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  1. We will fully restore the original Ross 9.
  2. Lots of work on the golf course ahead. Taking the course down to 18 holes. Adding first class driving range, Short course, Large putting course, and short game area.
  3. My company is working on renovating and restoring the Waynesville Inn and Golf Club. Closing the course and hotel September 1 for full renovation. We have hired Bobby Weed for the golf design work. Happy to share details if anyone is interested. Look forward to hosting the golfwrx crowd soon.
  4. Randall Doucette is the best. Avoid the chain fitters just pushing exotic shafts.
  5. Finishing up week 3 of waiting woods and irons.
  6. Replace the word dues with fees. Still there. Lots of competition in the Aiken market. Wish him the best of luck.
  7. Love OM. Have considered a national membership there once or twice. Nothing private about innisbrook. Copperhead is a great track.
  8. I went back to my M2 this past weekend. Had a great day of driving. My SIM is suppose to arrive this week. Not sure it will make it in the bag.
  9. Stay out of Myrtle. Very dangerous. I would echo Isle of Palms. Awesome place. DM for any other questions. We bought our place two years ago and it is perfect.
  10. Florence country club is the best course of the options that have been mentioned. Younger membership with active games weds-sun. Good mix of players depending on the game you desire. Shoot me a message and happy to discuss more. FCC is hosting the state mid am this week. Other than FCC, Camden is a solid course not sure on membership.
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