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  1. So which extension would you recommend? Graphite? I wouldn't mind taking off the existing extension and adding another one if it means lighter total weight. Thanks
  2. I just extended a set of irons by half inch and added 2 more layers of tape with the same grip and the total weight of the club increased by 18-20g. The swingweight remained the same at D2 and I'm assuming all the weight that was added to the butt counteracts against the added length. But is 20g addition seem normal for 1/2 inch extension? Even though the swing weight remains the same, the club feels much heavier now. Thanks
  3. Will take the head. Let me know if you sell the shaft
  4. One item for sale. Toulon Atlanta 35 inch. Has some minor imperfections that have no impact on performance. Pictures reflect them clearly. There is a tiny nick on the face away from the center. The topline has some discoloration that I have no idea where it came from. Considering these flaws, asking $180 obo
  5. Looking for G410 5 Wood w/stiff shaft ^ G410 4 hybrid (with or without shaft) Let me know. Thanks.
  6. This is a set of TM Japan Forged TP Irons. I got it form a tour player from Japan years ago. He did mention that it was finished by the same person who finishes Tiger's irons so I'm assuming it could have been Miura himself but there's no way to prove it. 3-P standard L/L/L with KBS Tour Stiff. 3 iron was never played and the only flaw is the little nick on the 9th iron (pictured). Asking $250 obo
  7. Want to buy a PXG irons et Preferably Gen 3 or 4. T or P or combo. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  8. Trying to order a new set of T100s and have a question on shaft. 120 seems just tag little heavy and 115 Modus is the perfect weight. BUT I like the feel of $ Taper but stiff is 120g. If I get R+ which is 115 and hardstep it once, would it be close to stiff?
  9. One item for sale today. Mint condition Toulon Las Vegas H7 Flowneck 35 inches. was used 5 rounds at most. Come with HC $OLD
  10. Super mint condition Mizzy ST-Z Driver 9.5 w/ HZRDUS Black Smoke RDX 6.0 shaft. Standard length. Open to trade for TS2, Sim Max, G410 or other driver with stiff shaft. Have to put a price but really only looking to trade so let's say $250.
  11. Don’t know how it happened but there is a nick on the face of the putter. Will it affect the performance?
  12. Scotty Special Select Squareback 2. Ordereed custom from Scotty 35inches and 72 lie instead of 70 standard. Comes with Lime Green Custom grip. The putter head is absolutely perfect with absolutely no imperfection. The only flaw is the shaft band. Some of the black has worn off. Comes with unused HC. $OLD Tour AD VR 6s with Callaway Tip. 44.25 inches long from end of trip to end of adapter. Was used for 4-5 months on and off. $190 obo
  13. Going down to FL in a week. Wife and her friend will be at the Disney Resort and me and the other hubby are playing 3 full days of golf. 1st day, we are playing Grand Cypress before it shuts down on the 15th for overseeding. Heading over to WP9 after. 2nd day, we are thinking Shingle Creek, Southern Dunes or Championsgate National (International just overseeded and it's not in the best condition). 3rd day, Palm & Lake Buena Vista at Disney (Magnolia is closed for overseeding) as Disney right now has free replay. So what would be your pick for the 2nd day? Or if there is another course that I missed that should absolutely be included, please let me know (we both played Waldorf, both Orange county national in the past and we would like to try new courses) Thanks in advance for all of your great inputs.
  14. The end of golf season is coming and getting rid of some items that are not seeing any play. Selling one of the back up heads. Mavrik head only. Was used maybe 4-5 rounds at most. Hardly any signs of use both on the bottom and on the face. Comes with HC $OLD
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