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  1. Is that normal for your course; and is it better / worse tram ‘normal’ ? Did you by any chance try another other ball to compare to ?
  2. He said exactly the same about Augusta National. How'd that work out for you Bryson ? ****He was 18 shots off the pace by close of play Sunday. Same again will do nicely.
  3. This will be my 3-way ‘play-off’ as soon as the new versions are released.....
  4. Tony still isn’t; and never looked like a winner. Plenty of time on his side.....
  5. Poor approach to 18 you mean.. Giving him no realistic chance of birdie....
  6. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm 110mph max these days. So you'd have someone to talk yardages too if we played a WRX 4-ball
  7. Too soft in terms of the ball being 'out-swung' and then ballooning etc, in terms of feel, sound or ? ***What driver SS are you approx ?
  8. No one swayed by the performance and traits (High launch / flight, soft feel, good distance / low'ish spin - irons especially and durability) of the Tour Response after seeing it thrown into the TP5 / TP5X mix ? I'm going for a 3-way TP5X,TP5 and Tour response pre-season 'play-off !
  9. Nice ! You, me and 12 million others I can't wait. I'm a ball-freak. Release is Early-Mid April here in the UK though
  10. Can any Tour Response users tell me if the Urethane cover on the Yellow version of this ball is: 1. White - then painted Yellow as per the 2019 versions of the TP5X / TP5's.... 2. Solid Yellow as per the upcoming 2021 TP5 versions ?
  11. Thankyou ! Just read a pile of reviews for these. As someone playing less golf than I have done.....and almost all social rather than competitive: this ball now has me totally intrigued.
  12. Starting to look about the most anticipated ball of 2021 to me...... https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1791874-what-ball-are-you-most-excited-to-try/
  13. This years TM TP5 and X versions should ‘stop’ that. Previously they had a white Urethane outer layer with a Yellow paint covering. The upcoming 21 version has Yellow Urethane !!
  14. Don’t suppose you tried / are using the Yellow TM Tour response. I’m trying to work out if it’s a matte type shade of yellow - or a more neon shade a-la the TP5 and X versions....?
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