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  1. Oh interesting. Thanks for the update. Looks like you have to purchase clubs at time of fitting for the discount. I may try out their putter fitting since I'm interested in a L.A.B. putter, and they are one of the listed fitters. I'm a little scared to see what they quote me for fitted clubs based off reading what others have stated. I'm sort of in a predicament. I've been playing the same clubs for a while (long while) now. I just started playing regularly again this year, and really need some new sticks, especially wedges. I can't really replace my wedges since they
  2. Just came across https://www.gottgolf.com/. Any experience's there?
  3. Thanks for the additional recommendations! It looks like True Spec Golf @ The Ridge at Castle Pines North is closed for the season and opens again May of next year.
  4. Any recommendations on club builders and fitters? I live in Co Springs, but willing to go up and down the front range. I used to go to a place called Stix Fix a long time ago, but they have since closed. I've tried D'Lance back in the day, but didn't have a good experience (things may have changed by now). I've been looking at Club Champion and Dan Weitzel so far. Any others I should consider? I'm looking to get fitted for an entire set, and to make sure I have good gap coverage. Preferably a place where I can hit outside. Thanks in advance!
  5. Gotcha. Didn't realize that, thanks! Just working down a list of courses of overseeding schedules. So between Grayhawk Talon and TPC Champions. I've only played Raptor and Stadium. On a good day, which way would you go?
  6. Just tracked down reopening dates posted in one of the threads here. Grayhawk Talon (10/4) TPC Scottsdale Champions (10/4) Troon North Pinnacle (10/8) Kierland Ironwood (9/28) Based off longest since open, Kierland Ironwood?
  7. I understand it's a pretty crappy time to play, but still want to try to get a round in. I'm coming out later this week to Scottsdale and thinking about getting a round in on Friday. Any suggestions? Just looking at some courses, it looks like I can book times at TPC Champions, Grayhawk Talon (says Raptor also, but it says they open on the 25th), WeKoPa Cholla (looks to be first day open), and Troon North (both courses).
  8. This last weekend, I got to play Balleyneal for 3 days. What a great place! There was 8 of us, playing Ryder Cup style matches and side games. Golf was great, weather was great (minus Sunday morning), food was great! Drove up Friday morning, played 18 in the afternoon and the par 3 course in the early evening. Saturday, played 36. And on Sunday, played 18. It's so cool how there isn't a tee marker and you tee off anywhere. We would tee off from the sides of greens, or tee off hitting over the previous hole's green. We would tee off in the middle of a fairway to make a par 4 driveable. Such a u
  9. > @TeeTee said: > Yes... that's the latest Pro Thanks!
  10. So if I have an Orange in stiff with "MR70" near the tip and the "W" near the grip, then it's a pro? Also, the weave pattern goes at least to the grip. I haven't pulled the grip to check label or how far up the weave goes.
  11. I'm in the same boat. I'm looking to play the 28th and 29th of Sept, and trying to figure out what's worth playing.
  12. Thanks for the info. I had no idea they built the course and by chance caught a review of it on altitude Golf show. $155 seems reasonable. I think most of the TPC courses I’ve played have been 200-300. Looking forward to playing it.
  13. asianplow

    TPC Colorado

    Anyone play TPC Colorado yet? Can anyone get on? Price?
  14. I grabbed a 2:30pm time at the Quarry for Sunday the 23rd. I booked through GolfNow for ~$50 (incl tax and fees). It's just me, so anyone is more than welcome. Flight get's in at 1, so might be able to get out a little earlier, but figured 2:30 was safe. Looks wide open, so should play pretty quick.
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