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  1. Thank you for posting. [We] saw these on a few tour players this season and I've been looking for the release.
  2. I'm leaning towards doing the same. I've been weakening my Vokey's for years to minimize offset.
  3. We need what now to challenge these guys: 220 yard par 3's (5 or 6 iron)? 500 yard par 4's (driver and 9, 8, or 7 iron)? 650 yard par 5's (driver / fairway metal / wedge)? That's an 8500 yard course. Or, 1,800 yards longer than most back tees at your favorite course.
  4. You had it right. A higher COG WILL launch the ball lower, but it may add additional spin, negating some of what you're after. Low COG launches the ball higher, and sometimes with less spin. These are generalities, but a players' iron has a higher and more forward COG for shot shaping. But even in players' irons the COG is progressive from long to short irons (lower to higher).
  5. I think tension comes from nerves. I think nerves come from trying to be a "golfing machine". That is, by performing perfect movements. Or, by swinging like an admired player that has very different biometrics. I try to remember that it's called a golf swing. That implies that the club is swinging and not being maneuvered into place by a head full of mechanics. Does a child learn to throw a ball or ride a bike, or take his first swing with a club based on mechanical instruction? No. They watch and imitate, eventually (if so motivated) they discover the motion, strike the balance, and
  6. I enjoyed the match. It was like watching the national amateur -- meant in the most complimentary way. It's refreshing to watch golf without the crowds, stands, sponsors, and serious (needless) formalities. Golf is a sport and sport should be fun; it looked like they were having a different kind of fun today. Wearing shorts and being their own caddies made them much more relatable.
  7. Yes, me too...just to chime in for a possible solution. Thank you.
  8. When did it become a revelation to "swing the golf club"? After all it's called a golf SWING. It certainly seems to me that he's advocating a free swinging of the club with a centrifugal release (versus a pull and hold via conscious hard left hip rotation). IMO there's far too much instruction based on mechanics, positioning, and body manipulation which suppresses the free swinging of the "tool". Athleticism is taken out of the action in a vain attempt to create a theoretical golfing machine.
  9. Lies have become more upright. Lofts are stronger. Lengths are longer. Club heads are larger. Choices have grown exponentially. The endgame?
  10. Beyond spin and launch discrepancies, how does one expect to evaluate how an iron's sole will interact with real turf when hitting off a mat? One must really be outdoors, in condition, to properly evaluate a club's performance. I've got to see that ball fly.
  11. > @pablomich7 said: > > @drbonesvt said: > > What’s he rockin in the driver now and 3w > > > TS4 and back to AD-DI > > Embed from Getty Images Good catch!
  12. Remove the shaft from the head and tap the butt end on a hard surface. If you hear a rattle it's probably loose epoxy in the shaft. Is so, remove the grip and tap the butt end and try to get the dried piece of epoxy to fall out.
  13. @mjbaker80. So, I checked out Nate's WITB, as you directed above. He is indeed tipping his Ventus 6X 1" in the driver, and 7X 1.5" in his fairway. But, he's using the Ventus Blue...not black. The Blue's bend profile is typical of most shafts; that is, it droops at the tip or softens. Tipping the Blue therefore makes sense. With regards to the Black...we need to learn more.
  14. The bend profile provided by Fujikura shows an upward bend at the tip section, which is unique to this shaft. I don't believe I've seen another shaft profile like it. That would logically indicate that removing any segment of the shaft's tip would serve to soften it, as @mjbaker80 said above. Fujikura, please let us hear directly from you on this matter.
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