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  1. Anyone got any thoughts, experience, data or science on White Vs Yellow TP5 comparisons ? Just tried my first sleeve of Yellow’s for the visuals; and loving the boldness - and finding it much easier to follow in flight the majority of the time. **Wondering if I’m giving anything up / gaining anything !
  2. Thanks. I presumed as much. I don’t think we’re interested enough to devote a whole day to golf with only 6 days in Town and family in tow... Just Chelsea piers then this time around !
  3. Thanks very much. I’ll do some research. And see if the I can find something suitable to entertain the wife and others - if we slope off for the day....
  4. I'm good thanks very much man. Just need to entertain my golf-keen lad for 1/2 day somewhere on the trip ideally ! Don't wanna to push him........but would like to feed the current enthusiasm
  5. Off to NYC from the UK in Sept. I've been 4 times- and never done anything "golfy" as yet. This time my 19 year old middle son is coming - and he's a keen golfer. Any huge / cool shops that are a must see ? Any Par 3 / short courses we could hire clubs and play: that are half decent anywhere near Manhattan ? We will definitely be going to Chelsea Piers driving range one morning ! Cheers.
  6. Doubtful. Little or no lie manipulation needed there. PR will come into his own at the US Open; or USPGA where the rough is far more penal....
  7. Infact: Kostis is just the latest to call Reed out.....
  8. > @bbr16 said: > Woke my wife up yelling “he did it!!”, then she called me out for crying. A day I won’t forget. > > Great interview by Brooks, that was cool to see his excitement for Tiger. Great sportsmanship. Didn't see that (Now off to find it). But good to see / hear..............
  9. Unimaginable not many moons ago. And I got to see it live..... Master(s) tactician. Huge congrats Tiger.
  10. > @gentles said: > @sevenfourate what is your method for getting your irons to have that satin look? I have the same UDI and wonder how yours looks with the satin finish. Hi buddy. For my irons I use a foam sanding block. Available from most DIY stores. Rectangular in shape and come in combinations (each side of the block) of course and medium grade , or medium and fine usually. You soon learn on any cast stainless irons which way it’s best for the grain to go. However the UDI is a chrome plated forged club. (And I haven’t done mine) You would get away with ‘satanising’ it a few
  11. > @Mitchell said: > Shuv, > Regarding a current WITB, really need to post one- haven't done so in a few years. If signature not showing, I have a "few"? r510tp variants hotmelted and with Fujikura TS shafts of varying profiles. Also like a small, open face angle 4 wood, having carried a Taylormade 200 tour 17* Duffy head for years until it finally cracked, an old favorite Cleveland Launcher deepface 17* with another Fuji (shocking?) has finally claimed the starting role. Irons were 962b for 18+ years, prior to that were Founders Club 200 series blades and may have a few of those hoa
  12. > @Mitchell said: > Shuv, > Really like the set-up and modifications done to make older models comfortably your own, full marks from a similarly minded tinkerer? > That Iconic Rife looks very nicely done, have one of the Rife Island Series Monserrat models that bead-blasted and paintfilled myself somewhere in putter stash? > Best wishes to you in continued enjoyment of this crazy game. > Mitch Thankyou very much Mitch. Yea I’m forever ‘tinkering’. Often not really achieving very much in reality: other than total confidence in what’s in the bag. I m always happy to
  13. Fancied a putter change and by a stroke of luck found a brand new old stock Rife on ebay. Only issue was it was a Black PVD finish. No worries, bit of researching on PVD removal, a trip to the blasters and some paint-filling later:
  14. > @Tanner25 said: > > @sevenfourate said: > > Late to the party,but: > > > > First time out with the 2019 TP5 yesterday. And I like ! Convinced already that I made the right choice In not getting the X version - as this feels firm enough for me. > > > > Good flight with zero ballooning issues (Not hugely windy yesterday though), plenty of distance and no issues with too much spin on short irons - but the greens had clearly been sanded reasonably recently and weren’t 100%. > > > > Longevity seems pretty good too. Ball deffo had one
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