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  1. I have always had luck with the leave a message option. I’ve called in the morning and either get a call in the afternoon or early the next day. Nothing like that 541 call coming in!
  2. I love Bandon. I go to Bandon once a year. Living in Northern California, it is much easier to get to the place for me. I could see the concern if you’d have to fly across half the country, rent a car, and then get slammed with “bad” weather. My rebuttal to that argument is always that whenever you travel to Scotland/Ireland you take the same risk, and I feel that the Bandon courses are worth the same risk based on their design and quality of play. What Bandon is missing for those long travelers is activities other than golf, because it is truly all about the golf, and only golf.
  3. Throw my hat in with a suggestion of the Peninsula. Baylands, Moffett, and can always drive into the City or across 92 and into the East Bay, or down into the South Bay. If working in the City, driving across a bridge is going to suck once everything is reopened.
  4. $450 a person if anyone in your group is an NCGA member, just got the email this week.
  5. North Bend has only had the one United commercial flight in and out (the SFO one) for a few years now. United offers a second flight in and out of Denver during the summer season. I want to say the commuter Portland flights by PenAir ended back in 2017 when they filed for Chapter 11. So the short answer is, the airport exists in its current state to service at the most, two flights a day during the summer, and one the rest of the year regardless of the global pandemic.
  6. No one is getting cited for being out of county. The only citations have been for people that are in areas that are closed to everyone regardless of residency. The fact that Napa County just opened to residents only is a new development. Not sure how they will enforce that, ID when checking in?
  7. Mariners Point Foster City...when it reopens
  8. The range at Green Hills is narrow. Up at the top of the hill, I can only assume it was an afterthought to the design.
  9. Closed till at least 4/6.
  10. In the Bay Area everyone was hoping it would...most every course closed up shop.
  11. Well I got April 2021 all set. Lily Pond and first tee times each day, of course I have to wait another 365+ days.
  12. Making that call today myself...dammit!
  13. Greg and Zac are great guys.
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