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  1. Enjoy! I live about 20 minutes away. If you ever get the opportunity play anywhere else in the UP play Timberstone, Pine Grove, Wild Bluff in Brimley.
  2. Have tried a bunch and always go back to the Wilson staff glove. 3 pack for 18.00.
  3. If decide to split I am interested in the Truck Mathew shirt. Smalls are to small for me
  4. Ended up ordering the white/ platinum ZIT. Wish I would of sooner. By far the most comfortable golf shoe I have worn. I'm glad I didn't size up. Normal size fits great.
  5. Just had a bunch of white and black at the Dunham's I was at.
  6. My new align grips have worn a lot after 10 rounds and range sessions. Getting them replaced and going with something else. Never had them wear so quick on all my other sets.
  7. I looked for one for a long time. Called them and they told me sometime in September.
  8. I got the Ogio Alpha convoy stand bag. I carry extra things in there. It's a great bag. 14 way with lots of storage.
  9. I guess the CodeChaos are out of the question for now. Can't find those all white ones anywhere in my size.
  10. I would have to drive 4hrs to try them on. Gonna have to pick a pair and hope they work out.
  11. Those look nice! Anyone have problems with the ZIT NRG ones turning yellow? Thought I read that somewhere.
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