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  1. this me. one driver, one fairway @17.5, one hybrid @ 20, 4-pw i can hit a 15 3 wood 280, but what's the point when i never have the shot. Countless stats guys have shown hitting fairway woods off tees is rarely the safer play and easier to hit fairways. the caveat being there is no immediate hazard and the end of the fairway, and at least 60 yds from hazard to hazard on each side. I have 3 clubs that do different things. I appreciate putting the same swing on every club, but it seems like most people could have a major benefit, from varying trajectory with one club rather than having separate clubs to do different things. my swing is super shallow, so picking metal woods clean and hitting low runners is definitely easier. all out driver- 290+ tee down cut driver 250 and low fairway wood standard 250 and high punch cut fairway 200-230 low, and right hard hybrid tee ball 240 and high low running hyrbid tee ball 220-260 but straight
  2. A bud wants to sell me $1600 worth of mizuno gift cards for $1000. I’m having trouble finding a reason not to. A combo set would be sweeeeeet
  3. First full set: Dad’s 845 cavity first serious set: titleist DCI first set bought: mizuno mix-25, rifle 5.5 paid $250 as a demo set all downhill from there
  4. Should’ve saved and gone with the premiers, despite my longstanding aversion to FJ, these have been great. the Gallivanter are great too, but in different ways. Gallivanter are larger and heavier, the permits are lighter and feel a little more flexible and slimmer. that being said I’ll probably order some of those. They look dope.
  5. Adios. Don’t let the door hit you….. I could show you a pile of rollers, taped lacrosse balls, elastic bands, etc. I also have a soon-to-be two year old, so when I quit moving at the end of the day, I’m done. I’ve tried some insoles, stretching, accupuncture, and am about to try some cryo-therapy. I’ve had 3d foot scans, and have done everything short of surgery and $500 orthotics.
  6. Booooooooo. Obviously stretching and all that will help in the long run. I’m on the wide side of medium, but definitely not a wide shoe person. I love zero drop shoes but finding them with spikes, my preference over nubs, is pretty tough will definitely check out those insoles. Luckily my competitive athletic career is over so the source of all this is done.
  7. Loft is the only way to add measurable height.
  8. They run Small for sure, but have really nice stuff. Some of the pants come unhemmed, so there’s that, but nice stuff for the price.
  9. I think I’ve tried every shoe or at least brand on the market. Insoles are probably needed, but I’m autopsy to hear what has helped people. The shoes I own: Gfore Gallivanter, FJ Tarlow( current fav) TrueLinkswear, Nike 270G, PUMa tour, adidas you name it. Never tried Ecco, but Im Down to try anything, except maybe sketchers. Actually right now I’d try anything. I’ve got high arches, bad heel pain, and a tendency to get on my toes during my swing. The Nike 270G is very comfortable on my heels but pitch me forward a lot. I walk whenever possible but I find myself in a cart more and more, which I don’t love. I think insoles might be the way to go, but not sure what brands. Thanks for any suggestions!
  10. Still really firm. But they are some of my favorites. pulled the trigger on 3 Iomics. Will report back
  11. Im hesitant to jump in the the Japanese grip worm hood, I do love the ionic when I’ve tried them.
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