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  1. Jaws wedge. Used but still in really good condition. 54 degree. 85.00 tyd Black series 1w putter. 34". Really good condition. Bought off here and only used a couple rounds. 125.00 tyd grip is a little loose. Was like that when I got it. Easy to remove.
  2. Gladstone (Days river) is a nice place. Play there a few times a year. Don't live to far away. Check group golfer. On there every year for 18.00 for 18 holes and a cart.
  3. All size medium. Footjoy is pretty much brand new. All in very good condition. Everything for 65.00 or 20.00 a shirt. Hat 20.00.
  4. Those we great irons. Played some of best golf with them. Wish I never sold them. Thought about picking up another set to have.
  5. I have a few pair of these. Great polarized glasses for the money. Just as good as my old Oakley's.
  6. Haha me too. It's just a tough course. False fronts are brutal.
  7. You bet. Might be able to get another couple free rounds.
  8. I will be going by there on my way home to the UP. Haha sorry for the confusion
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