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  1. Looking for a 4g front slider weight and 17g rear weight. Thanks
  2. Message sent. Been looking for the black Tiffany hat
  3. PM's replied. A few people asked about a package deal with the shaft. I'm open to it, just shoot me a message.
  4. @Kylev Head only. DM me if you'd like to work out a deal with the shaft included
  5. Turns out I’m a SIM Max guy after all. Have only had this for 1 range session and I’m going back to the Max. Good news is I’m letting it go for cheap. Crown and top line are mint. Solid specs too. See sticker, which is included. $475 OBO. Now $450 pin 11/22
  6. Looking for 9-10* range. Closer to square face angle. 195-200g weight. Paypal ready let me know. Thanks
  7. Have my eye on something, so feel free to make offers. Two items for sale. 1. Tour Issue SIM Max in excellent shape. 245 CT. See sticker for specs. Comes with both 11 and 15g weights, so head can be either 196 or 200g. No scratches or paint imperfections. Top line is perfect. $425 OBO 2. Toulon Las Vegas H7. 34” in great shape and comes with original head cover. Brand new tour sensor pistol 140cc grip. $275 OBO
  8. How'd it look in comparison to the SIM? Shape? Color? Face Depth? What were the sound and feel differences? Need the details!
  9. Looking to trade for a tour issue SIM head with similar specs. I will add some cash if necessary. Excellent condition. See sticker for specs, but pretty hot head at 245 CT. Comes with extra 11 and 15g weights, to bring total weight to 196 and 200g respectively. No blemishes, scratches, etc. Topline is perfect. Since I need a price I’ll go $575 shipped. I have an unused SIM head cover which I can include.
  10. Awesome 5-PW combo set of Z Forged (P-8) and 785 (7-5). Only major flaw is from an unfortunate incident between the 7 iron and a poorly placed rock. Other than that, soles and faces are in amazing shape. They’ve seen a few range sessions and about 5 rounds. Modus 130 Stiff shafts. Standard loft and length, lies are 1 flat. Standard size multi compound grips in great shape. Hate to see them go, but too many sets heading into the off season. Price Drop to $450 shipped.
  11. Those who’ve been around the forums for a few years know that these two need no introduction. Both just about 44 3/8” tip to end of grip. First up, KK Dual Core XT 60 TX tipped .5” is what I was told. Z Cord align. TM tour 1.5” tip. I’m not sure if it’s still alive now that he’s no longer a forum sponsor, but there is/was a long Toll thread featuring this beauty. Next is the Rory, Tommy, Rose, Day driver shaft of choice. Some dabble in others, but always seem to come home to this one. KuroKage proto with “XTS70“ laser etched right below Mitsubishi Chemical. Tipped .5” also. Bl
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