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  1. Looking for a 10.5. Let me know thanks
  2. @Army_golferHad it in a box in the garage, but the box got tossed accidentally. I bought it directly from a guy here who I've bought multiple tour issue heads from. I believe his brother in law works for TM, which is how he gets the access.
  3. Got this from a source here on wrx. It’s a tour issue reject head, which is why it didn’t come get the “+” designation. You can see the white paint dots on the face where the CT was tested. 262 CT super hot head. It did come with a sticker so the specs are 10.3*, -.7 FA, 196g with the 16g back weight. I can also include a 12g weight as well as a brand new in bag SIM2 head cover. $350 shipped OBO
  4. Answered my own question. Here’s the 60.06 at address. Mine is bent 2* flat
  5. Talked myself into the T22’s. These only have 10 rounds on them and a nice patina. Small ding on the sole of the 60 60.10 M grind 54.08 C grind bent to 55.09 50.07 “standard bevel” grind Al standard length and 2* flat with tour velvet cords. Ordered new from mizuno prefer to sell as a set, so nice bundle discount at $280 shipped. No trades
  6. For those familiar with the T20- Does the x grind have the same offset and rounded leading edge as the T20 60.06 or is it more square with less offset like the 60.10? Better yet, anyone have an address pic?
  7. Reading this thread, it's clear how subjective feel is based on the individual swing. I have been playing the 1K 50TX untipped at 46". Liked it but didn't love it. Felt pretty good, but left me wanting to try the PD. Got a great deal on a 70TX untipped at 45.5". It feels very smooth to me and I'm only 108-110 on course. It has the traditional mitsu white profile feel and I'd describe it a beefed up ahina. I played a 70g for a couple seasons and the PD feels even better. In contrast to @phizzy30 I don't get along with the butt stiff, softer mid, tip stiff profiles at all in the driver. Funny thing is I love the ZF in my 3w. Only other thing to note is that I typically get along better with heavier shafts (89g 3w and 94g 5w).
  8. Sorry- should have mentioned no trades. Thanks
  9. Just one tonight. Tensie 1K 50TX with a 2* TM tip that plays 46”. First and only owner. Ordered new from Will Peoples. Pretty fresh tour velvet cord logo down. No dings, dents or scratches. Absolute cannon. $245 shipped OBO
  10. Someone here recommended the vinegar and salt trick. Definitely no impact on the TeI3 from what I can tell, but I'm planning on keeping it for the long haul, so I guess I'll keep an eye out.
  11. Cool. It doesn't bother me at all when I'm using it. I'll try the metal polish. Thanks
  12. Gotcha thanks. Is the insert on the champions choice the same material? I noticed that you also have one....
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