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  1. Sadly this seems all too plausible. Rapsodo has developed and updated 2.0 versions of their baseball/softball offerings which use radar to trigger high speed cameras (like combining a Rapsodo MLM and Skytrak). Rapsodo seems to be a company on the rise with MLB/NCAA adoption of their pitching and hitting products. SkyGolf is clinging to handheld GPS (redundant with smartphones), less desirable versions of Arccos and Garmin GPS watches, and the Skytrak which hasn’t had a hardware update in 8 years. Disclaimer: Armchair expert’s opinion. I knew nothing of Rapsodo prior to this morning.
  2. Foresight isn’t going anywhere. Vista wouldn’t pay as much as they did for Foresight and then dissolve all of their industry cred and notoriety.
  3. Capability though. Either it can do those things or it can’t. It is a differentiator between the units. I’m with you- I think they are all too expensive. But it’s a niche market.
  4. Larger hitting area, putting data, barometric sensor, WiFi, replaceable battery, impact location, Foresight support vs. Bushnell, etc.
  5. Can anyone clarify total spin vs. backspin? When I go hit on a quad at the local retailer comparing driver shafts. Am I looking at total spin or backspin? https://www.bushnellgolf.com/launch-pro/compare-launch-pro-software-packages?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Launch Pro - Launch Announcement - full - send (XZ3xji)&_kx=HL8BtB_JWjL2Ps9rT38tBG1ByjqgwZBMJc7anOU0njEp-8u3ZiLcNXJ3zathwDsz.XDCv4C&fbclid=IwAR3xTG0sKkEEu26KggYFuj2F_jf21FqDZJBY3gMvu80p47LmlS77xBUl9Mw
  6. These are brand new. Standard size. They are meant to be an alternative to the MCC +4 but I don’t know how many wraps under the bottom hand it simulates.
  7. Project X HZRDUS Red Handcrafted 6.0 Stiff 62g with TaylorMade tip. Midsize Golf Pride NDMC +4 grip Photo shows raw length $115 shipped. Project X Evenflow Blue Handcrafted Hybrid 85g 6.0 Stiff with PXG tip. Golf Pride NDMC +4 grip. Raw length shown in picture $90 shipped. Quantity: 11 CHAMPKEY MCS Hybrid Golf Grips. Similar to NDMC +4. Best of the “knockoff” NDMCs I’ve found. Going to the midsize. $44 shipped. Payment through PayPal G/S Trades for: HZRDUS Red 75g 6.0 fairway shaft with TM Tip Ventus 7s Blue or Red velocore fairway length with TM Tip (will add cash)
  8. Argumentative? Mr. Emilio? Never. Congrats on -3 through 3. Hope you got your $3k…
  9. Agreed. EyeXO vs. a loaded Quad ($18k w/o putting) is a good comparison. Eye handling LH/RH is great for studio settings. Placement still makes me nervous for skied driver shots and sim golf flop shots. Many of us got our hopes up seeing a new player (Bushnell) enter the LM space. Like Garmin’s R10 disrupting the “budget” market, the hope is that the LaunchPro does the same for the Personal LM market. $2000 is the historical benchmark (ST and M+). Some are willing to stretch that for something better. A direct replacement for the GC2 doesn’t do a whole lot for the sub $5k crowd. Cards on the table, my personal threshold is $3k. At that price you can get a mat, net, and flatscreen TV/tablet to learn your game and improve. Beyond that, I feel a $6-7k machine needs to be hooked up to a projector, screen, and gaming PC to justify the investment. Just my thoughts.
  10. The QED has drawbacks. Not portable and uses proprietary golf balls. What good is the data if you are using a different ball on the course? They should be partnered with a Titleist, Callaway or TM by now to offer a tour level ball (not the Bridgestone.) The latter two should be able to do it given their truvis and pix lines. Upping the price from $6k to $7k was also disappointing. No camera system has put real pressure on Skytrak since it was released in 2014. Think about how much 4K tech has come down in price over 7 years. Hardware hasn’t improved. Cost hasn’t come down. Many people will stay on the sidelines if the LaunchPro/GC3 maintains the status quo.
  11. -Cobra Radspeed 5 18.5* -Fujikura Motore X F1 78g Stiff -Unused grip and headcover -All stock specs. Currently back ordered from Cobra $old Shipped. Will include (2) ProV1 Left Dash (2) AVX and (3) Volvik balls at asking price.
  12. Still the absolute easiest “3 woods” to hit off the deck. Amazing sole design.
  13. Ping G Driver - SOLD! 9 degree Ping Tour 65(X) Shaft NDMC Grip Includes Ping G425 Headcover Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid 15* - SOLD! Aldila RNV8 Hybrid Flex NDMC grip W/Headcover Tour Only Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid 14* - SOLD! Matrix XCon-7 X-Flex PURE grip W/Headcover
  14. **Price Lowered to $250** MacGregor Putter Sold. Package includes 4 putters, 4 extra grips, 2 shafts. Moving on from my long putter experiment. It was quite a ride accumulating these items, but am downsizing space at home and want to pass this along for someone else to try. Looking to get $350 shipped for the lot. I conservatively priced this out at over $500 (more if selling at eBay prices.) I am probably going to get killed on shipping, so please keep that in mind. Here are the items: •SOLD LH MacGregor Bobby Grace M14k - 48” with Winn grip •LH PR Dionne GP Putter - 44” with “DIY” square Sense Grip •RH Reeso (VTX?) Putter - 51” with Winn grip- Adjustable. - Heard it was possible to change to LH, but never got around to messing with it. •LH Ping G5i Craz-E L - 45.5” with Golf Pride 27” grip •LH Ping Scottsdale Pickemup L - 35” with magnetic h/c. No grip Accessories: (1) Golf Pride 27” grip (1) Winn 2pc. blk/gray (2) Ping Winn AVS 21” pistol grip (2) 48” stepless steel putter shafts
  15. Evnroll ER2B 34” 355g Brand new Gravity Grip Have original manufacturer box, clear bag, and headcover. $old shipped CONUS
  16. BNIP TaylorMade Sim Max Hybrid 4-22 Ventus Blue 7s (stock shaft) $old Price is shipped and Paypal’ed CONUS
  17. **Black putter sold. Nickel still available** (2) DF 2.1 T2 Putters $old each and includes a headcover. $old for the extra headcover.
  18. Ping Glide 3.0 Wedges 56ss 60ss 60ws Stock shafts, black dots, stock grips (60ws has Lamkin crossline). 60ss has nick in leading edge. 60ws has only been hit briefly indoors. 56ss,60ss - $sold 60ws - $sold Prices include shipping and are OBO. No trades please.
  19. Titleist 816H1 hybrid head with screw. 21 degree. No scratches, chips, etc. $sold shipped OBO conus. No trades please.
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