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  1. Ping Zing2’s big, ugly and offset enough for you to accept me in this ‘club’ ? **Yea: thought so
  2. I've sold - but wish i still had the EXACT same club back many-many times. Does that still count ?
  3. Great info Mitchell I've not been involved with wooden dowels too much. Like at all (?). But as a golf club builder / spec ho and Engineer; could kind of understand most of your excellent info. **Closest i ever got was using (Gluing in) and then sanding smooth plastic tee pegs; to fill the void in the centre of graphite shafts when re-shafting Callaway thru-bore woods back in the day. However i've also picked-up some really interesting stuff here too. Great content for us fellow information freaks !
  4. I think i've had 7 or 8 Odyssey 'Rossie' putters over the years. No 9 isn't out of the question as yet
  5. I don’t see the big deal or surprise. If you want a head thats on the limit of size, the limit of ball-speed, the limit of COR, the limit of composite material use and of weight being moved around; then guess what - you’re now on the limit. And one will fail now and again. Pushing the boundaries in any walk of life inevitably leads to the occasional failure. Used to be quite the norm; not a rarity - in the early days of Titanium heads……
  6. Some WRX’er is currently very upset his private collection pics have been leaked…..
  7. Having done some testing at the start of the year: 2021 TP5X in Yellow got the spot in my bag. And unless something amazing happens - will stay in 2022 also…. Performance for my swing, speed and spin levels is everything you could wish for. I particularly love the one-hop; and stop on the spot ability from 40-80 yards. It’s so consistent and reliable here. Balls of old for me have sometimes run out. And sometimes spun back like crazy. Not this. Durability is above average - but not as exceptional as the way it plays - for me - imo. A small trade-off……..
  8. I added patience to my bag this year. Not going great - chill out. Make a big score from nowhere - relax. It’s still better than being at work…
  9. Ha ! Did he imagine somehow having to ‘float around’ so as to not disturb the hallowed turf I can’t speak for you - but my Dad wasn’t really a golfer. So I worked and more likely ‘earned’ my way up to courses of that ilk over quite some years. But now that Dad is a golfer: my Son got subjected to some nicer courses, with their own decorum, rules and regulations far sooner that I ever did. I guess that must be quite a culture shock ! Enjoy time playing with your son
  10. Thankyou. ’Didn’t’ ? Is it no longer with you ?
  11. I’m one of those that barely use a 3 wood off the deck. But could do with a tee club that goes slightly less distance than stock driver - with (Potentially ) more control. **How easy is the 13.5 degree to elevate off the deck ? Perfect lies only: or………
  12. LOVE the bag / previous evolution bags ! And even more-so your written thoughts on evaluating / justifying (To yourself) why; and for what reasons something gets to or might fill a spot in your bag. Your attention to detail on the tiny details; and treading an unwavering path of knowing what you like and suits; rings all my bells too. Will be following in future with huge interest. *I feel we are somewhat ‘kindred spirits’ in a golfing and equipment sense… Play well.
  13. Right. I don’t think his intention is in question. It’s the ability to perform (or not) that leaves us hanging for an answer…. **Does Tiger possess the most battered body ‘on Tour’ ?
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