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  1. Sorry can’t help But I’d be interested in finding out about ProV1 history - as I found a trial pack a week or so ago that I believe is the first version released....
  2. Fantastic information. Thankyou very much indeed. Im a Yellow ball man these days. And where I am in the U.K.: the Yellow version isn’t available / released until the 15th of this month. I previously predominantly used the standard TP5 for its short game prowess. The times I did use the X version - it was a bit ‘hot’ from 40 yards in at times. AND the Yellow paint over the top of the cover made visual (durability) very poor. So hoping some extra spin / softer feel for the short game: and the solid yellow Urethane cover improves the weak areas of this ball fo
  3. Nice write up. Thankyou. To confirm: these are all 2021 versions ? I agree with your thoughts for the TP5 and TP5X: in regard of the prior version(s) I used exclusively. However I thought the latest 2021 versions of each had ‘morphed’ a lot closer to each other.....?
  4. No Triple Track alignment on these ??? ***As above posts - cant see that as an option in the UK. The all come with Triple Track as a matter of course...... Good luck with testing. Let us all know !
  5. Thanks. All i found too. Call me pedantic. But while it’s potentially hugely helpful putting etc. I can’t get my head around having to play approach shots with the lines pointing at 45 degrees to the target / start line....
  6. Is the Yellow ONLY available with Triple Track ?? (**IN THE U.K. if it makes a difference ?)
  7. Nice review. Helpful. Thanks.
  8. Great info Is this what we all genuinely expected ? **Bet this ‘revelation’ bursts at least a few people’s bubble..... Has there been any scientific tests of LS Versus V1X, TP5X, Bridgestone B X or left Dash ?
  9. We must be twins. My favourites through the ages too. I possibly wasn’t quite good enough to appreciate / justify the Rextar at the time. I just knew I wanted to be Nick Faldo (If only in my head).
  10. Sounds like another viable option for 2021 this..... Has anyone directly compared the LS to the 2021 TP5X. And if so what did you ‘find’ ??
  11. Friday ? This in the US I presume...... Yellows not out until the 14th in the U.K. I’m pretty sure. It’s been quite the wait for this impatient golfer....
  12. Chrome Soft X-LS is super clicky on very short shots, the New Titleist V1X’s have off centre cores, the Srixons seam is hell bent on self-destructing and the TP5-X is slowly morphing into a (TP5 ?); higher spinning but softer feeling version of itself What is a man supposed to do ? **Bridgestone Tour B-X is going to win my 2021 ball-test fest by default at this rate. Without a ball being struck.... ****UK golfer / lockdown here. Golf begins again this Monday.
  13. We have a winner. Brilliant !
  14. Was this latest 2021 TP5X versus same latest ProV1X ? Are you a high / low spin player ? Driver especially...... Im with you on TP5 feel. Upto now I’ve let the distance loss I know I’ve had using it go. I’m not sure I can afford to let free yards go much longer though !
  15. VERY interesting Thankyou. I’m a staunch TM ball guy. But last version of the TP5 was really spinny. X version was clearly less so - but ‘horrid’ 30 yards and in. I’m 110mph driver SS kinda guy; and fairly high spin. Not used any other ball brand for 5 years or more. I was set on using the new TP5-X this year - until I’ve now read a few reviews like yours. The extra green side spin is awesome. The fact it’s morphed / morphing into the stock TP5 elsewhere in order to do that: sucks.. Debating now trying the new Tour B X or.....(?)
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