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  1. well, i've said it before, and I'll say it again: we don't drive Model T's anymore, do we?
  2. wait a minute. you're in Katy? Didn't you guys get 8 inches of rain? And your course is still playable?
  3. Dude, you want help, or you want to be insulting? You asked about pants. I've been in the clothing business for over 20 years, selling retail and wholesale. Everything from jeans to $10,000 custom suits. You already know the brands that people are going to tell you to buy, it's not that hard to figure out.Your question was what am I going to like that fits like Haggar 18's, right? Well, what it is you like about the Haggars, and is that the price range you want to stay in? Don't ask a question and then get insulted when someone tries to help you asks for more info. It's not like
  4. I think white pants might be something you need to try on. It's a fine line between looking good, and well, looking like you don't want to. That said, if you need to buy them on line, how about some more info on you? height, weight, what other pants that own that youlike the way they fit besides the haggars. Oh, and price range.
  5. -1 on the ladies...smaller ROI, larger complaints - all you'll get is "when are you having a sale!?" then may I respectfully suggest to you that you have no idea what it is that you are doing? No one, and I mean no one, buys more then females. They buy more mens, and they buy a ton of ladies. You think you have male friends who are clothes hounds? For every guy, there must be a 2 dozen women. All they want is something different that makes them think they look good. And if you can hit that combo,price is no object. You fill your store with khaki and black bottoms and solid tops for
  6. how about you walk in your local shop, and tell them what you want, and see what they say? seems like a pretty simple deal. We do it all the time. 8 shirts should get you at least 30% off retail.
  7. there's a bunch of clothing only stores around the country that do pretty well. It's all about location, and knowing your audience. oh, and making sure you sell ladies clothing.
  8. Shanks, I think you have an interesting point, but I think the key item is you could give these guys $400 Affinity sets from Sports Authority, and they'd still be the best players in the world. I think lots of people get caught up in all the numbers, the stats, the swing weights and the rest, and don't realize the guys on tour? They are way, way better then all of us. They think better, they deal with pressure better, and they make a lot more putts.
  9. sorry to brag, but the biggest advantage to being in the golf biz? a bag full of clubs that I got for free.
  10. because it's all about the putting and the wedge play. and muira isn't going to help with that.
  11. you'll notice how much more time you'll spend looking for a lost ball when you realize that you just hit 3 bucks into the weeds.
  12. have you hit any of those 4? not a scratch golfer, or anything, but it seems to me, if you want to know what's going to work best for you, you should be the one hitting them.
  13. i've been telling them for 3 years now they need to do a special edition straw hat, and a belt buckle. I clearly don't have the power I'd like to think I do.
  14. have you ever been to the library during the day? It's full of old guys, who know everything. Just ask one of them, they'll tell you. And you know they have what it takes to fix a swing.
  15. really? if you were just killing a club, it went right were you wanted everytime, you wouldn't bag it if it didn't have a name?
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