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  1. I agree.. 5 woods can have a Strange look, especially when face is a little closed...
  2. Yes, the head has been send to Cobra
  3. Might happen. Tried the Mavrik, prefer the Flash with adjustment neck.. Tried the Mizuno st200, that was fun.. Really Nice feel and flight with the Diamana D+ 70.. That is a contender as well.. But leaning towards the flash sz....
  4. How Would you compare the Roque to the Mavrik.? Wich one do you prefer?️
  5. Thanks.. Tried the M5 in a 3 wood, it was like my old Cobra Ltd.. Crazy long at times. Feel its Different for the 5 woods, due to higher launch and spinn. 5 wood is for me All about accuracy.. Would like to try the M5 5 wood, but it Would be a by and try.. Lets go ?
  6. Looking forward to try out the New callaway line, it is getting positive feedback
  7. Demo indeed. ?? I know fitting can do alot for performance, but Im a feel player and have been for 35 years. And for me - If it feels right, it is right I hit a fade, so like it be as square as possible
  8. Thats funny Im literally watching Happy Gilmore right now with the Kids, first time they watch that movie. Offcourse they love it??? Have you tried the M6 5 wood? How does it compare to the Sim Max??
  9. Love the V-Steel, I just dont like the looks of the New taylormade fairway wood at adress. Got a 13.5*, 15*and a 18* But they are currently in a Buddy's bag, he wants to buy, but they are not for sale, takling Them with me in the grave? Might have to fight him, If I want Them back?
  10. I will try the Maverik line on friday. I really like my flash sub zero 3 wood, strong flight and in the wind at 14* and set to 15* or 16*, it works perfect for controlling the hight of the shots
  11. I will give Them a go. ? Had a look at the Ts2 at adress, 4 wood and 5 wood. Like the smaller head on the 5 wood the best. Will try both the TS3 and Ts2 on friday?
  12. Same store with an old Adams Tight Lie years back?? Also sneak in to My bag, never liked the look, but got nicknamed "Eagle club" so gamed it for some years?️
  13. Im going to try Them all The Ping fairway Woods get great reviews, so will try it.. But the looks is not My first choise, but then again If it out perform the other try outs. Then it will win the spot?️?
  14. Its allways fun with a little Battle in the bag. I really liked the Baffler, feel like it sits between a reg 5 wood and a hybrid, and love the rails. But I will try out the other Cobra's and see If they can take the spot.. F9 feels great of the face, just need to try it with a proper shaft..
  15. I want to try the epic flash sz, Rogue SZ and the New maverik woods.. Today I tried a buddysTaylormade M6 with a Speeder 661 TX, really nice flight and stable, liked it alot, just not a fan of the silver paint on the top, seems like it presents a lot of loft on the face.. Also had a cuple of swing with the Cobra F9 5/6 wood, had a ladies shaft in it, but the feel of the face was Nice and liked the look from adresse, compared it to My Baffler, just like that smaller head and know it will pick the ball out of pretty much Any Lie, except really deep rough.. The Hunt is on, more products to try
  16. Thanks True - There is a lot of Good options Guess I just have to try all the New ones on friday?
  17. I will give it a go.. ??
  18. Hi Bum, cracked the face of My Cobra F6 Baffler.. Looking for a New 5 wood,. Got a Callaway epic flash sub zero 3 wood, so could go with a matching 5 wood, then have the option of adjusting loft. Any one compared the flash/flash sz with other Callaway 5 woods, rogue or maverik and why does the maverik not have the adjustment neck? Or just find a F6 Baffler again. Or maybe some other Cobra like the Ltd, Any one gaming a Ltd 5 wood? Other subjects Taylormade m5/m6 Going to a big demo day on friday, there I can try All brands, exept taylormade Love the Hunt for a New golf (buddy) stick???
  19. While waiting on the Epic Sz to arrive, I acidently got a Ping G400 Max 9*, stiff tour 65 shaft.. Thought I Would try a more forgiving head, because I was ripping My sons M4 driver I allways played the low spinn drivers.. Sound wise, not that impressed, but can live with it. Not like the G series? Performance wise, Holy smokes. Power fades with Nice penetrating flight. As long as anything an way more forgiving than My wife? I will try it with My graphite design AD-BB xstiff... That driver might never leave My bag........... Before the Epic arrives? The Epic will have to be a solid performe
  20. Hi Any one still gaming this driver? Or standard Epic Or knocked it out of the bag, for something performing better? Or kept it because it was performing better? Im gaming the F9 for now, but My bad shot high toe is killing me with this driver, so got a 2017 Epic sub zero from Ebay thats comming soon. Maybe Any body found a driver that perform great on high toe strick...?️
  21. Howdy How does it affect lie and face angle when you adjust the loft +/- 0,6 - 1* Thanks Dan
  22. Just got a new contender for the spot between the 3 Wood and 4 iron.... But had to buy it with a reg shaft, which is not for me... What shafts are you playing in this club and generelle experince with it..? I like my irons shaft to be S300 and played with Diamana whiteboard X-stiff in the Ltd Driver and fairway Wood. I never really been fitted to anything other then the lenght of shaft and lie, in the 30 years I have played. If the feel is right and ball flight strong, I will play it... Exciting battle between the Baffler, F7 hybrid and the Cobra Utility...? Let me hear If you have
  23. The V-steel 3 Wood has been knock'd out of the bag.... Solid performer for 12 years, but there is a new King in town.... Cobra King Ltd 3/4 wood, set to 14,5* with a X-stiff Diamana whiteboard... Wow is it easy to hit and long, both from tee and Turf, high or low... Best feeling wood or golf club, that I have ever hit and it's easy going to stay in the bag the next 12 years... Cobra is sneaking into my bag, Ltd Driver and wood, 3 and 4 utility, F7 hybrid and got a F6 baffler comming soon... 3 utility, hybrid and baffler is fighting for the same spot... Can't wait the hit this wood agai
  24. Got a Cobra 4 utility iron, set to 22,5*, replace my 3 and 4 iron, great club... But my V-steel 5 wood and Ben Hogan Cft 2 hybrid, cant hit them anymore... I would like to know If anybody have tried the Cobra F7 hybrid vs F6 Baffler vs Callaway Apex hybrid....?? Tried the F7 hybrid 2/3, at a demo and it was easy to hit and had a Nice feel, but I was a little disapointed with the shaft options, No free custom shaft, like with the Woods... Anybody have experince with the Stock fujikura X-stiff shaft.. Had the Titleist Fd915 hybrid with a Diamana White, but didnt like the feel that much
  25. RAMDAN

    M2 vs F7+

    There is a Cobra demo day next weekend close to where I live, will go and try, but I work offshore and every time i want to go at a demo day, I end up going offshore. If I go and get fitted and dont buy in the shops where I live, it cost 100 dollars. Because it way cheaper to buy online and it's a waste of time for the fitter, when People dont buy, fair enough. Imagine that I was fitted into a Callaway Epic driver and really liked it, thats a 650$ bill, No way Im paying that, when I can get a solid driver for half or less.. Thats why I buy and try... Buy the way, the 915D2 was a high fly
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