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  1. Why do you keep posting the same question of the same putter and under a new name? You're more fishy than the putter.
  2. I didn't see a list on Callaway's site but di find this, https://www.tellmebest.com/callaway-irons-by-year/ Best I can tell the FT irons in 2008 were the last of that generation from the Hawkeyes.
  3. I know the order before these irons was Hawkeye, Hawkeye VFT, Fusion, and then FT. What came after the FT in this same family of irons and whats comparable today 2021?
  4. I saw a fellow with a full bag of "Perfect Clubs" and a putter about 15 yrs ago. It was quite unique to say the least.
  5. I have 7 Newport 2s, no Newports but it looks real to me. Four came from Roger Dunns new in plastic 13 to 19 years ago . After handling real ones you can spot what looks off. I wouldn't acquire one with even the slightest nick, I thought about it for a travel bag but couldn't do it.
  6. I played MX20s in early to mid 2000s, was lucky to get a set of MacGregor 1025c from MacGregor before they went under. These feel the best of any clubs I've hit. I don't play as much as then and earlier this year got a 5-PW set of MX23s. To bad MacGregor went under.
  7. I have a NP2 Studio Stainless since 2002 with Lamkin cord grip, I also have a NP2 2005 Studio Style, 2008 NP2 Studio Select Midslant, and in the past couple of years came across a like new NP2 Select (10g) & (15g) and a NP2 Select 20g. I put the same Lamkin Cord grip on all of them, and they all feel similar now. My favorite is the Stainless and the Studio Selects. If I had to, I could certainly live with only the Stainless and be quite satisfied.
  8. I have a Golf WRX Mobile App, I can't remember the last time I used it, it now says "Invalid License" This forum is currently unavailable on this app. Please contact the forum administrator. This is on ios on an iPad. Forum Admin, in addition to why the app doesn't work can you see about getting Dark Mode for all all methods of use? Thank you
  9. Is it in the works? Looking at this big white background isn't pleasant, tis is on a MacBook and iMac, maybe the not working ios app would be better. Dark Mode Please!!!!
  10. Ignite 460 with Aldila NV
  11. I have an original speed cart from 2002 with the air tires, rolled/rolls great when the tires are full, back then I would top off the air at the course in the cart shack where they had air pumps. I pulled it out yesterday and filled it up with an air compressor I have now, that I didn't have then and only takes a minute per tire. I was looking at the wheel kit at Sun Mountain, but I would need the fork kit also, and to reach $100 for free shipping. Anyone with one of these older ones, skip the wheel kit and either continue to top off the air or use something like the "
  12. Saso deserved every bit of this win, she's the one who persevered. Depends when the mistakes are made usually, as you say everyone makes them. To think any other way is a delusional opinion
  13. I've been on somewhat of golf hiatus the past few years and was quite surprised to see so many Korean women at the range a couple of months ago, there were even lines waiting for a mat. I go earlier to beat the crowd.
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