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  1. I have a Sun Mountain 3.5, and I don't especially love it.
  2. The hole was ~165 yds., and he hit it probably 1/2 - 2/3 of the way to the front of the green (directly into the woods). Again, I don't think I was abrasive in any way - I was surprised to hear a ball being struck while I was putting. I also didn't know (until my playing partners mentioned it) that this kid wasn't capable of hitting the green. I guess I just expected the three middle-aged gentlemen playing with the 12 year old to be teaching him appropriate course behavior.
  3. Hey guys, been lurking for a while and had a question on a situation that arose the other day. I kind of feel like a jerk, but I want to get some more opinions. I was in a foursome playing a local public course last weekend (pretty dumpy place, but it gets the job done) - play was relatively slow, and we were stuck behind a couple of other foursomes with another foursome behind us. The group behind us included a young kid, probably 12 years old, who apparently wasn't hitting the ball very far, although I wasn't really paying attention. Anyway, we get to a par three, and all four of us h
  4. "The TaylorMade r7 Driver is the limited version, and is available with pre-installed weights and one shaft. Additional weights, shafts, and wrench are sold separately. Thanks for inquiry and for being a 1DaySports.com customer. Sincerely, Andrew [email protected]" Maybe I'm incorrect, but doesn't that make this non-limited?
  5. You know....looking at that payment page....it looks like they're not including the whiteboard. "N-INC" makes me think they're leaving out the Diamana.
  6. Why not just pay $999.99 at Sports Authority? Sleeves: saw this posted elsewhere on this site - "It's very easy and takes all of 5 minutes to remove with a shaft puller. Just cut off the plastic ferrule, slip it into a shaft puller, heat with a butane torch and off it comes. Then just put it onto another shaft of your choice. I removed the tip from the Diamana Whiteboard and put it onto a ZCOM Six" Not sure you can find the sleeves alone though.
  7. Hmmmm, that's interesting. My payment page says "TaylorMade r7 CGB Max Limited Driver RH 9.5° Graphite Stiff" - no mention of shaft type. I did notice the description says "shaftS are stiff flex" - plural.....but who knows.
  8. They confirmed the inclusion of the three shafts? I'm about to pull the trigger if so.
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