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  1. Available for purchase (after I upgraded my own) are 2 laser rangefinders: 1. BNIB Blue Tees Golf S2 Pro Laser Rangefinder w/ Slope. Comes with carabiner case for attachment to golf bag, lanyard, cleaning cloth and an extra battery. Unit was only removed for packaging to test that it works and for the pictures you see attached. Great device to get slope-adjusted yardages at a lower price-point! Looking for SOLD. 2. Used Bushnell Tour v2 Laser Rangefinder (No Slope). This has been my ride-or-die for the last 8 y
  2. Also, has anyone used theirs with a cart? Were there any issues?
  3. I'm looking for a bag that is all white and simple in design (no excessively large graphics on it and such). I'm looking at either the Ogio Hauler or the Jones Stand Bag. My issue is that I use clubs with oversize grips (including super stroke mid-slim putter grip) and am worried that they 3-way divider and 9" opening may not allow enough room for the clubs to be removed easily. Has anyone had any issues with this and carrying a full 14 clubs?
  4. I work in Sports video, so would love the opportunity to use this item for more than just golf.
  5. Because there is nothing better than celebrating world-class competition, than by giving tour quality tools to hackers like us!
  6. I'm going with a M20 Converter with Full Off-Set Goose Neck with the Hand Torched Oil Quenched finish. Gonna go with 35" length UST Frequency Filter shaft, 4 degrees of loft, and 71 degree lie angle. Blue Iomic Standard grip to match the blue sight line.
  7. I love the DG X100s. Would love to have the tighter specs of the Tour Issued.
  8. [list] [*]City / State: [b]Chicago, Illinois[/b] [*]Zip Code:[b] 60657[/b] [*]Handicap?: [b]8[/b] [*]Current Irons?: [b]Titleist AP2 (2008 Model)[/b] [*]Current shafts?: [b]True Temper Dynamic Gold X100[/b] [*]Driver swing speed?: [b]115-120 mph[/b] [*]6i Swing speed?: [b]97-102 mph[/b] [*]Current Trajectory?: [b]High[/b] [*]Preferred Trajectory?: [b]Mid-High[/b] [*]Any other notes you’d like provide. [/list]
  9. For sale are two pairs of Nike Dry-Fit flat front golf pants (Size: 34/34) The first pair is Grey with White pinstripes, and features V-slits on the hem. The second pair is White, with a normal hem. Grey Pinstripes have been worn 2 times, and White ones only once. Neither pair has seen the dryer, as I take no chances with anything shrinking. Looking for $35 each or take both for $60 shipped. Looking to move quickly so I will entertain offers.
  10. It was time to clean out the closet of some items that weren't being used (or were never used at all!). All items are lightly to NEVER used, and if they have been, they were laundered and never saw the dryer! All items are OBO and will include shipping to the US ONLY!!! If you'd like to purchase more than one item, I will discount for bundling. PM me to discuss! 1. Adidas Golf V-Neck sweater (Size: L, Color: Dark Charcoal) This item is new without tags. SOLD!!! 2. I have 2 J. Lindeberg golf polos (Size: XL), both are made of their Fieldsensor fabric. The first one is White w
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