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  1. ColoradoMike. On the MB's the hosel depth (shaft insertion depth) is 1-1/2". I would venture to guess the depth on the CB's is the same (seems logical), but I don't know for sure.
  2. Wilson Staff Tour Blade, 1977 -- 3 through PW. Up to that point it was dad's hand-me-downs (Haig Ultra, Lynx, Hogan). I paid less than $400.00 (New).
  3. Brittle? Like they're going to break? Taylormade Milled Grind wedges are 8620. It's not uncommon.
  4. Wilson measures their iron length different than most (if not all) OEM's. A standard 4 iron is 38.5 inches. Wilson's 4 iron is 38.5 inches too, if measured like others. But for some reason Wilson measures from a different BOG (bottom of ground) which adds an extra 1/4 inch. 1/4 inch is negligible from a fitting and distance perspective. From a playing perspective the SW goes up or down about 1.5 points. Anything under 1 SW point is difficult to sense.
  5. Bought my first set of Staff blades in 1977. Played 3 versions of Staff for the next 20 years. Then went to Titleist for another 20 plus years, with the 680 in play for the last 15 years. I looked at the CB's hard, but went with the MB's because...well, you know. This is the best looking club I've ever owned.
  6. The lofts on the V6's are 1 degree weaker than the MB's. PW @ 47*/ 7 @ 35*
  7. I'm not the one you asked, but yes, the CB's use a .355 taper tip shaft.
  8. It's correct to say that the Staff blades are not a true full bore through design. Wilson has partially bored the bottom 3/4" of the hosel. The shaft seats on the outer ridge of the "inner" bore. Wilson has removed weight from the hosel; the plug is there to fill the void. But, there are no issues in changing shafts.
  9. I think the 56/14 is the "go to" sand wedge because its full sole has more surface area to push sand, but with its relatively narrow sole is has less "effective bounce" which gives it ground interaction versatility. A thin sole equates well to low effective bounce and a wide sole equates well to high effective bounce.
  10. Brand. Stigma. Player association. Bag ugliness.
  11. Perspective: Often talked about, rarely owned for long. Anybody making a sustainable living playing this game is blessed.
  12. For a leather blade style putter cover: headgeargolf.com
  13. I also looked at the 2021 catalog posting and noticed no all-white offering. I too love the all white look. Retail needs this colorway!
  14. Woodland vs Lowry YouTube video: GW was wearing an all white Ignite Pwradapt, which is currently not available on line/retail. Does anybody have any information regarding a retail release?
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