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  1. Head covers available, never got a response from PM from yesterday?
  2. 714 MB's. sold X Hot 13*. Sold Make some offers on the rest. Some great late model gear in mint condition.
  3. [quote name='atlambert2' timestamp='1404956948' post='9670175'] Steal on those MB's with the Tour Issue shafts. GLWS [/quote] THANKS, I am into them more than that, just need to make room and clean out some impulse buys, LOL
  4. OK, so here is the deal, MODS gave me a 90 day suspension which was unjust, no explaining why they assumed wrong they never listen, so moving on. With my "HO" like tendencies, allot of stuff has accumulated in 90 days. So MODS, obviously none of this has been listed in last 30 days, haven't been on here for 90, all items in my possession and owned by me, and no I don't own an online golf store and selling surplus or close out product. With all the legalities out of the way, on to the goods. NO TRADES, AS I HAVE WAAAAAY TOO MUCH AS IS. All pricing is shipped CONUS, will ship to Canada a
  5. Will ship to Canada. Let me know which item interested in and see how much it runs. Might be OK, or might need a few bucks more.
  6. Have a few items up for sale today. Not looking for any trades. PAYPAL: [email protected] 1. Set of 4-PW 2014 Taylormade CB's with factory upgraded stiff Steelfiber i95 shafts and NDMC grips. Really good condition, got in part of a trade and just trying to recoup some of my lost cash in the deal. Don't know full history on them, but verified from TMAG, that is a factory installed shaft upgrade. No face wear, rock dings, or gouges. Just minor brush marks from a handful of rounds. Appear to be standard L,L,L. Set would run north of a grade new. $575 shipped. 2. A clean 12*
  7. Not Selling my Avatar, and he changed it, was some cursive font, impossible to read. So ya Mayne!!!
  8. If I can't read it on my phone then I can buy Fancy font = lost sales
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