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  1. Welcome Mrmomo. I have purchased a few clubs from PXG in the last few months and have received a few of there wrenches and all of them click when fully tighten. I will say some clicked harder than others. I have one I don't use just because I feel its almost tightening to much before it clicks where the other ones aren't that tough.
  2. Thanks. It is confusing though as some manufactures make 3 woods and inch longer than another or 5 woods that very by .5 inches so head weights are different assuming there targeting D2/D3 SW.
  3. Going through the same situation right now and came to the same math with new RDX Blue shaft. My situation its a Ping g425 5 wood turned down to 16.5 4 wood. 3W -.5 5W -1 4W -.75 makes sense Edit: I think it has more to do with head weight and shaft length not loft.
  4. Pings lie settings- The new G425 series has the same adapter sleeve and settings as the G410 below.
  5. PXG has flat settings on all there woods and hybrids as well. An added bonus on the Proto models is you can put the heavy weight in the toe as well to help eliminate the left side.
  6. PXG Proto + Even with the weights in the neutral setting but you always have the option to move the heavy weight to the toe.
  7. Same for me OTT. But I will add that for me getting steep to start the down swing caused me to pull up and out of my shot at impact in order not to hit the ground first which caused thin toe shots. Again a quick video of your swing should show why its happening is it could be a number of different reasons.
  8. Here's a good grip size guide if you wanted to mess around with in-between sizes. Per mvhoffman butt diameter plays a part in final results.
  9. I play 120s in my irons and after trying all the Nippon wedges I settled on the same shaft in my wedges and it has worked out well. 125 Wedge- felt loose and didn't like the weight difference from irons to wedge. 115 Wedge- weight was better but felt loose like the club head was always behind.
  10. For sale Ping Hoofer bag only used a few times and in great shape $140 shipped anywhere in the Cont US. SOLD
  11. SOLD $475: Used one season great shape Ping G400 MAX 10.5 with HZRDUS Blue RDX Limited shaft 60g 6.0 Playing length 45 1/4 D3 SW Also included in the deal 3 other shafts with G400 adapters installed as well as full weight kit if you wanted to play it longer or shorter with same SW. HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g 5.5 plays at 45 Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60g S plays at 44 3/4 Aldila NV 2KXV Green 60g S Plays at 44 1/2 Would like to sell as a package deal, no trades. Free shipping anywhere in the Cont US.
  12. For sale Ping G410 5 wood played for a season. SOLD You can pick which shaft you want it shipped with the stock Alta CB stiff or Aldila ATX 75 Blue stiff. I also have 10g to go with it as well as the stock 7g that's in it. $170 shipped to Cont US. No trades please.
  13. Professional engineers figuring out optimal lofting for best gapping or designing iron sets to have strong lofted 6 and 7 irons for fitting carts so people hit them further than there last set and think they have a winner. Chris Voshall has stated in online videos that 4 degrees of spacing is ideal when discuss the MP20 SEL set. Golf is so distance driven, in modern sets you see 5 degrees of spacing to mid irons (for fitting carts) then you see 3 degrees of spacing in long irons as they have to pump the brakes or it gets to ridiculous. Today's 4 iron lofts are yesteryear 2 iron lofts. And people wonder why modern 4 irons are so difficult to hit. Not sure golf engineers have our best interest in mind.
  14. Since my original post I ended up bending my MP20 MMC's to the specs below. So far I'm liking what I'm seeing. I can definitely see a difference in offset for the ones bent 2 degrees weak. I also like the added bounce as I play in mostly soft conditions and tend to get steep on the ball at times. Mizuno's are typically so low bounce even adding 2 degrees there still lower bounce than a lot of irons. I also like the added height to the mid-long irons. The odd thing is a cant say that a lost any distance, maybe a yard or two. 5iron 25 to 26 6iron 28 to 30 7iron 32 to 34 8iron 36 to 38 9iron 41 to 42 PW 46
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