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  1. 1. PXG 0311 WEDGE SET HEADS ONLY 52, 56, 60. HEADS ONLY! 100% authentic. I believe standard loft and lies but didn’t have them checked recently. Just FYI in case you don’t know: PXG hosels are 0.370 diameter. If you have a .355 shaft you can buy a shim and collared ferrule to shaft up. This is what I did. WELL USED. Please see pics for condition. Grooves are still good but there is obvious chrome wear on sweet spots and sole. I tried to take pics to accurately reflect the condition. I was planning on sending these to get refinished but decided just to get newer PXG wedges instead. **$OLD** (yes for all 3 heads). 2. PING G410 TENSEI CK ORANGE 60 X STIFF SHAFT ONLY Barely used and direct from Ping. 60 X flex Tour Velvet 360 grip. Length installed about 45.25 inches. Length of shaft from tip of adapter to end of grip 44.25 inches. **$95 shipped**
  2. When choosing any golf equipment, I’ll look for: Functionality Looks Feel Cost I’m not sure why most putter grips have a lot of busy graphics. I really like that the Sense grip is simple and looks really good on any putter. I hate a lot of logos or graphics on my grips. I also personally prefer the feel of the rubber versus the more “cushioned” “Winn” grip type feel of superstroke. Cost is reasonable for what you are getting. Whether something’s functions well, looks good, feels good and is affordable is certainly very personal. The Sense grip checks all boxes for me.
  3. I’m also pretty sure the only mini with slant neck is the gold version. No retail red version slant neck mini to my knowledge.
  4. Only trades would be for PXG wedges ideally 50 and 56. 1. PXG GEN 2 BAT ATTACK H PUTTER PLEASE NOTE: there was some extra epoxy around the hosel that I tired to remove. I shouldn’t have because there ended up being some tiny scratches around hosel and another one towards heel. Minor but please look at pics as I don’t want there to be any surprises. Heel shafted I believe 370-375 gram weight 33.5 inch length PXG Superstroke Flatso 1.0 BLACK grip Matte black shaft. High quality PXG GEN 2 putter cover included There is also a pic of toe hang for those curious. Everything about this putter screams high quality. Awesome feel off new face, detailed milling throughout (see pics). I am just moving to a new putting stroke and need a blade putter. PXG got it right with their GEN 2 putters and woods. Retails $425 but not including $30 shipping and state tax now if your state has a pxg fitter. In California, will cost you $497.50 total. **$355 shipped**
  5. I have the Sense R1 grip and it is awesome. It is more rectangular and can be oriented either way, with longer/flatter side either on top or on the side. I do have the SAW system installed and I am a believer. Well worth the cost in my opinion, especially for the quality you are getting. Feel of the rubber is great. Not too smooth and not too sticky. Firm and stable. It’s easy to consistently put your hands on the same way everytime and to know exactly where the face is through the putt. Concept and design seems so simple. It amazes me that no one else has come up with this before. I included some pics below.
  6. Just one item. I’d consider a trade for a shafted G410 plus or LST DRIVER. 1. PXG GEN 2 0811X DRIVER HEAD ONLY 9 degree loft Authentic OEM PXG Adapter included that has been discolored from a little too much heat. PXG Wrench with paint missing from one corner included. Sorry, NO HEADCOVER. CROWN IS CLEAN. Ball marks, scratches on face and sole as pictured. **$429 shipped.**
  7. Just one item. Decided to stick with hybrid. Only things I am looking for: axis1 putter, PXG milled wedge. PXG 0314X 5 Wood 18 degree loft Oban Kiyoshi White 65 shaft STIFF 04 flex 42.25 inches Best grips leather grip NO PXG headcover but will come with well used generic headcover for shipping. There is wear as pictured on face and sole. Also nicks on back of club and some minor scratches near face/topline border. Please see pics. $OLD
  8. I bought it from another member so not direct from TM. Filed claim with USPS. anyways. SOLD. THANKS.
  9. If you don’t like navy or gold and like a stealth looking putter, then this is for you. There is one important blemish to disclose: on it’s way to me, USPS kindly put a small dent in the shaft just below the grip on the underside/backside of the shaft. I took several pictures so you can see. Doesn’t affect play but it is there. Not really looking for trades but I can always be tempted by unique and rare putters. Also, PXG GEN2 Putter or PXG milled wedges. FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: MY SPIDER X PUTTER ALL BLACK: black sight line, black face, black shaft and black grip. 34.5 inches 355 grams In mint condition except for the dent. My Spider headcover as pictured included. **$OLD**.
  10. Just 2 items. Not looking for trades unless you have a 19 deg PXG GEN1 0317x HYBRID or 18 or 21 degree 0314 or 0314x wood. Also looking for a beat up set of PXG milled wedges. Ok. Maybe a GEN2 putter as well. :smile: 1. YAMADA HANDMADE RAZOR PUTTER Burning copper finish. 35 inches. There are a few blemishes. Some scratches on flange hardly noticeable and some nicks on back of head. I took a lot of pictures so please look and feel free to ask questions. Topline is clean. Label is peeling. Headcover well used with Velcro losing its stick. If you’ve never putted with this, do yourself a favor. Best analogy I would have is baby blade to irons is like Yamada Razor to putters. When I am on, nothing is better but I am usually not on. **$OLD** 2. PXG 0317X hybrid 22 degree loft (+/- 1.5 degrees). Crown is clean. Face wear and sole wear as pictured. HZRDUS handcrafted 85 6.5 flex Pure grip Standard length (39.75 inches). Sorry NO headcover. **$180 shipped**
  11. I’m all set for the bag which is all PXG so not really looking for trades unless you have a PXG 19 degree hybrid with Tensei shaft or milled PXG Sugar daddy wedges. 1. PXG GEN 2 5 wood 18 degree loft (adjustable +/- 1.5 degree). Fujikura pro tour spec 73 Stiff shaft Measures about 42.75 inches. If you put on lowest setting, you will essentially have a nice open 16.5 degree high launch 3 wood. There are some scratches on face as pictured and one small scratch that extends 1-2 mm into topline. Black lifted headcover included as pictured. Awesome fairway that just doesn’t fit my gaps. $370 shipped for whole club $340 Head only with OEM PXG adapter $385 for whole club plus extra adapter 2. GEN 2 lifted dark brown driver headcover. Very high quality. I just use Seamus. Excellent condition. $35 shipped OBO
  12. A few shaft pulls I am not going to use. Trades: PXG 19 degree hybrid or 5 or 7 wood. 1. Fujikura Pro 63 Tour spec stiff shaft. Measures a little over 43 1/8 inch from tip to end of grip. No adapter. Tour Velvet 360 grip standard. $75 shipped. 2. Fujikura Pro 73 Tour spec stiff shaft. Measures about 42 inches. No adapter. Standard Tour Velvet 360 grip. $60 shipped. 3. Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour Spec 6 S shaft. Measures 44 inches from tip to end of grip. Cobra arccos grip. No adapter. $OLD 4. PXG GEN2 lifted 3 wood cover $35. 5. PXG LIFTED 5 wood cover $30.
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