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  1. Got the sizing wrong on both so ideally WTT both. Cool Grey’s are 9.5 and have been warn 2 rounds and then left sitting with cedar shoe trees. Was hoping they’d break in, but the toe box is too narrow for my feet. Looking to some 10’s in similar excellent condition. If you have some new 10’s I could add cash. $450 OBO. White Cement are 10’s and are NIB. Looking to trade for 9.5’s. Or $350 shipped.
  2. Have a tour issue M2 with Atmos Red 8x. Looking to replace with tour issue SIM Max hopefully with Ventus Red 8/9x, but would consider blue
  3. Looking for some slimmer fitting pants in multiple colors. I’ve seen a few ads for 4 or 5 of the same pants in different colors. Gray, black, white, navy, etc. Might be a long shot but let me know. PayPal ready
  4. Agreed. I've tried some of the GOAT driving irons and can't seem to kick my trusty 818 H2 out of the bag. Oh well!
  5. Next to new ZX utility 23*. I WANT to be a driving iron guy. More than anything. Especially because of how amazing this thing looks in the bag next to my ZX7’s. It’s just not in the cards for me. Stock L/L/L specs, AD 95X, tour velvet cord logo down. $235 shipped OBO no trades. pin 3/13
  6. Same here. The toe box is so narrow on the 11's too. I have the cool gray 11's and my dogs are barking after 18.
  7. Excellent shape. Took a flier on sizing and these are a half size small. I’ve warn them once at a grass range late last season and they’ve been sitting since. I’ll ship them in the original box. $170 shipped
  8. Thanks to both! The head is 196g and the front weight is only 4g. I’m going to try the switch grip and then report back.
  9. Should have mentioned, I’m specifically trying to lower the swingweight. The head is 196g and feels great with a ventus black 7x @ 45.25” with the same Velvet cord grip. SW must be near E0 with the 1k
  10. I'm experimenting with a 46" Tensie 1K in a SIM2. Does anyone have a recommendation on counterbalanced grip? I thought I saw a TXG vid where Ian talks about a standard sized grip with a 20g counterbalance, but I can't find it. I use tour velvet cords and looking for something similar. Thanks
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