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  1. Here's a chart a member posted in one of the forums.
  2. I'm in the camp of no/minimal offset in any clubs. Might have to do with being right handed and left eye dominant. I tend line up the toe of an iron with the shaft at setup and an iron with to much offset ends up being closed to target. I played center shafted putters for years as plumber neck putters just look so strange to me.
  3. Didn't read all 51 pages so not sure if its mentioned but I'm really enjoying the coverage without fans. Watching the completion of the second round this morning on ESPN with my headphones on having coffee and you can hear the breezes going though the trees, just seems so peaceful. Also enjoying the course without all the grand stands as you can really get a sense of the layout. Cant say I've missed hearing mash potatoes or Baba Booey on every tee shot. With all that said they will be missed on the back nine at the end of the day on Sunday...
  4. From my understanding yes. It would raise the leading edge creating more bounce when loft is weakened. Just not sure how much and if it would be noticeable.
  5. Good to hear you found a set your really like. I have a problem with aligning the hosel with the toe at address which shuts the face with irons with offset and makes them look closed and going left quick.
  6. Hey All, I had question regarding weakening loft in an iron to reduce offset. Did a search and didn't see the answers I was looking for but remember seeing topics on the discussion before. Playing a set of MP20 MMC's and really liking them a lot. Not having any issue with spacing but still seems odd going from 3* in long irons to 5* in shorter clubs instead of an even 4*. Really liking the clubs but wouldn't mind reducing the offset a bit and if I get a little more height in the long irons that wouldn't upset me either. Not sure if the changes would even be noticeable or a waste of
  7. I received my 7 gram weight for my Toulon Vegas putter today. It was drop-shipped from Callaway so it appears they have stock again.
  8. That looks to me like a high on the face pop up with sand or hard soil on the ball when it was hit. Each one of those holes in the finish represents a piece of sand/rock that was between the club and your ball when struck. Maybe an early morning wet round? I dont believe a clean ball would have caused that. It still sucks none the less and I have been there myself.
  9. Those don't look to bad, It was definitely the lighting in the first pictures making them look worse.
  10. Off topic- Do the ferrule's that the Cleveland factory turned down really look that bad. Might just be the picture but it looks like one of my kids did them.
  11. For Sale: 7 dozen brand new current year Srixon XV golf balls. Made a ball changed this year and my loss is your gain $180 shipped anywhere in the CONT US. SOLD For Sale: Adidas Tour 360 shoes, size 11.5 US. Worn to the range one time and were to small and unfortunately no longer have the box. $100 shipped anywhere in the CONT US. SOLD
  12. Ditto- Currently playing it in my 4 wood and hybrids. Great shaft for the price.
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