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  1. The 620 cb are the best iron titleist has made in a while. I’ve got the 6-pw. The 4/5 were good, but small. I stuck with my TMB 4 and 5 irons. I think the best combo would be 4/5 in the t200 and 6 and up in 620cbs the new t100 are the same size as the 620, and don’t feel nearly as good. the pre ground leading edge on the 620 is vastly underrated for those that could use it.
  2. TSI3 For sure. nothing like the feel of the 9015 or the 9064 tho
  3. did you call PXG? I bet they have some tour service, or at least could give you a little guidance.
  4. grinds are important, but only if you manipulate the face. after having vokeys and just gone through custom wedge process, i can say a few things confidently. 1) the F grind is a great grind and the effective bounce is higher than the stamped bounce, but if you play with a straight face, i think its a great option 2) The M grind has more bounce than stated. 3) the S grind is solid out of the bunker, but plays like a lower bounce wedge when in the sand. 4) I know people love the K grind, but i hate it, ive tried burying the leading edge in the ground, and could never get it stuck in the ground. its extreme, but sounds like you have an extreme swing.
  5. a decent coach should be able to work some of this out. I'm trying to describe a lower trajectory shot hit without swinging 100%, staying in control. but yeah, get on the range and try to hit that punch shot with some of your woods, I think you'd be pleasantly surprised with how useful those shots can be.
  6. The tsi2 5 wood is 18, it’s great, feels a bit more lively than the TS2, at least for me
  7. I hate to be that guy, but with your length, why not get some lessons to work on a low runner with your hybrid, or a dependable bunt-cut with the 4 wood? that being said, I just went away from my longest 4 wood I ever hit to a 5 wood and couldn’t be happier. I got height into the 1 par five on my course that is longer than 540. the shorter shaft is easier To hit, spin is higher, so rollout is more predictable. I have yet to miss the extra distance from the 4 wood.
  8. I just went from a tour edge 4 wood to a TSI2 5 wood. As a good player that’s struggled with fairway woods in the past, due to very shallow AoA, it’s been everything I’ve wanted its great off the tee and off the deck, I’ve got the 18 degree head, turned down to 17 and the shorter shaft has made my strikes so much better. I also went heavier and stiffer in the shaft(RDX smoke black) which has helped. It’s totally replaced a typical 3 wood and is my club for 240-260 shots
  9. I’m pretty sure no one is suggesting going out to the course in some cheap, cotton, drawstring and hand pouch hoodie. Right? I think those are way different than the jackets or half zips with a hood for windy fall and winter days. Keep them trim, solid colors and small logos and don’t look like a schliub headed to watch football in your buddies basement.
  10. Just picked up this in grey https://www.marmot.com/sale/men/jackets-and-vests/mens-norquay-hoody/AFS_889169646461.html
  11. A. National Custom Works 56 and 60 custom grinds, Vokey sm6 52F bent to 50 B. Vokey blends nicely into the 620 CBs, all wedges are raw, 52 was jet black, but stripped C. PW 47*-135/140, 52* bent to 50* 120/115, 56*- 105/100, 60* 95-90 D. 56/60 are custom, low bounce, 50* 6-7* bounce E. KBS $ Taper shafts PW and Gap are 120(Stiff) , 56 and 60 are 115 (R+) they were brand new here, will add some rusty pics soon
  12. TSI3 was better for me, can smack it lower for runout tee shots, higher for positional tee shots. for whatever reason, exact same shaft, i wasn;t able to get any decent numbers with the tsi2 the 2* difference in loft really made me go test them. if you want the hybrid to do one thing, long and high, then the tsi2/or tsi1 may be a better fit. the tsi3 seems to do whatever you like it to.
  13. The titleist preworn leading edge is great, but their soles are quite thin in comparison. Probably not what you’re looking for.
  14. The Jpx tours are nice, but I found 2 things that I didn’t care for 1- the had the largest blade length I tried, very rounded toe also. Not my cup of tea. 2 very disappointed in the sound and feel. t100, latest version, was preferable in every aspect to me
  15. I wouldn't do it if it were me. id give it 4 months and I'm sure there will plenty of sets of t100 with x100 on the used market. I play the cb's and they are much more enjoyable to hit than the t100, but ive never like the ap2/t100 range
  16. i dropped a 3 wood and my 18 tsi fairway is cranked to 17.25. the little less loft still gets me the height off the fairway, but has dropped the spin from the tee. my next club is a tsi3 hyb 20* for low running tee shots. then a 4 iron
  17. Because its fun. I started playing with wooden heads and chopped down blades. Balls curved, wildly. I'm 37 not 60, so don't come at me saying I'm an old man. I play at my club 75% of my rounds. It's 6058 yds, tough and hilly. Every now and then, I think its fun to go out with a few perismmons, a 1, 7 and PW and an old putter and see how I do. Also, kids. My only golf may be 5 holes at 7:15 at night. To me there's no sense in dragging a full bag around, when I'm only out there to unwind or spend family time. Why does golf have to be stroke play every round, for no other reason than posting a score for your handicap to reflect? I'm a 1 hdcp, I guess if I felt golf was really hard, or wanted to practice with my modern clubs everytime I played I may feel different. I'm sure playing half sets, half swings and tiny club heads only makes my competition rounds better. Golf with modern clubs, and stroke play is kinda boring to me. Its challenging, but give me some good wood and blades any day of the week. rant over
  18. if they are screw in cleats, you could find a headless screw at a hardware store. if they are the molded recepotrs, id give it a dab of hot glue to keep things out of it.
  19. Playing every round for a score? I don't have the time or energy to obliterate this ridiculous statement.
  20. heavier than most ultralight stand bags, but carries very easily and the single strap is great.
  21. can't notice it. The wedge heads were built with those shafts in mind so the sw would be spot on. if anything i think its a little easier to have a nice rythym, and be really aggressive through the ball. i know that a bit counterintuitive, but timing feels much better than my 52 withthe 120, ive got some lead tape on that head as well.
  22. patrick with NCW wedges suggested a half flex softer. i went with the $ taper 115 in the 56/60 and 120 in the 52. very happy, no loss of distance, half swing do feel a little easier.
  23. i went with the rdx with the 80gr 6.0 in a tsi3 hybrid. very happy
  24. i have the 620CB and hit the latest 100 a week ago. I wa impressed by the new t100, i havent cared for the first t100 or any of the ap2s. the topline was similar, on the 7 iron, it was just as thin, maybe appeared a little thinner. the feeling was a little hollow, but ok. the cb for me is the best iron ive hit in a while, due to the shape and sole, it just works better than anything else, and i tried everything else. I only play until the 6 iron with tmbs for my 4 and 5, but the 5 iron from the CB was noticeably shorter due to loft than the t100, so if I were to combo, it would probably be there.
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