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  1. how do you grip your irons?I have been drawing (5-15yds) a lot of my iron shots lately and I think it has to do with my grip. I will get set and then readjust my hands right before take away and I think that is causing me to hood the club. I was wondering how you guys grip the club...hand placement. I start out middle of the shaft, but then kind of take a stronger right hand slide before take away. Looking for suggestions. Also, do you guys play a forward shaft lean at all or do you keep the shaft aligned with your belly button. Any help much appreciated. Sorry posted in wrong forum. thought I was in swing fitness. How can I move this or mod please move? Thanks, Abs
  2. What is the ideal length for a driver for someone who is 5'6"? My playing partner is gaming a superfast and I have told him he needs to get it cut down. The top of the grip comes up to his nipples. We were going to cut it down from the top and re-grip. Thanks, Abs.
  3. Well after reading this post I decided to go and get a box of these. I figured for the money might as well try it. I sanded off the 'Top Flight' on every ball last night. Will this effect the ball flight? I don't want people to know that I play a TF. We will see how they do today.
  4. I have the brown and black 3.0's and they have been a great shoe. Very comfortable and no problems whatsoever. I was worried about them creasing, but they have very little. They still look great.
  5. Lostgolfballs.com doesn't send a tracking number do they? If they do, I didn't receive it.
  6. [quote name='boon44' date='30 June 2010 - 03:08 PM' timestamp='1277924931' post='2547229'] [quote name='Abs777' date='30 June 2010 - 02:07 PM' timestamp='1277921263' post='2547095'] Why do people frown on Logo balls? Is it just because they don't like the logos? [/quote] My post might have read like logo's were a negative but I didn't mean it that way. I don't care at all especially for the quality and price I get them from LGB for. Hell, I played one of my best rounds lately with a ball that had "Grandpa Wilson's 85th B-Day" on it.....ball lasted the whole round and shot 67. [/quote] That's funny. I wasn't directing that at you, I have just heard people say "yeah, but they're logo balls" before and didn't know why they said that or if there were a difference. I love finding them on the course. My buddy found one last year that said "Happy Retirement Richard Angledick". That ball was kept and still pulled out for a good laugh.
  7. Why do people frown on Logo balls? Is it just because they don't like the logos?
  8. Any good sites that aren't crazy expensive?I like buying some stylish new shirts and shorts every year, but good god, it gets expensive when I pay $80 dollars for a shirt and $70 for shorts. Last year was awesome with that Golf Galaxy sale, but this year no luck. Does anyone know of good websites to buy apparel? Thanks, Abs
  9. When you order from LGB how long does it usually take to arrive using their normal shipping?
  10. How about length off the tee. From my experience HX Hots are long. I haven't played really anything else, besides Srixon AD333, titleist, HX hot, Noodle, and e7s. Are there any other balls that are longer? I looked at the longest legal ball thread. Is Pinnacle and Slazenger longer? Thanks for all the info guys! I really appreciate it.
  11. [quote name='Egan101' date='29 June 2010 - 02:21 PM' timestamp='1277835706' post='2544878'] For $29.99, why not just get those TP Blacks/Reds instead? The 2009 Callaway Tour i/ix are also $30 nowadays. [/quote] You think these are better than the AAAAA PRO Vs and Z-Stars?
  12. I think I am going to buy the following 1 - Dozen 2009-2010 ProV1 1 - Dozen 2007-2008 ProV1 1 - Dozen Z stars 2 - Dozen HX Hot Plus for distance when I play in scrambles. Does this look decent or would you guys change anything?
  13. I did look for this info, but couldn't find an answer for this question. [b]Is there any advantage between the 2009-2010 balls and the others that are the $20? There is a 10 dollar difference per dozen.[/b] Thanks.
  14. Great! Thanks so much for everyone's help. mtsmith, thank you too! Is there any advantage between the 2009-2010 balls and the others? There is a 10 dollar difference per dozen. Thanks.
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