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  1. So I've done a more precise dry build on Auditor/GolfSmith scale and turned out the 50 needs a 10gr tip weight, the 54 a 8gr and the 58 a 6gr. As far as I can see probably no taping will be necessary but at least it will be a matter of 1gr or less.
  2. Sure, that's clear, already experienced on length variations, and I have a DIY bench ruler which is USGA conforming so all my builds are aligned. Thanks.
  3. Honestly I have to check 'cause they are somewhere in the garage...but if I'm not wrong they were Black. Also they have two different grips type so maybe that build job wasn't really done that good....
  4. Thank you. I don't mind the presence of the tape when it's done clean and simple. But I agree trying to be the nearest possible with tip weights is the best solution and eventually apply the tape if needed. Let's build!
  5. Hi guys, I came across a good deal and bought three SM8 50-54-58 which are usually my wedge setup. They were probably prepared for a kid or a woman with AMT shafts and significantly lower on SW than the stock specs. As I'm re-building them with Nippon 1050 S, I would like to bring them back to D3 (50) and D5 (54-58) as I'm use to. Done some dry tests and on scale it seems I have to put 4-6 grams on 50 and 6-8 grams on 54-58 to increase the SW correctly to expected values. What would you suggest in order to do a good job? Only tip weights or tip weight plus fine adjustm
  6. I was guessing that due to the theory that each step add around 1/3 of stiffness and considering that the difference between a R and a S it's 1,5" so 1/3 each 0,5". Thank you.
  7. Maybe a silly question...will a 0.75" tipping place me in the middle of R and S or only 0.5" steps are fine?
  8. Hey guys, shafts delivered today, did some measurements and everything looks ok. Would like to thank you all for the help and very glad to have learned something useful. Merry Christmas!
  9. I've disassembled the 4 iron (1050 parallel) and there are 3 good inches of .370 diameter tip, 3.25 precisely. Now I've ordered two bunch of shafts Reg and Stiff at a bargain price on eBay, so when they come I can do comparison. Considering the good amount of tip section, it should be possible to tip trim 0.5 all the shafts (the new ones) instead of swapping them to hard-step and be forced to buy an extra one for the PW, am I correct? Thanks.
  10. Howards table is for tapered but mine are parallel, I suppose I can trim the PW one, correct?
  11. Exactly, so is there any difference? Can they be hard-stepped moving shafts or I have to tip trim? I mean, should I just tip trim them 0,5" ? In this case I have also fixed the missing shaft for PW.
  12. Not pulled, I'll buy new shafts. Mine are parallel .370 anyway, not sure if that can be applied too. Thanks.
  13. Hi guys, I was thinking to hard-step my regular set, using 1050 shafts, but once used the PW 35" (uncut lenght) on the 9 iron, what to use for the PW itself? 35" is the shorter length for 1050 as per Nippon catalog. Could be an idea to use a soft-stepped stiff shaft?
  14. Yes, torque is 3.1 versus the 4.0 of the Xcon5 and versus the 2.5 of the Xcon6. Weight is the same of the 5, 60gr. My question was born after a little story told me by one of my friends. He is near to become Pro at the end of 2009 season, and actually is sponsored by Titleist. He received a D2 with a Matrix Xcon by Titleist, but he felt something strange immediatly at first ball. So, he make some tests in a fitting lab comparing many shafts, and finally Matrix by Titleist appear to be a regular! He ask Titleist and they said that under license of Matrix they produce this shaft in China...
  15. Anyone has any information?I've bought a couple of this shaft in order to upgrade my retail shaft on Tour Burner drive and 3 wood. They're new, but pull from R7 Limited I think. Looking at the TM website, the shaft specs are in the middle of retail Xcon 5 and Xcon 6 from Matrix website. Is this shaft really an Xcon or just painted by TM?
  16. Guys, someone can post some good photos and please address photos for long and short irons?
  17. All irons have 1 degree lower loft...i.e. PW is 45° instead of 46° PW of MX-25. You can find specs on Mizuno Europe website.
  18. Interesting...let us know when you have them. Many thanks!
  19. I'm also looking for some real pics!
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