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  1. Me neither. But Callaways decision to keep delaying the date that us in the U.K. might potentially get them in Yellow: and me now not wanting to swap balls so late in the season / just after getting comfortable with the 2021 TP5X - means I won’t be using these in earnest this year. I might trial a few, I might not. Can’t blame Callaway. We’re obviously such a pathetically small market - we’re hardly worth worrying about in Yellow. Would have loved to have had a serious competitive shoot-out for the bag spot though. I’m done in this thread. And jealous of you that got to
  2. TP5XX-LS Be magic if they could maintain current 21-X green side spin…..I find the 1-hop and stop awesome with this ball. BUT drop the RPM somewhere in the 200-300 range on the driver. I so hope you’re right. Staunch TM ball fan here too…..
  3. Im glad you mentioned insert durability. That so worried me too. I’m a car detailing fanatic. And perhaps like with the SIK insert - ‘flashy finishes’ mostly don’t last and are often quite delicate…… Im an arc guy too ref putting. I just wanted something that was the complete other end of the spectrum to have lying around - so I could see and feel the polar opposite. As it happened in the end I bought something else. I did think the Nova was about the cleanest looking #7 shape I’ve seen; and in black with the white lines - made it look like alignment might be very straig
  4. Very cool. I so wanted the Vintage line ‘Nova’. But a ‘new’ Odyssey 7 White Hot Pro - which is my favourite insert - came up and I got that instead. How are they - and the SIK insert - working out for you ?
  5. I’ve always been a guy who commits to one putter. But struggling a little right now with a strong arc / toe hang putter. (**Rife Iconic 3: which is a Cameron Newport 2.5 shape / neck / toe hang). So if to do nothing else: than change things up a little - I’ve just bought an Odyssey #7 White Hot Pro. About as far removed from each other in terms of shape, looks, toe hang etc that you could get. So - is your collection of putters comparable. Or contrasting ?
  6. White Hot or White Hot Pro are my favourites. I have an Odyssey #7 in WHP in the rotation.....
  7. As others have said / tried above: I’m 6’2 or 6’3 and have tried 36” in order to stand more upright at address; mainly an attempt to be able to ‘see’ the line a little clearer. All that part was great. Unfortunately with that length - I then putted like Grandma….. So now it’s 34.5” for me all the way.
  8. Beccles Golf Club: 1st hole is 169 yards Par 3: semi blind tee shot - and over an old bomb crater from the Second World War - to a minuscule green on a plateau. 2nd hole is then 215 yards Par 3 - with a completely blind tee shot - over gorse bushes: with a carry of perhaps 150 yards needed to clear those bushes and OOB all the way up the right. About as tough a start as you’d ever not want
  9. Nothing wrong with a Celica. A GT4 anyway. Well. There wasn't 25 years ago.........
  10. Our course rating is 72.3 (Par is 72) I've played enough golf at a decent level over the last 30+ years to know i'm not playing like a 4 handicapper. Imo, Not sure i quite feel like a scratch right now either though !
  11. If i was on my own and 'practising' - i'd arrive at the hole: slightly narked that i'd deprived myself the opportunity of getting some chipping and putting practice in - that i'd have managed if i missed the green..........
  12. Ive never given up my Professional status on that front….
  13. My last official CONGU handicap was +0.7 I think. Approx 4 years ago and I was playing competitive golf every weekend in Summer. So I’d have had a record of perhaps 100-150+ competition rounds in the 4 years or so prior to me letting it lapse. I’m guessing none of that has even been looked at / taken into account - and the lowest differential -2: applied to the cards I’ve just entered…. Cheers.
  14. Thankyou very much for your insight. I knew about 8 from 20 ongoing….. But wasn’t aware of single best differential; minus 2 to begin with ! Time and rounds entered will average it all out……. Thanks for the link for WHS rules too. Will have a good read. Good luck.
  15. I’m an ex Pro….and 5-6 years ago I let my +1 handicap lapse as I wasn’t playing much / wasn’t interested in competitive golf and infact wasn’t a member of a club. **I was of course very aware of how the old UK handicap system worked…. Fast forward and my Son has now started playing a lot - and just got a handicap himself. So I’ve played a bit the last few months: and over the last 3 weeks put 3 cards in to get myself a handicap again - the aim being to play a few doubles events with my Son. My home course is Par 72 with a slope of 126. I’ve put i
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