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  1. Good to be seen! I make it out of my basement every once in a while!
  2. Tiger did say that in the video, he also has been on record saying 50° In a PGA tour dot com video about his equipment. But, he has played a 49° PW since 2000. I’ve got my money on 49° Of course we want to know exacts!!! And it’s frustrating as hell to hear 3 different answers on the subject. But I’m sure TW has a little Han Solo in him and shoots from the hip sometimes.
  3. I'm no expert on bullseyes but have done my fair share of research, but typically in this situation on the old ones, there is no change in value regarding how well or how poorly it was stamped. The main decals are usually pressed in, while the model number is hand stamped. I've heard some old PGA Tour players say that the older the bullseye, the better the feel, hinting at some kind of difference in the brass from the old ones vs. the new ones. Regardless of the brass discussion, I don think I have ever felt a more pure sensation than that of a perfectly struck bullsey
  4. Buy both! I have 303 stainless Scottys and Teryllium Scottys, and they both have different feels. Both are great too. Just depends on what you like.
  5. I've heard of a putter product called putter butter. Seems to work really well for ray putter finishes. I'd recommend buying one to rust and having one in cherry condition! 2 was never a bad thing!
  6. Yes very real. What were some of your concerns?
  7. Avian Rebird Sports knows how to get it done. Exceptional fitter, impeccable builder.
  8. Great! Hope the weight ports fit older weights! would like to get it at 330g head weight!
  9. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? YES!Current driver setup? Cobra LTD Pro, 8.5* fade w/ 1st GEN Diamana Whiteboard 73 X-stiff, 44.5"What excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? 1. aerodynamics 2. Lower CG 3. Twist face Are you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Uh, yeah!!! Stories and posts galore! 12k followers on instagram!
  10. I'm actually really excited for this putter line. As for the speculation around aluminum... not going to say it's impossible, but Aluminum is softer than stainless and copper, and could be a pure feel we just haven't experienced yet. I will say that putter footprint and length is the most important part of why putter weights can change. Obviously no specs are out yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if this putter head size was smaller than previous models. The cavity does look deeper and could require even more weight to be added to the removable weights. Maybe instead of the individual weight, t
  11. Very interesting indeed! here are the specs on a back up putter Scotty made for Tiger. D-6.
  12. Was I the only one who noticed this?? when he said, “he drilled the holes and the putter would rust in those dots, so he filled in the holes with engineers dye.” stainless doesn’t rust and Scotty would have known that! That’s because the first one he made Tiger was a carbon pro platinum. The D2 putter he made is not the gamer which won 14 majors. Scotty later made another model like the first one he made but with a better material, the GSS. The kicker is 303 or 303 GSS is a denser and heavier material than carbon. Now the question is... did tiger have him make the second one different? Becaus
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