lower spin rate. Also, I'd love to own a SF 2.0 LCG just becuase of how rare it is (TxxxxL). I've been a sucker for rare drivers. Probably why I still have a mint Dymo 380 sitting in my basement with a Whiteboard in it. So, which one would you game out of a R1 V2 or SF LCG? Lets say I could get the SF 2.0 for $300 and already own the R1 V2. I'd probably sell the V2 if the LCG works out.
  7. That Season Opener putter headcover has always been one of my favs.
  8. [list] [*]City / State- Noblesville, IN [*]Zip Code- 46060 [*]Handicap?- 4 [*]Current Irons? Adams CMB [*]Current shafts? KBS C-Taper 120 [*]Driver swing speed? 110+ [*]6i Swing speed? 90+ [*]Current Trajectory? Mid boring flight [*]Preferred Trajectory? High [*]Been playing KBS shafts since I've had my old set of Adams Pro Black MB's that were shafted with the Tour Nickel's. Made sure that I had the new C-Tapers put in my Scratch wedges and my Taylormade Tour Burner 2 driving iron. [/list]
  9. Is this a 420cc DOT head? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Taylormade-R11-8-Deg-Dot-Head-Driver-/160991941945?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item257bde1539
  10. Been planning on buying these since I hit them at a demo day last year. But, free is always better!
  11. I've had my R11 3 wood for the past couple seasons and no matter what I do, it won't leave the bag. I've been to the monitors to test the newest equipment that shows me phenominal numbers (RBZ to be exact) and the "feel" of my gamer can't be beat. It's having the confidence standing over the ball that I can hit any shot I need to. This past year I made the effort to learn a tight draw from the ground. Now that I've got that down, I don't see why the club would ever leave my side.
  12. I'm leaning towards both at this point. Can't see giving up a Dymo 380 I looked so long for.
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